How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password

The iCloud activation lock is active when you first-time switch on your iPhone after purchase. If you forget the activation lock and you are searching about remove iCloud activation lock without password then this article helps you how to remove iCloud lock.
remove icloud activation lock

The iCloud activation lock is very beneficial to protect your iPhone private data. In this era of technology, Apple also improves their security features and passwords criteria include different character types. That’s why, some of the time you may forgot the correct password for your very own gadget, or unintentionally locate somebody’s lost iPhone, or purchased a utilized iPhone from online sources, and find that the iPhone activation lock is active, and you are looking for iCloud activation lock remover. At start, user thinks that they will solve the problem but they can’t find any good solution of to remove iCloud activation lock without password. They can’t get to their iPhone and use it as they like. So, it is extremely significant for iPhone clients to figure out how to remove iCloud activation lock by yourself without password, here we’ll give you the best suggestions.

Part 1. What is the iCloud Activation Lock?

If you are confused to hear about iCloud activation then you are not alone. Activation lock is a function made by Apple to prevent the iOS device from being utilized by thieves as their own and keeping away from owner personal data falling into wrong hands. When the iOS gadget is lost or stolen, the owner can active Find My iPhone and it will lock that particular iPhone, iPad or iPod with the owner Apple ID account, which implies that the gadget will require the original Apple ID and password in the event that another person needs to enter the gadget.

Part 2. How Did the iCloud Lock Issue Happen?

Many peoples like to make diverse passwords on their iPhone for ensuring their own data. Furthermore, we need to concede that the new security protocols have taken loads of upgrades in the safety of the iPhone and the iCloud. And yet, it likewise causes a major problem like the iCloud lock issue because of different reasons. For the most part, this issue of iCloud Activation Lock may emerge in two cases: You have purchased a second-hand (used) iPhone/iPad or you have reset your iDevice and you don’t remember your iCloud activation password. On the off chance that you meet with either, don’t stress, we have some solutions to get rid of it.

Method 1. Remove iCloud Activation Lock Online

Since the iCloud lock issue is occurred on Apple’s iDevice, so Apple likewise gives service of opening iCloud lock well. In any case, the techniques can’t be made a decision about straightforward or entangled with few words. As a rule, if your iDevice still have your original receipt and guarantee, and it is convenient for you to go to the closest Apple Store, at that point you can go to it and request to the professionals to remove the iCloud activation lock on your iPhone straightforwardly.

Be that as it may, if your iDevice is out of guarantee, and there is excessively far to Apple Store, at that point you can remove the iCloud lock as pursues. DoctorUnlock is one of the best iCloud bypass software to help you remove iCloud activation lock online.

Step 1: Go to the website DoctorUnlock.

Step 2: Enter your iDevice model and IMEI number in given areas, then click on the “Unlock now!” button.

doctor unlock enter idevice model and imei number to unlock icloud activation lock

Step 3: After this, it will open a new page with an email option, give a valid email ID and pay some amount that mentions under the phone details. Then wait for 1-3 days, they will send you to email that your iCloud activation lock is removed.

remove icloud activation lock online

Method 2. Remove iCloud Activation Lock with an iPhone Passcode Unlock Software – iMyFone LockWiPer

Erasing iCloud account from iPhone, iPad has never been hard in the event that you use iMyFone LockWiper. As its name appears, it’s a iPhone passcode unlocker created to eradicate iPhone lock including iCloud lock and screen lock. With it, you can right away remove Apple ID and iCloud account from iPhone in 5 minutes without anyone else’s input as opposed to sitting tight for at least 3 business days. You can likewise remove the iCloud account for limitless times. You can read the full iMyFone LockWiper review here.

To remove iCloud activation lock through LockWiper, follow beneath steps:

Step 1: Install iMyFone LockWiper on your PC and launch it. Select “Unlock Apple ID” from the main screen.

imyfone unlock apple id

Step 2: Connect your iDevice and click on “Start to Unlock”.

imyfone unlock apple id to remove icloud activation lock

Step 3: After it, LockWiper starts instantly unlocking your iDevice in a few seconds. If “Find My iPhone” is active on your iDevice then you need to follow onscreen steps to reset all settings in your iDevice. LockWiper will start unlocking your iDevice when your iDevice reboots.

imyfone unlocking apple id

Method 3. Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone via DNS

You can bypass the activation lock by changing the DNS server. This will help you to temporarily bypass the iCloud activation lock. Follow the below steps to change the DNS server.

Step 1: Press the Home button when you are on the activation screen.

Step 2: Go into the Wi-Fi settings and click on the small “i” icon with a circle around it.

Step 3: Click on DNS, clear the number and enter the new number according to your location (check online for a good and safe DNS for connecting).

Step 4: After this go back, connect the Wi-Fi network and click on the “Activation Help”. A message appears with the message “connection to the server is successful”.

Step 5: Click on menu option from the top right corner, now you have bypassed the iCloud activation lock and can use the device.

bypass icloud lock via dns

Method 4. Using to Remove iCloud Account

Have you at any point when you bought a second-hand iPhone just to find that it’s locked with the iCloud account. The prescribed strategy is to request to the past owner to remove iCloud activation lock by erasing the iPhone from the current iCloud account.

Contact the past owner and ask him to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to

Step 2: Using your Apple ID and password to sign in to the iCloud.

Step 3: look for the “Find iPhone” and tap on it then click on the “All Devices”.

Step 4: Select the device that you want to remove from the iCloud account and if necessary, click on “Erase iPhone”.

Step 5: When the device has been erased then click on the “Remove from Account”.

delete icloud activation lock via icloud erase iphone

Bypassing or unlocking the iCloud activation lock is certifiably not a tough work in the event that you can locate the correct solution on the Internet. We’ve prevailing with regards to talking about what iCloud Activation Lock is, and approaches to remove or bypass it. We likewise called attention to that iMyFone LockWiper is the best software for removing iCloud/Apple account from any iOS gadget and it is compatible with the new iOS versions. Thus, on the off chance that you have an iPhone that needs to be erased but you can’t recall the Apple ID or password you utilized, at that point you can remove the iCloud account from your iPhone utilizing LockWiper, and set up another one.

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