6 Best Pokemon Go Spoofers For iOS Download in 2024

Find the best Pokemon GO spoofers for iOS, and learn how to change or hide your GPS location to catch rare Pokemon on iPhone.
Best Pokemon Go Spoofers For iOS Download

It’s been five years since Pokemon Go took the world by storm. From the Pokestop robberies in Missouri to some Wiltshire teens getting stuck 100 feet in an underground cave, the viral game has been the subject of fascinating news headlines.

Pokémon GO is a location-based augmented reality mobile game for Android and iOS that allows you to collect the Pokémon you encounter in various places. Just like you aren’t likely to find diamonds on the side of the streets by taking a morning stroll in your city, finding the rare and more powerful Pokemon requires some legwork and challenging feats. This is why stories like the Wiltshire teens aren’t uncommon among GO players.

While you can benefit from the exercise that visiting real places to capture Pokemon gives, there are times when you want to have some fun without worrying about falling in a ditch or being mugged in front of your local bakery-now-turned Pokestop.

I can’t think of more compelling reasons for getting some reliable and safe Pokémon GO spoofers to help you capture pokemon and level up while drinking a cup of coffee in your jammies at 2 AM.

Need help deciding which spoofers are best suited for you in 2024? We’ll discuss 6 of the best Pokémon GO for iOS download in this article.

Can You Spoof Pokemon Go on iOS in 2024?

While it is not easy to spoof Pokemon Go on iOS, you can change your Pokémon GO location by combining a reliable GPS spoofing app with a decent VPN. The VPN allows you to use a different IP address on your device. At the same time, the GPS spoofing app will enable you to simulate your movement in real-time, tricking Pokemon GO into thinking that you are playing the game as intended.

Top 6 Pokemon Go Spoofers for iOS

It may not result in jail time or legal fines, BUT spoofing Pokémon GO is a bannable offense. Getting banned means no more access to your collection of Pokemon. You don’t want all those hours of hard work flushed down the drain because you used the wrong app. This guide contains the best tried-and-tested Spoofing applications for iPhone.

1. Tenorshare iAnyGo

Tenorshare iAnyGo

iAnyGo is an agile location spoofer that is perfect for Pokemon GO players. It has an intuitive user interface that allows any level of pc user to operate its features. The actual setting of parameters can take less than a minute to launch the app.

The tool gives you three different options to change the location. The default selection lets you choose any place on the map and set it as your location. It is instantaneous and automatically updates your site to the new location.

However, if you want to simulate movement, iAnyGo allows you two set one or more stops with their Two-Spot Movement and Multi-Spot Movement options. With this, you can vary movement speed up to 3.6km/hr.

How to use iAnyGo to Spoof Pokemon GO

To spoof Pokemon Go on your iOS device, follow these steps:

Step 1. Download the iAnyGo tool from Tenorshare on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Connect the iOS device via the USB cable to your computer and ensure that the device is unlocked.

Step 3. Launch the iAnyGo tool. It should automatically detect the connected iOS device.

Step 4. You will find various spoofing options in the sidebar to the left. Choose the one according to your needs.

Step 5. Select the location you want from the map on your screen. An address bar at the top right corner specifies the location.

Step 6. For the Two-Spot Movement or Multi-spot Movement options, you can also select the start and endpoint using the map.

Step 7. Other parameters, such as speed, can also be selected from the change location window.

Step 8. Once you are satisfied with the new location, simply click on the ‘Start to Modify’ button.

Step 9. Pokemon Go.

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2. Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS)

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is from Wondershare, and the website is full of tons of helpful information.

You can set it up in less than 5 minutes. A full-feature 2-hour spoofing trial allows you to understand how it works before making a purchase decision entirely.

During use, you may encounter various warnings that seek to ensure your account’s safety during Pokemon Go spoofing. Patrons of this tool enjoy 24×7 customer support of the product, like most of Wondershare’s other offers.

The intuitive user interface makes the app enjoyable with features like a full-screen map view, saving of location history, and even multi-device support.

Here is how to Spoof Pokemon Go with Dr. Fone – Virtual location.

Instant teleportation

  1. Choose Teleport mode from the upper right.
  2. Search for your desired location to teleport.
  3. Click “Move Here” to teleport to the location.

 Simulate GPs MOvement

  1. select your destination.
  2. Confirm your path and click “March.”
  3. Pause at any point at your convenience.

Joystick Control of GPS location

  1. Click on the Start button in the middle. Then your GPS will move automatically.
  2. Click on the left and right keys to change directions anytime.
  3. Use the keyboard for more flexible GPS control if you like.

3. iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo Location Changer enables users to change their phone’s GPS coordinates to anywhere in the world. In addition, it offers a straightforward way to fake locations without jailbreak or rooting, protecting you from being tracked or monitored, making it perfect for Pokemon GO spoofing.

Speed variation is easy to achieve with this tool. You can drag a slider on the app and choose your desired pace to mimic walking, cycling, or driving movement patterns. This feature comes in handy for an AR game like Pokémon Go.

A criminally underrated feature allows you to pause and Continue your movement simulations at will. This makes the simulation more realistic as it mimics human movement patterns, confusing the trackers even more. You can also choose your location by inputting the exact coordinates on the iMyFone AnyTo location changer.

iMyFone AnyTo offers three modes to its users. They are:

  • Teleport Mode: With iMyFone AnyTo, you can quickly change the GPS location on your iPhone or Android device with one click.
  • Two-Spot Mode: This mode allows users to specify the simulation of movement from one point to another
  • Multi-Spot Mode: A more advanced feature allows users to create unique movement patterns using multiple stops.

The free version offers five-time usage of the teleport mode and one-time use of the two-spot way. Once satisfied, a range of subscription plans have extra features like historical location records and unlimited two-spot and multi-spot modes. – You can expect to pay anything from $9.95/mo to $39.95/ year. However, you can also commit to a one-time payment of  $59.95 to get on their Lifetime Plan

How to Spoof Pokemon Go with iMyFone AnyTo

To get started, download and install the location changer on your computer. Launch it and click “Get Started” on the main page.

Then connect your iOS or Android device to the computer via USB cable. Once the device is recognized, the map will start to load. You can find your location on the map once it loads successfully. Now you are ready to use the features of iMyFone AnyTo.

4. Foneazy MockGo

Foneazy MockGo

Like the other tools on this list, the MockGo iOS location changer can accomplish much more than just imitating locations. It can also simulate natural movement allows for virtual mock movements along predetermined paths, instant location skipping, and more. It has simultaneous support for up to five iOS devices. Furthermore, you can add each location to your favorites list or hop on any place in your history log.

These and many more are why it ranks high on our list and why we recommend this for Pokemon GO spoofing in 2024.

You can also customize speeds between 3.6 km/h and 36 km/h (2.2 mph and 22 mph). That way, you can simulate different movements like walking, jogging, cycling, or driving. 

MockGo iPhone spoofer can assess and interpret GPX files directly from your computer. With a clear overview of the route, you can mimic the specified movements with just a few clicks. 

Using your computer’s keyboard, you can manually control your simulated movement in the joystick mode, allowing for 360-degree movement.

MockGo also has a Realistic mode that will vary your set speed by -30% and +30% at five-second intervals. This mimics actual human movement patterns as we slow down and accelerate constantly, even in covering shorter distances.

MockGo is intuitive by design, and even if you haven’t previously used similar applications, you’ll find yourself at ease.

The free version of Foneazy’s MockGo has a limited number of operations users can perform. Multi-stop and one-stop modes can only be used once, while the teleport and joystick functions are limited to three final coordinates. The paid plans range anywhere between $9 and $60

MockGo plans come with a convenient 30-day money-back guarantee for the first month, and the subscription is automatically renewed at the end of every billing cycle. 

5. EaseUS MobiAnyGo

EaseUS MobiAnyGo

EaseUS MobiAnyGo allows you to change your GPS location just like the other tools on this list. You can easily specify the desired location by entering the coordinates in the search box and virtually teleport to a new GPS location without stepping outside your home. 

It also allows for movement simulation in joystick mode. There is a two-spot mode and a multi-spot mode, which enables you to create routes and then repeat the movements whenever you need to. Favorite locations can be saved and loaded much easier. Just think about how handy this might be when you are playing Pokemon GO on a winter night in the comfort of your warm cozy bed.

 How Do We Use this Nifty Pokémon GO Spoofer?

Before you begin, make sure to download the app from their website.

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to your computer and launch EaseUS MobiAnyGo.

Step 2. On-screen should be a map-like interface. You can choose whichever mode you wish to use from the upper right corner of the screen. We recommend the two-spot way if you try it for the first time.

Step 3. On this page, you can look for your desired locations on the search bar or adjust the pin to the place you wish to transport to. You can also change the speed and number of times you want to repeat your movement between the two locations. Once you’re done, click the “Move” button.

6. iToolab AnyGo

iToolab AnyGo

iToolab AnyGo is a popular location spoofing tool for iOS and has a track record of helping Pokemon GO players spoof their GPS locations and capture rare Pokemon.

The Teleport mode changes your location to anywhere globally, allowing all Pokemon Go lovers to catch location-specific Pokemon easily.

The joystick feature will help manually control your character’s movement. This means you won’t have to go out and walk for several hours to find the desired Pokemon.

You can also put your movement simulation on autopilot by preselecting a route with a single or multiple stops. You can also control the movement speed of your character. The tool lets you adjust the movement speed between 3km/h to 100km/hr.

Step 1: Go to iTollab’s official website and download AnyGo on your PC. Launch the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.

Step 2: Launch AnyGo and connect your iOS device to the PC once the app is installed. Click “Start” to proceed further.

Step 3: A map will appear on your screen, and you’ll see the pointer flashing on your current location. If it’s not showing the accurate location, tap the “Center-On” button to reconfigure it.

Step 4: Tap the “Teleport Mode” button in the top-right corner and enter the location name in the top search bar. You can also paste dedicated GPS coordinates to find a specific location.

Step 5: Click “Search,” The pointer will automatically move to the desired location. Finally, click “Go” in the dialogue box to set it as your new location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pokemon Go Spoofers For iOS

Is it still possible to spoof a Pokémon GO location in 2024?

Pokemon Go relies on your GPS location and IP address to track your movement. It is possible to mask your location and use a fabricated GPS address in place of your actual site. You can easily do this with location spoofing software.

How do you spoof Pokemon Go on iOS?

To spoof Pokemon GO on iOS, you need to connect the iOS device to a PC and run a location spoofing software. The software can be used to virtually teleport your iOS device’s IP address to another location or to simulate your movement over time through a designated route.

Is Pokemon Go Spoofing on iOS Safe?

Location Spoofing does not expose your device or data to damage or cyber-attacks. It makes it hard for your device to be tracked by third-party software, even those such as Pokemon GO, you have given consent to access your location. If only the spoofer has access to your actual data, you must use one you trust.

Is it illegal to spoof Pokemon Go?

Spoofing Pokemon GO will not result in jail time or payment of fines if you are caught. However, your account will be banned, and you will have to start the game from scratch using a different device. Many Spoofing apps do not work as advertised, but your chances of getting caught are meager if you are using any of the trusted tools on our list.

Can you spoof Pokemon Go on Android?

Location Spoofing software such as Fake GPS Location by Lexa, Fake GPS by ByteRev, and Mock Locations by Dvaoru work for Android devices and can spoof Pokemon GO.


Pokemon GO can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home with any of our top 6 location spoofers for iOS. They each come with a combination of price, customer support, and features that should inform your decision. If you are iOS using Pokemon GO lover, these are some tools you should never have missing from your arsenal.

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