Tenorshare UltData Review

Is data loss on your iPhone worrying you? Read the Tenorshare UltData review given below to discover the credibility of the UltData iPhone data recovery software.
Tenorshare ultdata review

Tenorshare UltData is a fantastic data recovery software developed for iPhone users. Mobile phones are usually packed up with enormous data of numerous types and categories. But there can be many situations when the data gets deleted from the device. Whatever the case may be, the user can instantly visit the official website and click over the UltData download link to imply the tool.

UltData is a smart solution for iPhone data recovery that processes safely and securely. It has three unique modes that can be applied to get the desired output. To be more precise Tenorshare UltData is capable of rescuing the data from the iOS device, as well as if it is saved in the iTunes backup file or iCloud backup file.

Our team has scrutinized the tool on many specific benchmarks, after which we have brought you an impartial UltData review. The article gives a detailed study about the Tenorshare UltData, including the reasons behind our review and a few other software solutions that level UltaData in some features and performance.

What I Like (Pros):

  • It is compatible with all the iOS devices, i.e., iPhones, iPads, & iPods launched till date, including iOS 13/14.
  • It can recover deleted files from a damaged device.
  • It has the most accessible and interactive user-interface.
  • The user can preview the data before applying recovery.
  • The data can be recovered from the physical iOS device, iTunes backup file, or iCloud backup file.
  • It can recover more than 35 types of data from WhatsApp, contacts, media, messages, etc.
  • The software gives an option to print the text messages, contacts, notes, chats, etc., after reviewing them.
  • The Tenorshare UltData has an added feature with which it can repair iOS system for you.

What I Don’t Like (Cons):

  • The UltData free version has minimal features.
  • It can be a little expensive for some users, although it regularly offers discount coupons.

What Is Tenorshare UltData iPhone Data Recovery?

iPhones are all-purpose digital devices used for calling, browsing, gaming, chats, music, camera, etc. They have generally taken the place of computers and hard disks, where it is loaded with a lot of personal and useful data. Although these devices have a secure design but being a machine, there is always a risk of things going out of hand.

Data loss is a highly troublesome situation, but here comes the role of Tenorshare UltData iPhone data recovery software. This tool is so focused that it can recover 100% lost or deleted data from iPhone within a few minutes. It guarantees to get back the entire file that ever stayed on the device without any data loss. That means whether it is audios/ Videos, pictures, contacts, SMSs, or some chat history from Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facetime, etc. and more than 35 data types can be recovered as it is, or the user can also recover selectively as per requirement.

And this is not all; Tenorshare UltData is robust software capable of extracting the data from iCloud and iTunes backup files. It also gives an option to preview encrypted iTunes files, choose the recovery of entire data backup, or only recover some selective part after previewing.

UltData is compatible with all the currently in use Windows and Mac computers and is suitable for all the iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, working on any version of iOS from the oldest to the latest iOS 14.

Who Should Get It?

Whether it is in physical form or a digital medium, any information or file is always vulnerable to get damaged or lost. You are a corporate person or a regular user; it is pretty apparent that your iPhone is flooded with data from personal to professional order. And no matter how protective you are with your set, if by chance you have deleted some files or your mobile gets troubled for some reason, there are huge chances that the entire data gets erased. In such cases, you should get a Tenorshare Ultdata.

But not just that, if you need to restore some or whole of data from a pre-created backup on iTunes or iCloud, this tool is undoubtedly going to help you with guaranteed recovery. In addition to this, if your device has been struck by a virus attack or having a lot of technical issues because of a system upgrade, you can instantly take assistance from Tenorshare UltData. It will fix the system issues on your iOS device entirely and ensure 0% data loss.

Is Tenorshare UltData Safe

Recovering data from a mobile device is a complex task, especially when it is an Apple device. Any mishandling with the iOS system can severely destruct the machine, leaving no options for restoration. Tenorshare is a highly recommended brand by many iOS experts who made much rigorous analysis over its products before reviewing UltData as the safest and reliable tool. The UltData iPhone data recovery software can repair the iOS, and at the same time, help re-access entire data.

Apart from ensuring complete data recovery, the Tenorshare UltData takes good care of your mobile by detecting and fixing all the technical issues. The software comfortably installs over both Windows and Mac Operating Systems without disturbing the system performance. It is powerful software and enabled with adequate security features that keep it protected from any virus attacks. Maintaining the security measures as our priority while judging software, we came up with this Tenorshare UltData Review 2023, which stands out as the best iPhone data recovery solution.

Is Tenorshare UltData Free?

Efficient and competent software with potential features engages a lot of time and resources for its development. These reliable solutions can never be made available for free usage, as there is a need for regular updates & maintenance to resolve the issues.

Tenorshare UltData is the solution to all the data-related worries on your iPhone and keeps you stress-free always. UltData free trial version with limited functionalities is provided on the official website of Tenorshare. Still, the purpose is to give an idea about the features and UI of the tool. If the user finds it helpful, he has to purchase the full version of the software, available in the different price range on a Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime license for 1 to 5 or more devices as required. There are free updates of UltData for a lifetime, with 30 days money-back refund policy and 24 hours online help center for paid users.

is tenorshare ultdata free?

Does Tenorshare UltData Work? Hands-on Testing

Tenorshare UltData is undoubtedly a successful software program that is adequate for retrieving data from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The capacity to recover the data is irrespective of any iOS version, including the latest iOS 14. To apply the UltData iPhone data recovery on your iDevice, you have to arrange a computer with Windows or Mac OS and install the UltData software over it.

Read the brief description given below to understand the process of iPhone data recovery using Tenorshare UltData. Data recovery from backup files of iTunes or iCloud is a similar procedure, which can be followed accordingly with a slight difference in option headings and is understandable.

Step 1: Connect the iPhone (or iPad/ iPod Touch) to your PC using a USB cable, and click the Tenorshare Ultdata desktop icon to start the program.

Tenorshare ultdata connect device to pc

Step 2: Click on the “Trust” button on your device to get it detected automatically by the tool.

Tenorshare ultdata trust computer

Step 3: Now, since the device is detected, the software panel displays all the data types you can recover. Select the file types you want to recover, or select all and then click on the “Scan” button.

Tenorshare Ultdata start scan

Step 4: Once the scanning is over,  the data files will be displayed categorically on the board, either all or only the deleted ones, whichever you choose. The pictures can be double-clicked for a larger view. It is even possible to directly print the text messages, chats, contact lists, or other notes after reviewing them.

Tenorshare Ultdata preview photos

Step 5: After everything is confirmed, click on the “Recover” button.

Depending upon the data size, the Tenorshare UltData will take a few minutes to retrieve the data back to the device or computer.

Reasons Behind Our Reviews & Ratings

Tenorshare UltData is popular among Apple customers for data recovery on iPhones. This has inspired us a lot to evaluate its efficiency and reliability. This UltData review is done by our technical team on multiple prospective and rated the software on four prominent levels, which are as follows:

1. Effectiveness: (5/5)

The UltData guarantees complete data recovery from the iPhone as well as encrypted iTunes backup files. The software works perfectly to detect iOS troubles and can successfully rectify them. It supports all iOS devices and can recover almost any type of data that belongs to a system installed or downloaded application. The recovery time is the least in Tenorshare UltData as compared to other tools, while at the same time, it also ensures the data and device security. The tool is highly effective, and we give it 5 out of 5.

2. Price: (4.6/5)

Tenorshare UltData is a worthy purchase, as it is providing many extra and useful features added to the primary iPhone data recovery function. The working capacity of the software is unmatched by any other software. The UltData free version gives a fundamental idea about the software to the user who can learn its working style and usefulness. The paid license is available in different editions that make it suitable and affordable for users with specific needs. The price structure can be a little expensive to some users, but the appreciating reviews from customers make us rate it 4.6 out of 5.

3. Ease Of Use: (4.7/5)

The user interface of Tenorshare UltData is made very simple, and persons who are not much used-to technology or software can implement it directly by following the on-screen instructions. The software application is of small size and downloads within seconds. As the device gets connected adequately with the system, the UltData detects it for further processing, which takes another few stress-free minutes. It is rated 4.7 out of 5 for ease of usage.

4. Support: (4.5/5)

Tenorshare is an old company with years of experience in delivering software for mobiles and Operating System. These many years the company has lined up a team of skilled men who are professionally trained and qualified to serve in the support section. The customer support staff is available online seven days a week, all day and night. With that, a step-by-step guide is provided on the website for assistance to the users. The reviews have regular appreciation about the support team with few annoyances from some users that led us to rate it 4.5 out of 5.

Where To Download Tenorshare UltData?

The Tenorshare UltData can be downloaded directly from the product section of the official website. The product menu has a list of other tools that are developed by Tenorshare and running successfully. For UltData download, click over the product name “UltData – iPhone Data Recovery” to move to the corresponding page.

Click on the “Go to Mac” link if you have a Mac computer. To get the UltData free trial version for a demo, hit the “Free Download” button, or for buying it, click on the “Buy Now” button.

>> Get Tenorshare UltData <<

Alternatives Of Tenorshare UltData

Many third-party software brands are working in this section to provide iPhone data recovery solutions. Few of them are close to Tenorshare UltData in terms of their ability, price, and performance. We have listed out the best of them to bring out their statistics.

1. iMobile PhoneRescue

iMobie PhoneRescue is a great tool to recover your lost data and files, and it gives you a comprehensive solution in doing so. The latest PhoneRescue 4.0 is highly effective and can recover up to 31 types of files from your iPhone. It has helped millions of iPhone holders worldwide to recover their iPhone data. It supports iPhone 11 to iPhone 4 models, iOS 14 to iOS 6 versions, and is available for Windows and MAC operating systems. The interface of this tool is pretty easy to use, and it is very straightforward.

iMobie PhoneRescue – best alternative for Tenorshare UltData

You can go for the free trial version of PhoneRescue. However, there will be a limitation of the functions that this tool offers, and you have to purchase its full version available for 1-year or a lifetime license. If you are not satisfied with the tool, you can get 100% cashback within 60 days of its purchase. There 24/7 service centers to solve your problem if you have any issues while using this tool. Learn more from our complete review of iMobie PhoneRescue here.

2. iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-back is yet another top-quality tool for iPhone data recovery. With this tool, you can recover 22+ different data types regardless of how you have lost them. This tool supports all iOS devices, including the latest iOS 14 version. It also recovers data from iCloud backup and iTunes backup. There are four modes to recover your data if you use this tool, and can also analyze and preview the data before recovering it. The graphics of this tool is very user-friendly, and a person who is not technically strong can also use iMyFone D-Back very easily.

iMyFone D-Back – best alternative for Tenorshare UltData

iMyFone D-Lock comes with a free trial version; however, the pro version is available for one month, one year, and lifetime basis. There are 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product. A detailed guide is given on the website for how to use this product to recover the iPhone data; however, if you still face the problem, you can contact the 24/7 customer care office. Read our iMyFone D-Back Review here.

3. dr.fone – Data Recovery (iPhone Data Recovery)

dr.fone – Data Recovery (iPhone Data Recovery) software is another decent tool for recovering iPhone data. It recovers data from iDevices, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup. It supports all the versions of iPhones, iPads, and iPods, and is consistent with the latest iOS 14 version. But the newest version of dr.fone – Data Recovery (iPhone Data Recovery) is found to be a bit slow in scanning your data before recovering it; however, in most cases, it delivers optimum results.

dr.fone iPhone Data Recovery - best alternative for Tenorshare UltData

dr. fone – Data Recovery (iPhone Data Recovery) is available for one year, lifetime, and a one-year business license. There is seven days money-back guarantee if you don’t like this tool.


Smartphone usage is quite common in the current generation for various purposes. But purchasing and using a product is one part of the story, and keeping it secure and maintained is a different thing. It is more important to take precautionary measures in protecting these mobile devices so that you do not have to face any problem regarding data loss or damage. Re-buying a new mobile is easy but restoring lost or deleted data is one of the toughest jobs. Tenorshare UltData is an expert in this area. The one who has it installed over his system stays calm about the data and can always retrieve selectively from old iTunes or iCloud backups, as well as files that are accidentally deleted from the iOS device. The UltData – iPhone Data Recovery is a robust product, which is convenient in usage and renders specialized features at an affordable price.

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