How to Factory Reset iPhone 7 without Passcode

It is quite cumbersome to reset iPhone 7 without passcode. But in this article, you can easily factory reset iPhone 7 (Plus) without passcode or iTunes.
factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode

The function of factory resetting is crucial if you want to sell your device, have bought a second-hand device containing the data of the previous owner or any other reason. But not every time you must remember the Apple credentials to complete the task. So what is the solution to how to reset iPhone 7 without passcode?

Being the iPhone 7/7 Plus user, you must know that there is no straightforward way to bypass the passcode and factory reset the device because of the technological advancements made by Apple in the iOS software. But if you do not have the security code, it becomes imperative to find out how to factory reset iPhone 7 without password.

To sort it out, some ways and methods lead to the solution to reset iPhone 7 without passcode. Here we have discussed the tools and techniques that make the task much more straightforward and provide the best results to the user without any hassle. So let us consider the tried and tested methods that enable you to reset your iPhone 7 (Plus) without passcode.

Method 1. Best Way to Factory Reset iPhone 7 without Passcode or iTunes

To reset the iPhone, you must know the Apple ID and password. There are several reasons to reset your iDevice. But if you do not have any access to the Apple credentials, or have forgotten the same, you can’t erase the stored data. Thus to factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode, Tenorshare 4uKey is regarded as the best tool.

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Tenorshare 4uKey is an iPhone passcode unlock tool designed to perform such a function with ease and gives a guaranteed solution to factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode or iTunes. For iPhone 7/7 Plus users, 4uKey is a tool that lets bypassing the iOS system within a few minutes, even if the passcode is 4/6 digit long or contains the intricate pattern, alphanumeric arrangements, etc.

The intuitive interface of 4uKey makes the task much more straightforward, even for someone who doesn’t possess technical skills. As this program doesn’t require you to go through iTunes, it saves a lot of time and energy on that part too. The software deletes the data permanently, which means no one will get your private information if you decide to sell your iPhone 7/7 Plus. Read our Tenorshare 4uKey review here.

Key Features:

  • Fully supportive to all the iPhone series starting from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, X, iPhone SE (Second Generation) and all the iOS versions
  • Simple steps and procedure to factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode instantly and intuitive interface for smooth operation.
  • This program manages to erase the Apple credentials permanently so that you can easily factory reset your iPhone and get rid of the pre-stored data.
  • The software downloads and uses the IPSW file and doesn’t require iTunes to bypass the passcode.
  • It can remove any kind of password, whether 4/6 digit, pattern, Face ID, Touch ID, alphanumeric, or any simple to complex passcodes.
  • It removes the passcode without iTunes or iCloud and unlocks even the disabled, unresponsive, or broken screen iPhone.

Let us now learn about the detailed steps to factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode or iTunes using Tenorshare 4uKey program:

Step 1: Download the Tenorshare 4uKey program on your PC and launch it once installed successfully.

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Step 2: On the home interface of the program, select “Unlock Lock Screen Passcode” to start with the unlocking process.

Tenorshare 4uKey – Click on Unlock Lock Screen Passcode

Step 3: Using the USB/lightning cable, connect your iPhone 7 (Plus) to your personal computer and wait until the program automatically recognizes it. Click the “Start” button on the next interface once the software recognizes your iDevice.

Tenorshare 4uKey – Click Start after the program detects your iPhone 7

Step 4: If after waiting for a few minutes, 4uKey doesn’t recognize the iPhone, you can follow either of the below-given steps to get it done manually:

a. Put the iPhone on “Recovery Mode” by following the given instructions in the figure.

Follow instructions to put the iPhone 7 on Recovery Mode

b. Put the iPhone into “DFU Mode” by following the given instructions in the given figure.

Follow instructions to put the iPhone 7 into DFU Mode

Step 5: On the next window, you are required to download the matching firmware package for your iDevice. Click on “Browse” given on the “Save Path” and “Download” the Firmware for your iPhone.

Download matching Firmware Package for your iPhone 7

Step 6: The program will lead you to the next interface once the Firmware download completes. Click “Start Unlock” to proceed with the password removal process of your iPhone. Wait for a few minutes till the application cracks the password of the device.

Tenorshare 4uKey – Click Start Unlock to proceed with unlocking process

Step 7: Based on the complexity of the password, the program will take a few minutes. Once done, you will be head towards the new window with the message of successful passcode removal from the device. Click “Done” to end the process.

Click Done to finish the process of factory reset

After completing the above steps, you can now easily factory reset your iPhone 7 without password. Tenorshare 4uKey is professional software that is safe to use and unlocks the device with a higher success rate without any glitch.

Method 2. Factory Reset iPhone 7 without Passcode Using iTunes

If you are looking for some other ways to factory reset iPhone 7 without password, then using iTunes can make a good choice to get the task done without any trouble. However, make sure that the iPhone was previously synchronized with iTunes and the Find my iPhone service is already disabled before getting started with this process.

So let us now see the step by step guide to unlocking iPhone 7 using iTunes:

Step 1: Get your iPhone connected with the same computer you have synchronized the iTunes already.

Step 2: On the main interface of iTunes, press the “Restore iPhone” button, which is given at the right side of the screen.

Click on Restore iPhone option in itunes

Step 3: An iTunes dialogue box pops up on the screen. Click on the option “Restore” to restore the device to factory setting.

Click Restore in the dialogue box

Step 4: The next Window will show iPhone Software Update, where you are required to click on the “Next” button to proceed further.

Click Next to proceed

Step 5: You will instantly draw towards the terms and conditions window of iTunes. Click the “Agree” button given at the bottom of the screen.

Click Agree for the terms and conditions

Step 6: Now, sit back and wait for a while until then iTunes will work on restoring the device to set up on factory setting mode. The iTunes will work on downloading iOS software packages, and all the stored data and applications will be removed along with the passcode from your iPhone 7 (Plus) within 20-30 minutes of waiting time.

Successful factory reset using iTunes

After some time, iTunes will successfully remove the passcode from the iPhone 7 that you can set up now with the new Apple credentials of your choice. Although using iTunes is a good option for reset iPhone 7 without passcode, it doesn’t always give sure-shot results under certain circumstances.

Method 3. Factory Reset iPhone 7 without Passcode or Computer (Using iCloud)

If the above method doesn’t seem to work for you, there is another way to unlock your iPhone, i.e., using iCloud service. This method provides a straightforward solution to factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode or iTunes if you have already synchronized your device with the iCloud service. You should also see that the Find my iPhone feature is enabled in your iDevice.

While applying this method, make sure that your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data is activated all the time, or else the process will get interrupted in between. Using this method, you can fix the problem of how to reset iPhone 7 without passcode, even if you do not have the device physically with you. So let us check out the steps to unlock the iPhone using iCloud:

Step 1: Visit the website on your computer or Mac and log in to your account using the same Apple ID and password with which you had set up your affected iPhone.

Sign in to your iCloud Account

Step 2: Various options can be seen on the screen. Select “Find my iPhone” from these options and click on the same.

Step 3: Click on the “All Device” option given at the top of the interface. A list of all the synchronized iDevice will appear that is set-up using the same Apple credentials. Look out for your iPhone 7, which you want to perform a factory reset, and click on the same.

Select your iDevice in find my iPhone

Step 4: Now, click on the option “Erase iPhone” that will erase the data and perform a factory reset function on your iPhone without the need of passcode.

Click on Erase Now to perform Factory Reset on iPhone 7

Once the factory reset completes, you can set up your iPhone with a new Apple ID and password. You can also recover and restore the lost data if the backup file has already been created before. This method of factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode is also useful if your iPhone is lost or stolen, provided all the related conditions of this method are fulfilled.

Method 4. Factory Reset iPhone 7 without Passcode Using Recovery Mode

The iTunes and iCloud method will not help you if you have never synchronized your device with them. In such a case, using the Recovery Mode option is another way that can be used for how to factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode. Using this method, all the previous data will be removed permanently, and your iPhone will be set up in the factory setting.

So let us learn how to reset iPhone 7 without password using the Recovery Mode option:

Step 1: Using the USB pr lightning cable, connect your PC and the affected iPhone 7/ 7 (Plus).

Step 2: Launch iTunes on your PC and switch off your iPhone using the power button once you have connected your device.

Step 3: To put your iPhone 7/7 Plus to the Recovery Mode, long-press the Side Button and the Volume Down Button together until you get to see the Recovery Mode screen on your device.

Step 4: You can see two options on your iPhone screen showing “Update” and “Restore.” Tap on the “Restore” Button from them. Your iPhone will get updated with iTunes.

Click Restore to update your iPhone 7

Step 5: Now, you are required to wait for a while until the Recovery process ends. You can easily set up your iPhone later with the credentials of your choice.

This method provides a fixed solution to the problem of how to reset iPhone 7 without passcode. However, you must create a backup file if you need your data back to the iPhone. You don’t need to enter any Apple credentials to go ahead with this method.

Bonus: How to Recover Lost Data after a Factory Reset

When you do factory resetting, it is evident that the data will erase from the device memory, but not always you want to lose the entire data. So, you need an iPhone data recovery tool to help you recover lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup.

Tenorshare Ultdata – check the file types to recover

Tenorshare UltData is a reliable iPhone data recovery tool with a guaranteed high recovery rate that can restore the lost files and applications, which was erased during the process of factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode. The UltData is technically advanced software that gives the option of selective restoring of data to the users.

Using this software, you can preview the files and restore only those you wish to get back on your iPhone. The reset can be permanently deleted from the device. With this tool, you can recover more than 35 file types, like photos, videos, messages, WhatsApp data, etc. which was deleted during the process of how to reset iPhone 7 without password.

The UltData is compatible with all the iOS versions and iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE (2nd Generation) and more. It recovers the data from iCloud and iTunes backup and gives assured solution after you factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode. Please read our full review of Tenorshare UltData here.


Forgetting the iPhone passcode is a common phenomenon. Still, it gives a lot of pain when you want to factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode because of system malfunctioning or want to erase the data before selling your device. Whatever the reason is, using the above-discussed methods, you can easily do the task without the need for any outsourced help.

The methods discussed above are compiled after trying and testing practically on the iDevice. It can be said that Tenorshare 4uKey is perhaps the best method to get the solution to factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode or iTunes. This is a smart tool capable of bypassing the iPhone quickly by cracking any kind of password security feature in the device.

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