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Read our detailed iMazing 2 review to learn whether the app is safe, discover the features of free and paid version, and find out where to download them!
imazing review

What Is iMazing?

iMazing is a tool that allows you to manage iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices on a PC or Mac. The tool offers a wide range of services that make managing your device effortless.

The basic capabilities of iMazing include saving, deleting, and transferring data between your iPhone and PC or Mac. If you scratch under the surface, you will realize that iMazing is loaded with useful features. Apart from the fact that you can back up your iPhone and restore any backups you made, you can also view and manage messages, photos, calls, contacts, ringtones, books, and other files.

The developer of iMazing is a company called DigiDNA. They started their business in 2008, and their main office is in Switzerland.

Who Should Get It?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you know how difficult it is to transfer files to your computer. You can use Apple iTunes, but that software isn’t exactly user-friendly.

That is where iMazing comes into play. As the software that works only with iOS devices, it is an excellent choice for all Apple fans and users. Whether you want to save and print your messages or transfer files to your computer, iMazing is the tool you need. Additionally, it is a great application for moving files between two iOS devices.

Is iMazing Safe?

iMazing has been around for years, and millions of users have tested it. I overlooked a single complaint regarding the product’s safety. I downloaded the newest version of iMazing and installed it on my Mac. My antivirus didn’t detect any problems, and the system didn’t issue any warnings about the software.

The same applies to installing the product on Windows. I have Windows 7 Ultimate on my PC and Avast Antivirus installed. Avast didn’t recognize the software as a dangerous app. Windows asked if I wanted to install the software, but I confirmed because my antivirus didn’t find anything suspicious.

It is also worth noting that the developers constantly improve the application by removing bugs and adding new features.

Is iMazing Free?

You are probably reading this iMazing review because you need an iOS device management software, and I have good news for you. iMazing 2 is a free software, and you don’t have to pay a single dollar to download and use it.

However, the iMazing free version comes with certain limitations. While you can make unlimited backups, you will need to purchase a paid version to restore files from them. In other words, if something goes wrong with your iOS and you need to reinstall the device, the backup will be worthless unless you purchase the program.

Additionally, you will also have limitations when it comes to transferring data. The developers set a limit, and once you exceed it, you won’t be able to transfer files anymore. The only way to continue working with the program is to activate the full version.

iMazing Free VS Paid

iMazing free version vs paid version

The biggest advantage of the premium iMazing version is obvious – it unlocks all the features of this amazing app. That means you can use iMazing without any limitations.

Here is an overview of the prices for the paid version of iMazing:

  • Single license – you can install the software on a single computer for $44.99.
  • Universal license – install the tool on two computers for $49.99.
  • Family licenses – you can install the full version of the application on five computers for $69.99.

It is worth noting that all plans support Mac and PC installations and secure free updates for all iMazing 2.x versions. You will also get a 7/7 support from the developer if you encounter any issues in how the device works.

If you want to lower the price even further, you can take advantage of the educational discount. It is available to professors, students, and other members of educational institutions. You confirm that by entering your official e-mail address with an educational suffix.

iMazing offers a special deal for enterprises. An Enterprise license with ten seats costs $199.99, while 20 seats will cost you $279.99.

If you purchased iMazing after March 13, 2016, you are eligible for a free upgrade to iMazing 2. That means you don’t have to pay a single cent. Instead, send an e-mail to the developers to get an activation number.

Does iMazing Work? Hands-on Testing

Before we start, remember that this is an iMazing 2 review. I downloaded the latest version on the website to test the tool and analyze all the features promised by the developers. If you have an older version of the software, I suggest updating it to a newer and better version of the tool.

The installation process is simple, and you won’t have a problem setting everything up on your PC and Mac. Once you open the app, you will be greeted by a welcome screen. It will look something like this:

iMazing – connect your device screen

Now, it is time to connect your device to the PC or Mac. You should use the original USB cable you received with your iPhone or iPad to ensure maximum stability. Please note that you should confirm the computer you are connecting the device to is trustworthy, but you only have to do this the first time you connect the device.

Connect all the devices you want to use for transferring files. You can always check the current list of connected devices within iMazing.

You will need a single device to transfer files to and from the computer. However, if you want to move files between two iOS devices, you will need both of them connected at the same time.

For this iMazing review, let’s connect an iPhone to the device. As soon as you connect it, you will notice the phone appearing in the sidebar of the interface.

Main Interface of the iMazing iOS management app

You’ve now reached the main menu of the tool. As you can see, iMazing is user-friendly, and everything is quite self-explanatory. Each function comes with beautiful animation, and you can also check the current status of your device.

How to Backup Your Phone with iMazing

We will start our hands-on testing by trying to make a backup of this iPhone. You will notice the “Back Up” option in the main menu of your phone.

iMazing app main interface – selected backup option

Once you click it, you will notice various backup options.

Backup options in the iMazing iOS software manager

These include:

  • Automatic backups – this option allows you to choose automatic backup settings. You can pick to backup your device automatically at the agreed intervals. You can perform the backup only with battery power over a specific percentage. Please note that automatic backup utilizes iMazing Mini, a menu bar app that runs on your PC and uses a wireless connection to back up your phone.
  • Backup encryption – it is a recommended option that you should keep activated to protect the data in your backup.
  • Location – you should pick a location on your PC with enough space for your files.
  • Archiving – these settings allow you to change how long to store old backups on your computer, as well as whether to optimize the backups to save space.

Once ready, initiate a backup and be patient until the tool finishes. You will receive a notification that everything is completed.

iMazing successfully finishes a phone backup

iMazing also offers other useful features, such as importing and exporting a backup, as well as editing it. If you are restoring a backup, you can choose whether to move files to a new device or revert the device to the date when you made that backup.

Here is an overview of the device’s interface:

iMazing – main interface with highlighted datasets

As you can see, you will find a sidebar with the list of available devices on the left. Once you select the desired device, it will open a submenu to access particular files on it. The center screen also keeps the links to the available functions, as well as additional options. Here, you can use shortcuts to backup and restore files, as well as transfer them to another device. You can also put your phone to sleep, restart, or shut it down. On the right, you can see the device’s details, which is convenient to know which iOS version you have installed.  

How to Transfer Photos, Music, and Other Files to Your PC or Mac

The process of transferring files is similar for all file types, but I will show you several ways how to transfer them to your PC using iMazing.

We will start with the photos. The first thing to know is to open the sidebar menu of the desired device. You want to select photos to show all the images on your phone.

iMazing iOS manager – main photos screen

Now, go ahead and select any images that you want to transfer to your PC. You will notice that you can also manage photos by creating new albums and moving files around.

Once you select the photos, the “Export” button at the bottom will activate. You will now have to choose the destination on your computer where to save the images. Confirm the location and wait until the process finishes.

Here is another example, but let’s use messages now. Everything starts with the sidebar again, except you should now select “Messages.”

iMazing iOS manager – messages overview

You will notice an overview of all conversations on that device. Feel free to open a conversation to see the specific messages within it.

Now, you have two options here. The first one is to export the entire conversation, and the alternative is to choose particular messages. You can also pick multiple conversations and export them at once.

You can choose to print conversations as well as transfer them to your PC or Mac. The supported formats include TXT, CSV, and PDF.

The process is similar for all types of files, so go ahead and experiment with your iMazing copy.

How to Transfer Photos, Music, and Other Files from Your PC or Mac

Now that we’ve confirmed that exporting works great, let’s try to import files to an iPhone using iMazing.

iMazing iOS management tool – how to import photos

Here is a short description of what you have to do:

  • From the sidebar, choose your device and open its submenu. Go ahead and pick photos.
  • Choose the “Import” option that will open a dialog box. Navigate to the desired folder on your computer and pick the photos you want to transfer.
  • All photos will be transferred to a new photo album. Make sure to give this album a name.
  • Start the process and wait until the transfer finishes.

Please note that some file types, such as messages, can only be exported. Also, music and video files can only be transferred to and from iTunes.

Where to Download iMazing?

Are you looking for a reliable source to download iMazing? In that case, the best place to visit is the official developer’s website. That way, you will rest assured that you downloaded the newest version of the software. Additionally, you will protect yourself from potential internet scams.

Once you open the website, you will notice a link for iMazing free download. I suggest starting with the free version to test out the features and see if the product is suitable for you. You can easily purchase the desired premium version after you confirm that you like the tool.

Reasons Behind Our Reviews & Ratings

  • Effectiveness (4.5/5)

When you say effectiveness, that comes down to whether the tool does the job expected from it. When it comes to iMazing, you could say that it meets and exceeds expectations. Most people will compare it to Apple iTunes, the default iOS device manager. The truth is that iMazing simplifies things in many areas, which makes it more user-friendly. Connecting the device to your PC or Mac is effortless, transferring files, saving data, and creating backups. The reason why I didn’t give it a five-star rating in this area is simple – this is not an official iOS manager. Although it is incredibly reliable and loaded with useful features, it did crash on me once or twice in random situations. However, that doesn’t change the fact that iMazing fulfills what promises and performs all functions well.

  • Price (4.5/5)

The initial version of iMazing is free, but it does come with limitations. If you plan to use this iOS manager regularly, you will want to remove the limit on data transfer. The good news is that the developers reduced the prices for premium versions. You can purchase a license for two machines at almost the same price as a single license. The educational discount and enterprise variations also sound very tempting, and the cost itself isn’t very expensive. However, here is a trick – free upgrades are not valid for a lifetime. Instead, they only remain active until iMazing 3 is released. At that point, you will probably have to pay for a new version, and that is why I knocked off half of a star.

  • Ease of Use (5/5)

If you ask me, the ease of use is the biggest advantage of iMazing. Starting from download and installation, that only takes a couple of clicks, and then considering the numerous features that you have available. Even if you are a total beginner and it is your first time using iOS management software, you won’t have any problems finding your way around. Connecting your devices takes seconds, and the menu features a beautiful design with simple icons that show you the path to specific functions. Finally, the app is very fast in performing tasks, which is another point in favor of the tool.

  • Support (4.5/5)

Although iMazing is simple to use, you might have a question regarding how the app works. You might even encounter a problem in using the tool, although that rarely happens. However, if you need assistance of any kind, the developers are there to help. First, you can visit their official website, which contains a knowledge base filled with useful articles that might be of assistance. If you feel it is necessary, feel free to send them an e-mail. Their support is not available 24/7, which is why I knocked off half a star, but they are fairly quick and reliable. You won’t wait for a response longer than 24 hours, and if you send an e-mail during their working hours, you can expect them to respond in minutes.

Alternatives to iMazing

1. AnyTrans

AnyTrans has an important advantage over iMazing – it allows you to transfer files from an Android smartphone to an iOS-powered device. That cross-compatibility can be convenient when you need to transfer files. However, AnyTrans doesn’t offer the simplest user interface out there. It comes with a learning curve, and it is not as beginner-friendly as iMazing. Read the full AnyTrans for iOS review here.

anytrans - best iMazing alternative

2. WALTR 2

WALTR 2 was primarily designed for Mac, but the developers also released a Windows version in the meantime. Today, it is a small and convenient iOS management software suitable for those who are not looking for complicated solutions. Apart from transferring files, you can also convert and play them, which is quite useful. iMazing might be a little faster in performing tasks, but this is ultimately a matter of preference.

waltr2 - iMazing alternative


Apple iTunes is a fine tool, but things can get too complicated when using it. If you are looking for a simplistic solution that is user-friendly and equally powerful, make sure to try iMazing.

The app is freemium, and the iMazing free version will show you its potential. However, you will only see the try capabilities of the app if you purchase the full version. The right balance between beautiful graphics, simple interface, and powerful features might be just what Apple iOS users need.

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