5 Best Internet Speed Booster for Windows 11/10/7/8 in 2022

The paradigm shift in network technologies has come a long way from 2G a decade ago to 5G in 2020. Albeit the promising Internet technology improvements, it isn’t free of some basic speed issues.  

If you are using Windows PC and experiencing slow Internet connectivity, then it is time to boost up Internet speed using the best Internet speed booster for Windows 10. If you aren’t aware how these smart tools help you doing that, here we have discussed some of these best tools. We have also discussed what they have to offer you and why you should install them.

Quick Summary

  • Advanced SystemCare is the shining star of the best internet speed booster for Windows 10, 8, 7. This tool has polished features to manipulate all the leading web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.
  • Ashampoo® Internet Accelerator is a rockstar internet speed booster with intelligent checkers, intuitive layout, and blasting options to speed up the network. It is a highly compatible and popular Windows internet speed booster program with the opportunity to clean surfing data with one tap thoroughly.
  • AuslogicsBoostSpeed Free is certified Microsoft software with the potential to take your internet speed to the sky. Apart from the speed optimization features, it is packed with a truckload of other utility features.

Are you ready to boost the speed of your internet connection with some equally powerful boosters? Let’s just not waste any more time and readout about all super internet booster software for Windows.

What is Internet Speed Booster for PC?

Internet speed booster for PC or Wi-Fi booster apps are advanced tools designed meticulously to improve various configuration settings on your PC that could directly affect your Internet connection and network speed. It helps you optimize your system at the software level to boost up Internet speed. For example, it could terminate unused processes to free up system resources. This makes your system run faster every time you are connected to the network.

While pre-built Windows system settings aren’t optimized for the Internet or for your particular network; instead, it may even prevent you from reaching maximum upload and download speeds. Earlier, you had to tweak these system settings by editing and modifying Windows Registry, which is again a complex task.

In addition to that, there is an array of reasons behind the slow internet connection, such as viruses, broken Ethernet cable, outdated router, or a program hogging your bandwidth. The internet booster will identify the root causes of the slow internet and fix them automatically without any hassle.

Who Should Get an Internet Speed Booster for PC?

If you think your internet connection is working fine, and you don’t need to invest in the best software to speed up internet connection, think again. The Internet means speed, so if you have to wait for even a minute to complete browsing, you need software to pump up the speed of your internet router. However, some people should instantly get the best internet booster software for PC, such as –

  • Too Many Hogging Programs – Some programs like Windows Update and other application updates run in the background and quietly consume your network resources. These programs consume your network bandwidth and slow down your operations. The best internet speed booster for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 has the responsibility to turn off all the hogging programs to boost your internet speed.
  • Internet Infection – The internet worms can infect your computer and spontaneously generate network traffic without your knowledge. This can make your internet connection slow. With the continuous virus scans, updated anti-virus software and malware removing tools can help in controlling the internet infection.
  • Internal Settings – If your Windows network settings are improperly configured, it can lead to a performance problem. For non-tech savvy users, it is a messy road to configure Windows network settings on their own without proper manufacturer documentation. However, with the internet speed booster software, you don’t have to go through the trouble of reading hefty documentation to modify your PC network settings as the software will handle everything.

How We Tested and Picked the Best Internet Speed Booster for Windows 11/10/7/8 in 2022?

To compile the mega list of the “best internet booster software for PC in 2022“, we have compared versatile software available in the market. After accessing internet booster on multiple pressure points and compatibility grounds, we have shortlisted the best five tools for our readers. To synthesize this tale of the best internet speed increase software, we have focused on the following calculations –

  • Core Functionality – This post is drafted to help the office, and home internet users boost their internet speed. Thus, the software adorned on this list has a core function to increase the speed of the internet only. We have focused our research on speed improvement only so you can easily download any of the suggested tools to fasten up your slow and unstable internet connection.
  • Proficiency – When we have to review a piece of software, we primarily evaluate its efficiency. This factor determines whether the software offers what they claim or not. If the software claims to improve the speed of your internet, tweak with the computer’s settings, and strengthen the signals, software should be offering all the features without any hitch.
  • Usability – Software is designed to make your life easy – not unnecessarily complicate with the complex learning curve. Thus, the best internet speed booster for PC Windows 7 should have a sleek user interface with fancy features. From the navigation system to text instructions – software should have all the right components to provide an easy solution.
  • Price – The cost of the best software to speed up internet connection can be slightly higher. But, money should not be the matter while selecting the best internet booster tool because to get the sophisticated user interface, high tech features, and robust functionality, you have to pay the price. The important thing here is that price needs to be adequate, thus, if we have only listed software that offers performance worth the price.
  • Customer Service – When you stuck somewhere while using the software, the developers’ technical team can be easily reached via call, chat, email, or other instant modes of communication. Keeping this factor into consideration, we have personally checked the customer support system of all the software developers before giving a software position on this list.
  • Compatibility – Today, we are talking about the best internet speed booster for PC, so it is essential to focus on the Windows compatibility feature. Thus, all the tools embedded on this list are fully compatible with Windows. From Windows 10 to Windows 7, all the leading Microsoft Windows OS versions are supported by the below-mentioned software.

Our Picks: Best Internet Speed Booster for Windows 11/10/8/7 in 2022

Do you want to experience uninterrupted and stable internet connection in 2022, you have to do just one thing – from this impressive list of the best internet speed booster for Windows 10, just download the most suitable software right now.

1. Advanced SystemCare – Internet Speed Booster

Advanced SystemCare - Internet Speed Booster

The continual online experience is the necessity of 2022, especially when you are playing virtual games or watching movies on Netflix. So, if you are fully drained with the slow internet connection of your home or office, you can get the best internet speed increase software named Advanced SystemCare – Internet Speed Booster. It is free software for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. By optimizing your web browsers’ settings such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, this advanced internet booster will amplify your internet speed.

  • Speed Booster – Advanced SystemCare is dedicated internet speed pusher software for PCs. It is trained to tweak with the settings of your designated web browsers to speed up the internet connection drastically. When your web browser’s settings are modified according to the prevailing conditions, you can download movies or play games with the lightning speed of the internet.
  • TCP Optimiser – This booster can step into the role of the best TCP optimizer as well. The software will ensure a swift internet speed, connection speed, and router speed – never slow down your internet speed. With this tool, you won’t have to ever stress about the slow internet connection while downloading big videos, streaming live videos, or playing feature-rich online games.
  • Speed Test – This software will enable you to test the speed of your network’s current speed.  This way, you can file a complaint with your internet service, providing the company to fix the slow network issue. Moreover, you can mark WiFi dead spots in your home with the speed test.

2. Ashampoo® Internet Accelerator

Ashampoo® Internet Accelerator

Windows has numerous secret weapons to amplify the speed of your deadbeat internet connection, but if you are not a professional PC user, you can’t use those hidden weapons. Thus, you need an easy to use, and multiple features loaded with the best internet speed increase software, or we can say Ashampoo® Internet Accelerator. This program will realign all the relevant settings of your PC with one tap. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to adjust browsing features with Ashampoo, just select the automatic optimizer, and you’re done. The new version also includes an Internet connection speed test tool so you can test your performance directly.

However, if you are an advanced user who wants to alter all the internet connection settings manually, you will receive a red-carpet welcome with this tool. All the features are well explained and adequately arranged so that you can use the software smoothly without any hassle. The company is always adding new and improved internet speed-boosting features in the software for just $19.99, but the most popular features are –

  • Intuitive Layout – Just one glance on the layout, and you will automatically figure out everything.
  • Booster – Ashampoo is a prevalent booster tool due to its potential to boost and configure web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Cleaner – It is a super cleaner program that thoroughly cleans your surfing data. Once your unwanted cookies and other surfing data are cleaned, your internet speed will automatically improve.
  • Checker – It performs watchdog responsibility as well, where software stops all the spyware from redirecting you and tampering with your internet connection. With one interactive key, you can activate the auto internet access settings and experience fast internet speed.

3. AuslogicsBoostSpeed Free

AuslogicsBoostSpeed Free

Auslogics is a certified Microsoft® Silver Application Development Partner. The company has been making high-quality PC maintenance, optimization, and security software since 2008. BoostSpeed is a premium quality internet booster tool offered by Auslogics, which has been winning the hearts of millions. This tool has been categorized as the best internet booster software for PC not because it’s completely free, but because it is loaded with features.

  • Truck Load of Features – It is loaded with a variety of tools to improve your system’s speed and performance, along with privacy protection and optimization options. From the home screen, you can effortlessly enhance your computer’s stability and boost the internet speed. With one click, you can modify the features of your web browsers. The program also offers some additional features, including a file shredder, a duplicate-file finder, an uninstall manager, a disk explorer, and others.
  • Automatic Deep Scans – To identify the core reasons behind the slow internet connection, you can run a deep scan to walk you through the root causes of a problem. You can even schedule automatic maintenance runs to fix issues quickly.

4. Pointstone Internet Accelerator

Pointstone Internet Accelerator

In the series of the refined and popular free internet speed booster for PCWindows 7, we have a sophisticated option in the shape of Internet Accelerator from the house of Pointstone. This award-winning software bundle has all the right components to boost your internet with the essential functionality of decreasing page load times to the advanced features of quickly downloading large multimedia files.

Internet Accelerator is adorned with various configuration settings that can directly influence your network and internet speed. By default Windows OS isn’t configured with the internet speed-boosting settings. Thus, this software steps into the role of internet booster and tweak with the right speed to maximize your download and upload speed. If you are not a technical person, you should not explore the Windows registry manually or modify any settings without the shield of this graceful tool. With a couple of clicks, Internet Accelerator facilities, users in multiple ways –

  • Reduce page load time drastically. 
  • Amplify the speed of downloading music, pictures, email, and other multimedia content from the web.
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of the network.
  • Push the boundaries of your computer without any expensive hardware tools.
  • Online gameplay is better.
  • Web applications load quickly.

5. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator

When you are looking for a safe, inexpensive, and fast way to optimize your system settings, you can try SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator. SpeedConnect is the intelligent software that knows how to squeeze out extra speed from your slow internet connection. According to our review, this is the best software to speed up internet connection software due to numerous reasons. The software has received excellent reviews from the leading tech magazines and portals because of –

  • Connection Tester – The connection tester comes with the SpeedConnet provides a quick pathway to analyze your connection’s speed on numerous pressure points.
  • Optimizer – You will receive the fastest medium to optimize your connection with this tool.
  • Network Settings – The software will automatically align your system settings and assign you a room to access main network settings manually.
  • Extra Settings – SpeedConnect is a buffet of additional internet speed-boosting features. The promising other features including AOL adapter support, vast online community, LAN and DUN support, and so much more.
  • Tools & Wizards – The software is embedded with an array of cool tools and wizards to pump up the speed of your internet.


Slow internet is a curse in 2022 – you can’t work or entertain without a stable internet connection today. Thus, we have created a complete list of the best internet speed boosters to help you out. By downloading any of the above-discussed internet speed boosters, you can easily take your internet speed a few notches up. So, don’t let slow internet connection ruin your day when you can quickly fix your network speed and router signals with just one software.

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