Top 10 Best Converters to Convert PDF into MIDI in 2024

You can now easily convert your PDF files to MIDI using a pdf to midi converter and get your work done very quickly.
Convert PDF into MIDI

If you are in the music industry, you should definitely consider downloading a pdf to midi converter. This software will make it easy with the help of their data and music tools. The best thing about these tools is that you will be able to see all the original scores in your desired format.

Music teachers are often looking for such tools to share music notes and documents with their students easily. Currently, you can expect pdf to midi conversion pretty easily and accurately on different systems.

Most of the tools we mention below function perfectly with Windows, Mac, and even Android systems. The most significant benefit is that you can even convert music scores in PDF format to MIDI or any other format directly through your mobile phones. If you are not willing to purchase any tool, there is no need to worry because plenty of free tools are introduced in this article.

Top 10 Best Converters to Convert PDF into MIDI in 2024

Today, we bring some of the best pdf to midi converter software you can use to convert files. You can download it on your computer device. You can choose software that fits your requirements.

1. Myriad Online

Myriad Online is a converter software mainly used to convert pdf to midi files. Earlier, you could not edit your scores because they were incompatible with the new editors. There is no need to worry about it now because Myriad Online comes with a PDFtoMusic Pro tool to convert PDF documents into MusicXML format.

Myriad Online

You can expect high-quality and unique results with this tool because the software only processes PDF files that have been exported from a score editor tool. There is no need to make any purchases to use all the features of this tool. So, you can expect easy work and that too for free.

Best for: Rebuilding the original score and exporting it into MusicXML format

Price: Free


  • Rebuilding the original score 
  • Extracts the files within a few seconds
  • Works on Windows, Mac, and even Linux systems.


  • Sometimes, the software server may be down.
  • It might not support some media files.

2. SmartScore

SmartScore is the best pdf to midi converter you will find in our list today because it provides very easy functions for music recognition. This software has a world-class notation editing tool and the most flexible transposition capability. It gives the best page formatting tool, which will save you time so that you can focus on your music.


This software allows you to use a free demo to explore the contents before buying it. It is an all-in-one software that can transcribe symphony, adjust your Chorale, and set choruses for religious hymns.

Best for: Converting Musical notes and transposition

Price: Starting at $49 and comes with additional plans


  • Free download for PC as well as mobile phones
  • It uses English and German language in notation.
  • Provides special offers for schools and churches.


  • It is costly and compatible only with 64-bit devices.
  • Can’t convert files to all the formats.

3. ScanScore

ScanScore allows you to convert pdf to midi very quickly so you don’t have to spend hours writing the musical content. With this tool, you can upload your scanned pdf file, and it will get converted to midi. This software can also easily recognize instrument chords and lyrics. On top of that, it also corrects the mistakes in your musical notes.


This tool has a simple user interface and integrates music notes with built-in tools that work on unique detection algorithms. If you choose this pdf to midi, you can easily playback or transpose your score and stakes.

Best for: Can recognize and transpose complex music notation

Price: ScanScore melody costs $39 and comes with additional subscription plans


  • It enables you to export files in both MIDI and MusicXML format.
  • This software is compatible with MuseScore, Dorico, Sibelius, Notion, and many others.
  • You can upload a scan sheet using a mobile or conventional scanner.


  • This software only works on macOS (10.12 or higher) and Windows (8 and 10).

4. Audiveris

Audiveris is an optical music recognition tool used to convert pdf to midi. It works on an OMR engine and dedicated editor. This engine recognizes musical notes from digital images or PDF and converts them to computerized readable form. It will further allow you to process music using external notes edition, digital playback, transposition, and arrangement.


This software is made to process scores written in the Common Western Music Notation, which has few limitations as the software is not yet perfect. Additionally, it is easily installed on 64-bit Windows and Mac devices. A document to be uploaded must be scanned from the external source only as there is no in-built scanner.

Best for: Printed musical notations

Price: Free


  • It converts the file into OMR and MusicXML format.
  • For different voices, it has distinct color recognition.
  • Books and scanned notes can be converted to MIDI files.


  • Hand-written music notes are not supported.
  • Only common symbols of Music are recognized.

5. PlayScore

PlayScore is a musical notation scanner that will convert pdf to midi online via uploading scanned images or pdf. This software works for all types of instruments, and if you are a music teacher, it will come in handy as you can directly share your notation with the students using mobile phones. The incredible thing about this pdf to midi converter is that you can download it on iOS and Android phones.


This software allows you to play the music by setting your choice’s tempo so you can catch up to the actual song or melody. It also allows you to mute or play the parts you want to sing along.

Best for: Musical notes pdf converting to MIDI files for students and teachers.

Price: Free


  • It can be downloaded on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.
  • It is free, and documents can be uploaded in image format.
  • Easy detection of chords and lyrics.
  • Three easy steps to get work done.


  • Not available for Windows and Mac devices.

6. Sibelius 

Sibelius is one of the most preferred music note-writing tools as it allows you to write and edit notes. This pdf to midi converter online source is accessible via mobile phone and PC, so choosing this software will be a perfect choice. Additionally, this software will allow you to create your music for choir performances by adding chords and symbols to the lyrics.


This converter includes a sample library consisting of different instrument sounds to listen to the music you are composing. It also helps you save time while learning new music by providing exercises and projects.

Best for: Composing/creating and learning music.

Price: Basic $10 educational plan and also comes with additional plans


  • Get curriculum for practice and exercising new music.
  • For iPad with pencil, you can get the best experience of the software.
  • Find teachers and students on the application itself.


  • It cannot be used to convert files other than MIDI.

7. MuseScore

MuseScore will allow you to learn and teach music the most modern way. Also, you can compose your own music here. This software also enables you to convert pdf to midi files for the convenient use of a musician. If you encounter any problem while using this software, you can easily report the issue, and it will be solved.


This is a user-friendly software where users can help each other if there is a problem or issue with something. The incredible thing about this tool is that you can create music and listen to notes.

Best for: Beginners to learn the music notations

Price: Free


  • It works on all the devices with the older version of Windows 7.
  • Allows you to edit and write music notes.


  • Not available on a mobile phone.
  • A little bit complicated to understand at first.

8. SharpEye

SharpEye can convert pdf to midi file to be easily readable in the musical format. This process is called Music OCR, where the pdf to midi is done, and students and teachers use obtained musical notation. This one is a fundamental tool available on the oldest Windows format like XP with a RAM of only 32MB.


This software can convert pdf to multiple music formats used by musicians nowadays, so opting for this can be an ideal choice. However, the working of the converter is a little complex to learn.

Best for: Musical notation composition and editing.

Price: Base price of $169


  • MIDI sequencer works well with this software.
  • It is compatible with the oldest Windows XP, Vista, 95, 98.
  • Quickly downloaded and installed.


  • This software does not work with the latest Windows and Mac systems.

9. Sheet Music Scanner

Sheet Music Scanner for pdf to midi can be used for instant music composition and editing music notes by making changes as you like. Additionally, after making changes, you can play a song from between to check your changes. It also allows you to listen to the music you uploaded by scanning.

Sheet Music Scanner

The incredible thing about this app is that it can read the music notes, melodies, harmony, treble, bass, etc., and can also recognize chords being played.

Best for: Scanning music notes and playing a song from any part

Price: $4.99


  • Get work done quickly on your phone from anywhere.
  • It can accommodate a speed of 50 to 330 beats per minute.
  • Music composed can be saved in iCloud, Google Drive, etc.
  • Left and right-hand playing of instrument available.


  • Torn images or handwritten notes are not recognized.

10. forScore

forScore is an exclusive Apple device pdf to a midi converter most commonly used for music notes identification and editing. It allows you to scan and upload PDFs in the application and make necessary changes. Later, you can share the file with your students, friends, or anyone even though they don’t use this app.


This app allows you to use it in portrait and landscape modes, and you can crop the specific notation you want to work on. The in-built instruments turn out to be pretty useful.

Best for: Multitasking on different projects.

Price: $20 download price plus additional in-app purchases.


  • In-built instruments like a metronome, pitch pipe, tuner, and piano keyboard.
  • Allows multitasking and working on different projects.
  • You can connect your music devices via Bluetooth.


  • It is only available for Apple devices and not for Windows/Android.
  • In-app purchases are a must to excess the contents of the app.


1. Is it possible to convert pdf to midi file?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to convert pdf to midi with the help of particular software that is used to change the file format. You just need to follow the steps mentioned in the particular software, and the work will be done.

2. Is the copy and paste option available for midi file conversion?

Answer: There are few applications available on both mobile and a computer that allows you to get files in musical notation like midi of MusicXML. Once you follow the instructions on that particular tool’s website, you will be able to use the copy and paste option.

3. How to add more bars in midi converter software?

Answer: Different software has different ways to add bars. For example, one software has particular shortcut keys to do it. Similarly, every software possesses different ways of doing the same task.

4. Are there any truly free PDF to MIDI converters?

Answer: As we mentioned in this article, you will find a few pdf to midi converters that are free to use. You don’t need to spend a single penny; you can download them instantly on your systems.


Concluding the article, the only thing we would like to say is that if you are a person grinding to make a career in the music industry, then having pdf to midi converter software like the above ones can ease your work. These tools will help you out with notes, chord recognition, and many more. Additionally, if you are a music teacher, you can help your students by sharing your work and teaching them this type of creative skill, which might help them boost their music life.

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