10 Best Rental Car Apps for iPhone and Android Phone in 2024

Renting a car for your trips isn’t a pain anymore because of rental car apps for iPhone and Android devices.
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Are you searching for rental car apps to make your renting process easier on every trip around the world? Now, there is no need to physically visit a car rental service after searching for it on maps. There are plenty of apps for renting a car available in the market to make the process easier for you.

Whether you are out there for a business meeting or a trip with your family, you can get the best ride at affordable prices with the help of car rental apps. They make it easy, economical, and quick for you so that you never have to worry about transportation services anytime, anyplace.

Here, we will talk about some of the best car rental apps you can try out and make your trips smooth.

What is Rental Car App?

Whenever you wish to rent a car for any traveling purpose, you can take the help of the car rental app. There are plenty of options, from premium services to cheap ones. If you are tight on budget, you can look through an affordable car rental app.

A corporation that hires out vehicles to the general public for brief periods, typically from a few hours to a few weeks, is known as a car rental, hire car, or car hire agency. Usually situated close to airports or major city centers, it is frequently structured with a number of local branches that let customers return vehicles to multiple locations. A website that allows online reservations is sometimes added on top of this.

Who Should Get A Rental Car App?

Rental vehicle app popularity may be attributed to several factors, the majority of which eventually result in time and financial savings for users. Both are valuable resources for many business owners.

Not everyone can be considered one of your ideal customers. The following is a list of some of the consumer personas that your vehicle rental company serves:

  1. Those involved in business
  2. Families
  3. Travel enthusiasts
  4. Newlyweds and their partners
  5. Rentals on a long-term basis

You might need a rental car everywhere if you are a business owner and have to travel for business meetings. Whether in the same city or traveling to different cities, you can find rental services with the help of different rental car apps for iPhone and Android phones.

Top 10 Best Rental Car Apps for iOS and Android in 2024

1. Turo (iOS, Android)

Hiring a vehicle from a local auto owner is possible using the Turo app – the best rental car app. Turo, the world’s biggest automobile rental marketplace, offers its consumers a wide range of rental car options, flexibility, and convenience. More than 800 different cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles, including a vintage VW bus, are listed on this fantastic app and may be rented from local hosts. To ensure a smooth transaction, Turo includes a chatbot option in its app.



  • The ridesharing software is self-explanatory and includes things like changeable settings and advice on how to earn a respectable living off of your vehicle.
  • There is no need to wait in line at the desk.
  • It provides the highest quality customer service to consumers and automobile owners alike.


  • It features a cumbersome sign-in and verification procedure with many stages.
  • There is no capability to make phone calls, and the users sometimes find texting laborious.
  • When choosing a vehicle model, the search criteria aren’t very specific.

2. Getaround (iOS, Android)

Make sure your cheap car rental app has unique features like the ability to unlock your car through the app and that clients can hire whatever vehicle they want, from a Toyota to a BMW, if you’re making one like Getaround. There are no monthly or annual fees, so you may use them for free. Renting a car may be stressful enough without worrying about whether or not you’re covered by insurance when you use the Getaround app.



  • It is simpler to rent an automobile with a fair price and a method for logging in.
  • There is no limit on how many times a single automobile owner may update or display their vehicles.
  • The user interface and user experience of the automobile displays are engaging, which contributes to improved user engagement.


  • There is currently no timely customer service accessible.
  • It takes some time for the one-of-a-kind unlocking function to let you inside the vehicle without the keys.

3. Kayak (iOS, Android)

Kayak is a full-featured travel car rental app that helps users navigate everything from airports to restaurants to hospitals. If you own a travel business and are interested in entering the field of online taxi services, this may be one of the possibilities you have been looking for to emerge. People can use the Kayak Rental Cars app even when not connected to the internet. It can assist users in making reservations for flights and rental vehicles, and it provides ongoing assistance for business trip consultants who can arrange a whole trip on the user’s behalf.



  • Users have the ability to do a pricing comparison on many trips before buying one.
  • It is a straightforward and specialized software for making reservations.
  • An in-app itinerary is created and maintained by the application, which also provides trip and activity data.


  • The app does not let the selection of a departure city and does not work properly regarding the flight booking function.
  • There are times when the multi-city flight search is not functional.
  • It is not possible for a user to remove a note once it has been updated, nor is it possible to alter the check-out date of an existing hotel event.

4. Zipcar (iOS, Android)

The process of renting a vehicle with this program is the simplest and fastest available. You may rent a Zipcar on a daily or hourly basis, and it comes with petrol, liability insurance, mileage, and parking facilities that are exclusively yours. Users are able to join up using this app, choose their preferred membership choices, and then get their “Zipcard” in the mail.

The user of this rental car app for iPhone and Android devices may hire a car close to him and then use a Zipcard to unlock the vehicle. Adaptable and practical for usage in congested metropolitan areas and on college campuses. Due to the fact that this card has records for both gas and insurance, a person does not need to be concerned about the cover.



  • Renting a vehicle may be done quickly and easily using the app.
  • The customers are pleased with the quality of the customer service.
  • The location of cars and parking facilities are efficient.


  • There are several bugs in the user’s login page, as well as dust problems in the application.
  • It is not possible to unlock a vehicle using a Zipcard in a single attempt.

5. Hertz (iOS, Android)

Users of the Hertz app can hire a vehicle in a short amount of time, make changes to an existing reservation, locate a branch, and check the status of their Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. It is the best car rental app available, including straightforward features along with an option to “park near me,” which engages users by means of SpotHero.



  • Car rental services are quick to book, simple to locate, and straightforward to submit.
  • The application’s user interface is quite appealing.
  • Travel is made easier with knowledge that is both concise and comprehensive.


  • The reserve button will disable itself automatically.
  • The application does not display the current rental automobile, together with a map and instructions to the spot where the car should be dropped off.
  • You will be logged out at random, and you will not be able to use the email address to log in.

6. Enterprise Rent-A-Car (iOS, Android)

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car app serves as personalized assistance at the rental car counter. The user can make changes to a reservation, examine information on the current rental vehicle item, view pickup and drop-off locations, get customer service around the clock, and receive roadside assistance. This cheap car rental app for renting cars works in over 7800 places throughout the globe and supports a variety of languages, including English.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


  • The software makes it simple to adjust the reservation dates for an automobile hire.
  • It keeps track of the users’ previous automobile rentals, allowing them to order another one effortlessly.
  • The app has complete information, including all locations and phone numbers.


  • There is no supplemental liability insurance available via the mobile rental app.
  • The absence of special discounts and offers offered by the business community for repeat consumers.
  • It is difficult to navigate, and the user interface and experience are not up to par.

7. Virtuo (iOS, Android)

The Virtuo app provides customers with a hassle-free and flexible option for hiring cars and trucks. A customer may effortlessly reserve quality automobiles at costs within their budget. Anyone can book a car at any location, at any time, with this app for renting a car, and they can use the all-in-one car hire app to do so before getting behind the wheel.



  • The software is easy to utilize, and all fees are presented plainly and openly.
  • The assistance given to customers is of very high quality.
  • Signing up takes very little time, and the app itself provides a positive experience for its users.


  • The application won’t stop opening multiple times in spite of the user’s best efforts.
  • The maintenance of the vehicle is not proceeding as planned.
  • The GPS cannot be used, even after it was integrated with the Google car

8. Cargo (iOS, Android)

This car rental app is straightforward and uncomplicated, and it was developed with the middleman in mind. Users are able to reserve a vehicle or truck, get it at a designated location, and then return it after the job has been completed.

The Cargo app is compatible with a large number of automobile rental companies all around the world. It is compatible with over a thousand of the most well-known car rental businesses in the world, including Alamo, AVIS, Hertz, National, Payless, Ace, SIXT, Priceline, Enterprise, and Europcar.



  • Users are able to reserve their automobiles and compare prices whenever it is convenient for them, thanks to categories that are compatible.
  • Aids in monitoring and administrating rental automobile services.
  • Every time a user logs in to the app, they have the opportunity to either earn or redeem a price.


  • Users of this app for renting cars have reported experiencing booking issues and glitches in the check-in choices on occasion.
  • It is necessary to improve the UI and UX to attract a larger audience.
  • The app lacks modern technology features such as an automatic automobile unlocking system.

9. Skyscanner (iOS, Android)

The Skyscanner app makes it easy for users to plan their trips and book accommodations, transportation, car rentals, and flights. It assists in locating the most fantastic hotel bargains, car rentals, and the lowest travel costs available. When you book a business trip using Skyscanner, you won’t have to worry about paying any hidden costs or booking fees.



  • No additional costs or hidden charges are involved with becoming a user of any of the app’s services.
  • Notifications to help locate the best price for airfare and other modes of transportation.
  • It provides a convenient stay by partnering with travel booking websites such as Travelocity, Trip.com, and others.


  • It is impossible to use the Explore tool to locate the most affordable flights and car rentals across the globe.
  • There is a problem with the online payment method for automobiles.
  • It is difficult to navigate, and the user interface of the application needs to be modernized since it is dated.

10. SIXT (iOS, Android)

SIXT is another amazing automobile rental application that allows customers to drive themselves or be driven to their chosen location. The app’s online automobile rental service is now available in 100 different countries. The carsharing function of this app does not impose any restrictions on length, pickup or drop-off locations, or the number of vehicles available. Within their app account, users can reserve the vehicle of their choice and manage existing bookings.



  • It offers adaptable rent-a-car services, ranging from one minute to 27 days.
  • Choose from a variety of automobiles, ranging from economy to top-class.
  • This rental vehicle app offers very competitive promotional pricing.


  • Unsatisfactory service for internet customers
  • Problems in making payments on cars and generating invoices
  • The feature of scanning documents is not functioning properly.

FAQs About Rental Car Apps

1. Why is there a scarcity of rental cars?

This is because the shortage of microelectronic devices that have slowed down the production of automobiles continues, leaving rental car companies to operate with a lower inventory after they started to sell off chunks of their squadrons in the early days of the pandemic. Consequently, auto manufacturing has been held up. Rebuilding such supplies has proven to be more challenging than first anticipated.

2. Is renting a vehicle safely?

Before booking a car rental reservation, check to see if the firm has implemented new or improved sanitation techniques since the pandemic began. The majority of rental vehicle businesses will have a reception facility where you can pick up keys and a rental agreement, which will inform you of the place your car is parked in a lot, removing any concerns about fraud.

3. Is it advisable to photograph your rental car?

Regardless of what the rental vehicle salesperson says or assures you of, you should snap many close-up images of any scrapes or other damage you may notice after being given the keys to your rental automobile. Bodywork is the most noticeable, and it’s also where you’ll find the most marks.


Taxi service is not recommended for long-distance travel since it is more expensive than renting a vehicle and much less convenient. Even on the busiest days, you may get a better rate and have an easier time reserving using one of the dozens of car rental apps available for both the iPhone and the Android operating system.

The above is a list of the top rental car apps for iPhone and Android operating systems. Instead of calling a cab or taxi, you may now travel easily and conveniently by renting a vehicle.

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