What is Life360 and How does It Work?

Want to learn how does Life360 works? We’ve covered everything you need to know about this app, including what Life360 can do and what it tracks.

With digital media consumption at its peak, social media apps have become very popular tools that connect us with our family and friends. While public apps like Facebook and Instagram help you stay updated and in touch with friends and family, they don’t give details of their location in real-time—and rightly so. The solution is to use a family safety app that gives you constant updates about the location of your loved ones.

One of the most reliable family safety apps is Life360. This social networking app provides location-based services to consumers globally. It includes sharing live locations of connected members and receiving alerts when loved ones come and go from frequented spots.

Similarly, the other innovative features on this app are designed to protect and connect the people who matter the most to you. So if you’re interested and wondering how does Life360 work, read more.

What is Life360?

Price: Free version available. The premium package is $4.99 per month.

what is life360

Referred to as a safety app, Life360 is very popular among parents who want to check up on their kids constantly. This family communication app enables users to share location data and track connected devices whenever they want. To do this, users have to install the app on all their family members’ devices and add the accounts to an invite-only family circle.

What can Life360 do? Here is a list of its essential features.

1. Geofences

Life360’s tracking mechanism requires you to set up geofences in areas that your family frequently visits. Then, you will be notified whenever a family member goes to that location or leaves it. This feature is handy for informing parents when their kids arrive at school and when they leave the premises and reach home.

2. Navigation

Besides location sharing and placing alerts, Life360 also enables you to navigate to any circle member in one click. Just tap on their photo, and Life360 will give you the directions to that person’s current location.

3. Check-ins

Skip the texting and let your family members know you have reached your destination using Life360’s check-in feature.

4. Driver Report

Lastly, we have the Driver Report feature. This feature encourages safe driving habits by allowing you to supervise how and what your drivers are doing behind the wheels.

5. Emergency Features

You can silently send a help alert to the emergency contact number from the app whenever a family member has an emergency. In addition to triggering a help alert, you can use another safety service called “Get Roadside Assistance.” This feature comes in handy if your vehicle is disabled and you are stuck somewhere without any means of transport.

How Does Life360 Work?

life360 displays your location in real-time

After learning about what Life360 can do, it’s time to answer the question, “How does Life360 work?”

Life360 utilizes the integrated GPS in your device to display your location in real-time. After installing the app, it will constantly run in the background to keep members of your Circle updated on your location. The interface is simple and, therefore, easy to navigate through. It’s also easy to set up.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Download Life360 from the Playstore or App Store to all your family members’ devices.
  2. Then launch the app and create your profile by adding your name and profile picture.
  3. Give the app permission to access your device’s location.
  4. Finally, create a circle and customize it. Then you can add other family members to the Circle by sending them the Circle Code. You can change admins and add or delete members whenever you want.

The Life360 app has a similar mechanism to Google Maps. After downloading and launching the app, you can select the places where members of your Circle frequently visit, and it will display where they currently are. Life360 also provides location history data. It shows favorite routes and the ongoing timeline of your family’s travels to other Circle members, retrace their journey, and see the stops they made.

So, does Life360 work to keep you at ease? With so many reliable functions, it will ensure a sense of security mainly among the parents who need it for their peace of mind.

What Does The Grey Circle Mean On Life360?

The grey circle on the map refers to the geofences you have set. Moreover, it displays the location radius of Circle members within the region. By following the grey circle, you can find out which family member is close to you.

Can Life360 See What You Search On Google?

To run efficiently, Life360 saves your location history and travel routes. Based on the location history reports, the app provides the necessary data to make checking up on loved ones easier.

So, what does Life360 track? It is normal to worry about your data privacy while using location-sharing apps. However, Life360 does not see or store other personal information like what you search on Google. The developers have confirmed that it solely tracks your GPS movement in real-time, nothing more.

In addition to respecting your data privacy, Life360 ensures the complete security of your app data and eliminates the chances of any privacy breach or data theft by hackers. However, if you are still skeptical about the technical details of Google search history privacy, you can go through the app permissions in Settings and check the user agreements.

What Does Location Permissions Off Mean On Life360?

Life360 shows Location Permissions Off

If you suddenly notice the alert “Location Permissions Off” next to a Circle member’s name, it means that person has disabled GPS tracking on their phone. Once someone disables location permissions, Life360 no longer has access to their device’s GPS.

You might also notice the “Location Paused” alert. This text is placed beside members’ profile icons whenever they log out of the app, lose connection, change to a new device, or log into multiple devices at once. When this happens, you can see the live locations of other circle members on the map, but they cannot see your icon.

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How To Spoof Life360 Location Easily Without Anyone Knowing?

use ianygo to spoof Life360 location

Life360 checks all the boxes when it comes to safety alerts and keeping your family and friends close. While continuously running in the background, the app instantly notifies other circle members when a GPS or location is disabled. While this is a good safety measure, being tracked all the time can become uncomfortable and feel like a breach of personal space.

Therefore, to tackle this situation, you can Spoof the Life360 location easily without anyone knowing. The process is straightforward and requires a third-party iOS location-changing app. Currently, the most reliable and efficient location spoofing app is Tenorshare iAnyGo.

Using Tenorshare iAnyGo, you can trick the GPS in your device into thinking that you are in a different location. This app does an excellent job at relocating you to any place virtually. Once you activate the app, all the location-based apps on your device will get updated to the new location on Tenorshare iAnyGo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is Life360 accurate?

Yes, Life360 is accurate at locating your position. Your location accuracy will improve if your device’s Wi-Fi or cellular data is enabled.

  • 2. Can I find my phone with Life360 if it gets lost?

Yes, you can easily track your smartphone’s current location with Life360 if it gets lost or stolen. However, you will need to have Life360 installed and logged into that device. Also, do not log into your Life360 account through another device before recovering your old device. The location will instantly update if you log in through a new device.

  • 3. Does Life360 drain the battery?

According to the developers, Life360 has the lowest battery drain of all locator apps. This is made possible by the app’s advanced algorithm that wakes your device at certain time intervals to update your location. As a result, your GPS is not left on all the time. Most users will notice a minimum of 10 percent battery dip after 24 hours of Life360 running in the background.

  • 4. Can I use Life360 with my smartwatch?

While Life360 is compatible with certain smartwatches like the Apple watch, the software is not completely optimized for it. Therefore, you might notice a lack of important Life360 features on your smartwatch when you use it.


Our busy schedules make it difficult to check up on our family members and friends regularly. Life360 has made that job more convenient by allowing you to connect and locate your loved ones who are part of your Circle. The services offered by this app can be lifesavers for parents who are always concerned with the whereabouts of their children.

In addition to the safety features, the app allows you to customize and modify tracking configurations according to your privacy needs. This ensures users can get their personal space whenever they need it.

By discussing all the aspects of this app, we hope we have answered the question “how does Life360 work?” for you. So now, you and your family can start using Life360 too.

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