10 Best ZIP Password Unlocker Tools in 2024

Lost or forgot the password of your ZIP files? Use one of these best ZIP Password Unlockers to gain access to the locked archives without damaging their contents.
best zip password recovery

ZIP archives are one of the most habituated lossless data compression means that users employ to group data in a single location. And while it is not often the case, sometimes users encrypt the archives to protect the sensitive contents stored in them. But all hell breaks loose once you lose or forget the password. Nonetheless, there are ways to unlock the ZIP archives.

Scroll down to find the 10 best ZIP Password Unlocker tools of 2024.

What Is ZIP Password Unlocker Tool?

ZIP Password Unlocker Tool, well, used sophisticated means to decrypt the ZIP archives. Using advanced algorithms and assorted standards — the tool can unlock archives protected by passwords of any length and complexity.

In case you are wondering — the AES encryption technology is indeed uncrackable. And that is why most of these tools match all the combinations to unlock the ZIP archives. The good thing is they can recover the files. But what differentiates the best from the worst is the time taken to open the files. However, it is not the sole factor to decide the best tools. Read on to find out how we picked the best ZIP Password Unlocker tools mentioned in this list.

How We Tested and Picked the Best ZIP Password Unlocker Tool in 2024

Here are the assessment factors used for deciding the best ZIP Password Unlockers:

  • Attack mechanisms: There are three common attack mechanisms necessary to unlock the encrypted ZIP archives. So, the first factor for deciding whether the tool is worth discussing is the types of attack mechanisms they employ.
  • Success rate: A proven track record of unlocking ZIP archives with a high score. Besides the claims of the vendor, we check user reviews and scores from the critics, as well as personally assess all the attack mechanisms.
  • Supports all ZIP file containers: Again, the user does not always know the format of their ZIP archives. While knowing it is not troublesome, the support of all ZIP file containers indicates that the vendor has put time and energy into their product.
  • The technology used: The password recovery technology is directly proportional to the time taken by the applications or services to unlock the archives. The greater the technology, the quicker the recovery.
  • User interface: You may have state-of-the-art technology, multiple attack mechanisms, and all — but all these are worthless if the users cannot understand how to operate. That is why we have listed tools that, at most, require you to recover the archives within three steps. Exceptions are there!

Top 10 Best ZIP Password Unlocker Tools in 2024

Here are the best ZIP Password Unlocker Tools in 2024:

1. PassFab for ZIP

PassFab for ZIP

>> Get PassFab for ZIP <<

Compatible with all kinds of ZIP archives (.zip) file formats, PassFab for ZIP is the best tool to remove or recover a file locked with a password. There are three modes of recovery:

  • Dictionary Attack: The quickest of all — the attack mechanism helps you recover the password by trying the combinations present in the inbuilt dictionary or custom-made by you.
  • The Brute-Force with Mask Attack: This attack type looks for the password by trying out all the combinations within the parameters defined by you. For instance, if you know the ZIP file is protected by alphabet characters only — you can specify the program to try out the combinations attainable only by alphabets.
  • Brute-Force Attack: This attack mechanism is for users with zero clue about the password. All you have to do is choose the attack type — and the program will try out all the possible combinations.

Regardless of the method you choose, the contents of the files will be safe entirely. Coming to the interface, PassFab for ZIP is a well-designed software that can recover the software with three easy steps, i.e., upload the files, choose the attack type, and wait for the program to find the password.

All in all, PassFab for ZIP  is one of the best ZIP file password unlockers available on the internet.

Key Features:

  • Support any ZIP archive file format: ZIP, WinZIP, 7ZIP, PKZIP.
  • Three attack mechanisms ensure definite recovery of the encrypted ZIP file.
  • Powerful built-in search algorithms and advanced technology make the password-recovery process fairly quick.
  • Works on Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016/XP/Vista /Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11(32-bit & 64-bit).


  • The futuristic and intuitive user interface makes it simple for users to recover the ZIP password quickly
  • 30-days money-back guarantee assures the program is not trying to deceive users


  • No!

2. KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery

krylack zip password recovery

>> Get KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery <<

Another prominent ZIP password recovery tool, KRyLack, can help you remove passwords from all ZIP file containers, regardless of the password length. The recovery process adapted by KRyLack is similar to that of the PassFab ZIP recovery tool. It has three modes for retrieving the password, i.e., Brute-Force, Brute-Force with Mask, and Dictionary Attack.

You will also find other beneficial functions like CPU Priority Control and more within the application. And in case the recovery process is getting lengthier than expected — you can run the application in the background and continue with other activities on the computer.

The user interface is clean and impressive. It does not overwhelm the users with unnecessary options and limits itself to one possibility per page, thus guiding you on how to recover ZIP files along the way.

Key Features:

  • KRyLack can recover lost passwords on AES-encrypted ZIP/ZIPX (WinZIP) archives efficiently
  • Advanced features like CPU Priority Control are available.
  • Three modes of ZIP password recovery ensure definite retrieval of the password.
  • Customizable search filters — to reduce the time taken to recover the password significantly


  • The user interface is simple, anyone can utilize the software effortlessly
  • Autosave of search operation makes it effective for computers with low-hardware resources; in case of crash or interruption — the search will resume, not start again.
  • It can remove passwords of any complexity and length.


  • Although easy to use — the interface is outdated and looks like a software from the 90s.

3. iSunshare ZIP Password Genius

isunshare zip password genius

>> Get iSunshare ZIP Password Genius <<

iSunShare has the most advanced and powerful line of password-recovery utilities; its ZIP Password Genius is no different. Supporting all versions of ZIP, WinZIP, 7ZIP archives, iSunshare ZIP Password Genius incorporates four modes of recovery.

The attack modes are Smart Recovery, Brute-Force, Brute-Force with Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack. The Smart Recovery is nothing but an automatic search function that requires no user intervention — other than uploading the locked ZIP file. The other three modes work pretty much the same as the other two ZIP file password unlockers mentioned above.

The software has two different versions, i.e., Standard and Professional variants. The Standard version operated pretty much like a regular ZIP password recovery tool, like searching for the password using any mode of recovery on a single computer. The Professional copy of iSunshare ZIP Password Genius can help you run the software on multiple computers simultaneously. That is to say — the software is packed with another software, i.e., iSunshare ZIP Peer — that you can install on all the computers to search for the password on multiple computers, thus reducing the time taken to recover the password by a great length.

Given these points, iSunshare ZIP Password Genius is the most effective tool for applying Brute-Force, as the Professional Version can save you time, depending on the resources available.

Key Features:

  • Four modes of ZIP Password Recovery: Smart, Brute-Force, Brute-Force with Mask, and Dictionary Attack.
  • Two different versions: Standard and Professional Editions.
  • The Professional Edition can help you utilize multiple resources to recover passwords with Brute-Force quickly.
  • The application supports a multi-core CPU to accelerate the ZIP password recovery process immensely.
  • Works on Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016/XP/Vista /Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11(32-bit & 64-bit).


  • Super-simple GUI makes it simple for anyone to recover the password from the ZIP files.
  • Supporting all .ZIP archives
  • The Pause and Resume functions help you recover the password in multiple intervals.


  • The application is costly compared to other competitors.

4. Passper for ZIP

passper for zip

>> Get Passper for ZIP <<

Another tool uses four different recovery modes, namely Brute-Force, Mask, Dictionary, and Combination Attack, Passper for ZIP is a lightweight tool and can work on computers with low-physical resources.

Although it looks like the software has four recovery means on the surface, the Mask and Combination Attack are pretty much similar. For instance, Mask Attack lets you set parameters — the Combination Attack looks for passwords based on the characters chosen by you.

Passper for ZIP has a very simplistic interface and demands only a few steps to recover the password. However, compared to other tools mentioned above — the software needed more time to remove the password when opting for the Brute-Force attack mechanism.

Of course, Passper for ZIP can recover passwords from any .zip archive, i.e., created by  WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, PKZIP in no time. Regardless of the password length or complexity — Passper for ZIP can retrieve the ZIP files without any data leakages. The vendor also ensures that no contents of the file are exposed to the company to ensure secrecy of the contents.

Key Features:

  • The software can help you recover any ZIP file, i.e., created by WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, PKZIP.
  • Pause and resume the password recovery at a later time.
  • Four Attack mechanisms to recover the password.


  • A lightweight tool, meaning you can download the application within seconds and start recovering the tool.
  • Simple interface with minimal options possible — no complicated stuff whatsoever.
  • 100% data security


  • The time taken to recover the file is stretched compared to the above best ZIP password recovery tools.

5. ZIP Password Recovery by Top Password

Zip Password Recovery by Top Password

Allows you to retrieve locked ZIP files created with WinZip, WinRAR, and PKZip — Top Password’s ZIP Password Recovery has three recovery mechanisms to recover the lost or forgotten password. Still, the attack mechanisms are the same as other ZIP Password Recovery tools mentioned here.

Although the application has an outdated user interface — Top Password’s ZIP Password Recovery is an easy-to-manage application. The vendor claims to have a 100% recovery rate, and given the fact — it can retrieve files locked by ‘.zip’ (most common) as well as ‘.zipx’ (PBKDF2 and AES-based) encryption methods — it sounds genuine.

Sounds like a great deal? Well, it is! However, the software is suitable for computers with resources like AMD GPU and NVIDIA. Meaning it does not work well on computers utilizing low-physical resources.

Key Features:

  • The software can help you retrieve files locked by ‘.zip’ (most common) as well as ‘.zipx’ (PBKDF2 and AES based) encryption methods
  • It can recover ZIP files WinZip, WinRAR, PKZip
  • You can utilize AMD GPU and NVIDIA to speed up the recovery process


  • A simple and manageable interface requires no learning curve at all
  • Free technical support is available
  • The free version allows you to recover files protected by four characters password


  • Not suitable for computers with fewer physical resources

6. Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker

appnimi zip password unlocker

A tool that has recognition from renowned names like ItaliaOnline, University of Southern California, Ubuntu, and Accenture — Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker is another considerable tool to unlock inaccessible ZIP archives.

The software has two modes of recovery, including Brute-Force and Dictionary Attack. But there are also search filters to mention the prefix and suffix of the password to search the combination like Brute-Force with Mask attack mechanism.

To sum up, Appnimi is an effective ZIP Password recovery tool that can recover files effortlessly. Plus, the clear-cut interface makes it possible for any user to utilize the application readily.

Key Features:

  • Two efficient attack mechanisms: Dictionary to retrieve the password by a custom-based list. And the Brute-Force Attack mechanism to look for all possible combinations.
  • You can set parameters to look for combinations possible within the set limit; thus, reducing the time by a substantial margin.
  • Pause and Run the recovery operation later if need be without having to start over again.


  • A clear-cut interface with necessary toggles only
  • Get detailed statistics to know about the recovery time and more


  • Brute-Force with Mask Attack can only be used via a Professional License — which is an expensive option

7. Advanced Archive Password Recovery

advanced archive password recovery

Supporting a wide range of compression and encryption algorithms, Advanced Archive Password Recovery tool is exactly what it sounds like. Regardless of how the ZIP file is created — PKZip and WinZip, 7Zip, RAR,  or WinRAR — it ensures to retrieve the password quickly.

Coming to the attack mechanisms, Advanced Archives Password Recovery has one advanced mode of recovery. Advanced, in the sense, you can feed in a Dictionary, Set Parameters, or click — Recover — to let it do the job on its own without any parameters or list, i.e., Brute-Force Attack.

All in all, Advanced Archives Password Recovery provides you with all the necessary functions provided by any other ZIP unlockers. And however, the interface may overwhelm you with a range of options — it actually is straightforward to utilize.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to recover passwords protecting encrypted ZIP, 7Zip, and RAR archives
  • Advanced Archive Password Recovery can unlock AES encryption used in the latest ZIP, 7Zip, and RAR formats
  • Typical-plaintext attacks and guaranteed one-hour recovery for ZIP files locked via WinZIP 8.0 and earlier versions


  • If you thoroughly optimize the software, it can deliver class-leading performance
  • Two editions of the software permit you to pay for the employed services only
  • The interface may look intimidating — but the software is easy to use


  • Although powerful — the tool is pricey; the Standard version costs US$ 49.00, whereas the Professional Edition costs a whopping US$ 99.00
  • Good for professionals with thorough knowledge about ZIP archives, as it will help them recover the files quickly 

8. Passware ZIP Password Recovery

Passware ZIP password recovery

Passware ZIP Password Recovery is another fast and easy-to-use solution to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP and 7-ZIP archives. Capable of recovering passwords of any length and complexity, Passware’s Password Recovery technology has been used by some high-profile agencies like Deloitte, NASA, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security. Yes, you heard that right!

Coming to Passware ZIP Password Recovery tool — it supports all ZIP archives, including ZIP, WinZip, PKZIP, and 7-Zip. It also supports .zip and .7z files.

Passware ZIP Password Recovery tool, unlike other ZIP Password unlockers, has numerous password recovery settings. By default, it tries to unlock the ZIP files via a set of six basic password recovery mechanisms, i.e., Dictionary, Xieve, Brute-force, Mask, Known Password/Part, and Previous Passwords. If the basic attack tactics fail, you can employ the four advanced password recovery attacks. That includes — Encryption Keys Extraction, SureZip Attack, Zip Plaintext Attack, Rainbow Tables Attack. But it doesn’t end here — there are also grouping attacks that try to recover the password by employing a means of grouping attacks, like Join Attacks and Append Attacks. You will also find other customizable functions like Modifier Attacks — which lets you Change the case, Change the chars order, Substitute to narrow the search.

Besides the attack mechanisms, it also incorporates critical features necessary to any ZIP Password Recovery tool. You will find options like pause/resume the search. 

And if that has not already impressed you, its interface will! A clear, clean, and elegant user interface that smartly puts all the necessary toggles at your bay and lets even the least tech-literates utilize the software like a professional.

Key Features:

  • Recovers complex and multilingual passwords using 20 built-in dictionaries, plus allows you to add custom dictionaries.
  • It applies GPU acceleration.
  • Advanced algorithms allow you to instantly recover passwords of WinZip 8.0 or earlier archives with SureZip and Zip Plaintext attacks.


  • The simple and elegant interface has easy-to-use toggles that allow you to utilize the application effortlessly.
  • Shows you detailed information about the progress of the ZIP Password recovery process
  • The Demo version can recover passwords having three characters.


  • Suitable for users who need to unlock multiple ZIP files over time — as it is costly

9. John the Ripper

John the ripper

An ultimate, free password cracking tool — John the Ripper — a command-line-based utility employable to recover any lost or forgotten password, ZIP archives included.

Although the software is not made for recovering ZIP files specifically, it incorporates multiple passwords cracking technologies that you can utilize to recover ZIP archives efficiently. Starting with a Single-crack method to regain access, the command-line-based utility allows you to feed word-list and includes other incremental recovery means like Brute-Force.

The software comes pre-installed Kali Linux OS. But you can install the dependencies on other operating systems, including Mac and Windows. Further, you will have to create a hash (using zip2john) to crack locked ZIP files. And the recovery process will launch against the hashes, not the ZIP file. Once it decrypts the password, you will see the password. You can enter the password and gain access to the locked ZIP files.

Key Features:

  • John the Ripper incorporates numerous password crackers compacted into one platform
  • The program will autodetect the hash types used by the password
  • Users could customize the recovery process by entering commands


  • An advanced password recovery technique ensures definite recovery of the ZIP files
  • Absolutely free tool


  • The command-based user interface can overwhelm users and requires a learning curve

10. LostMyPass Zip Password Recovery Online

lostmypass zip password recovery online

A cloud-based password recovery program, LostMyPass ZIP Password Unlocker Online is beneficial as the service does all the work for you. All you have to do is upload the file and complete the payment.

In case your encryption is weak, you can upload the archives without registration, and the service will not charge you a dime for unlocking them. However, for strong password recovery — the service charges you US$20 upon successful removal of the password. And if both of these fails, you can utilize its prepaid services to employ Brute-Force calculators. They will charge you per hour for the resources used to unlock the archives.

LossMyPass’s paid service can unlock all types of encryption within three days. In case you are running on a deadline — there are special payment plans that can recover files within a day at extra costs.

Key Features:

  • Supports all types of ZIP archives
  • The patented advanced technology is employed to unlock the files.


  • ZIP Password Unlocker Online services do not require you to install any applications and fret with the password recovery process
  • You can unlock a simple password for entirely free.
  • The robust password recovery service asks you to pay after the successful recovery of the ZIP archives.


  • The Brute-Force Calculator is a prepaid service; yes, the recovery is sure, but you will have to compensate for every hour their resources are employed. Depending on the encryption, you may very well end up paying up to hundreds of dollars for the service. Plus, additional ZIP files mean additional costs.


1. What is a ZIP archive?

Zip files (.zip and .zipx) are referred to as compressed folders, packages, containers, and archives. Zip files are the most common type of archive files that also compress data. It uses DEFLATE technology that allows lossless data compression; thus, making them easy to store and share.

The same technology is also responsible for encoding the data, making it impossible for any other software to utilize the contents directly. You will have to extract the files before executing them.

2. How to encrypt a ZIP archive?

Follow these simple steps to encrypt a ZIP archive:

  • Open WinZip. And choose Encrypt in the Actions panel.
  • Drag and drop your files to the center NewZip.zip tab.
  • Type in a secure password after opening the dialog box. Select OK.

You can also open the Options page under the Actions pane to customize the Encryption Settings.

3. How to decrypt a ZIP archive using a password?

When you choose to extract the ZIP archive, WinZIP will ask you to enter the correct password to unlock the ZIP files before the extraction process begins.

4. How to decrypt a ZIP archive without a password?

You can utilize PassFab for ZIP, or any other ZIP Password Unlocker, mentioned in this list to decrypt a ZIP archive. The recent ZIP encryption uses AES standards to lock the contents, making it impossible to crack without guessing the correct password. All the above-mentioned tools pretty much employ a process that involves reckoning the password using varied assortments.


Depending on the budget and need, choose any one of these ZIP Password Recovery Tools to unlock the locked ZIP archives successfully. As you have seen, all of these tools support all ZIP containers and employ advanced technology to unlock the archives.

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