10 Best Xbox 360/One Emulators for Windows PC in 2024

Go through this list to find out the best Xbox emulator to play some of the best Xbox games on your Windows PC without any interruptions.
Best Xbox 360/One Emulators for Windows PC

Gaming has advanced to an entirely different level. There are plenty of gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and many more. On top of that, people are even very much into PC Gaming because there is an extreme craze visible among people for multiplayer gaming on PC.

If you would have noticed, there are tons of Xbox games that would be fun to even play on your Windows PC. Don’t you think it would be amazing if you could do that? Well, you can! All you need to do is get an Xbox emulator for PC to start playing all the popular Xbox games, even on your Windows PC.

When you search for Xbox emulators, you will be amazed to see the number of options available in the market. To make it less confusing as well as easy for you, we are here with a list of the top 10 Xbox 360/One emulators for your Windows PC. Before we begin the list, let us briefly introduce emulators and who should have them.

What is Xbox Emulator?

Xbox one emulator is software for your Windows system that allows you to play all the Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on your PC. The emulator will act as an Xbox console on your PC, allowing you to play all the console-based games on any other device like your Windows PC.

The best thing about these Xbox emulators is that you don’t have to spend a single buck to enjoy those Xbox games on the console. All you need to do is find the best Xbox emulator for your Windows PC from the internet and download it. Later, you can play all the Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on your device comfortably.

Once you download the emulator, you only need to map all the Xbox buttons to the respective keys on your keyboard as per your preference.

Who Should Get This?

If you are a fan of Xbox games but don’t have enough money to spend on an Xbox console, then you definitely need to get an Xbox emulator for a PC. This is all you need to play all the famous and high-graphic Xbox games on your PC or laptop.

With an emulator, you can expect a lifelike gaming experience similar to the one you would be getting with an Xbox console. There are both advantages and disadvantages tagged along with an emulator. The most significant advantage is that you can play Xbox games free of cost and get a Full HD experience and excellent audio effects.

Some of the downsides are that the gameplay will be experiencing some lagging as you are using an emulator instead of the original device. Other than that, you will also notice that your device gets heated up pretty quickly with emulators.

But, if you are a gamer and wish to have an immersive Xbox gaming experience on your PC or laptop, then it is worth it to download an Xbox emulator for Windows.

Top 10 Best Xbox 360/One Emulators for PC in 2024

There are plenty of emulators to choose from. Let us jump to the list of the top 10 Xbox emulators to make it easy for you to choose from all the available options.

1. Xenia

While talking about the best Xbox 360 emulator for PC, the first name you will come across on every website is Xenia. It is not only the most popular one, but some people even think it is the only stable Xbox emulator for Windows systems. This emulator will allow you to play all the Xbox 360 games on your PC smoothly.

This emulator is compatible with both Xbox 360 Xbox One games. On top of that, you will need Windows 10 or 8, 64-bit version systems to run the Xenia emulator. The best thing about this open-source emulator is that the developers constantly work on upgrades to develop new updates.


Best for: frequent updates and stable versions

Price: Free


  • Consistent and frequent updates
  • Supports both Xbox 360 and Xbox One games
  • Stable open-source emulator


  • As your system gets heated up, the emulator lags a lot.
  • Previous versions of Xenia were extremely slow and filled with bugs.

2. EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator

EX360E is another open-source Xbox emulator for Windows. When it comes to Xbox emulators, it is seen that the open-source ones are pretty excellent with stable versions. You can play Xbox 360 games and enjoy all the Xbox One games with the help of the EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator on your Windows PC.

As it is an open-source emulator, you can even download the code and edit it if you wish to make some changes to the emulator. Other than that, this emulator will only run on your 64-bit Windows systems. It will convert all the Xbox games into executable files to make it easy for you to play them.

EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator

Best for: running Xbox games smoothly through executable files

Price: Free


  • Smooth gaming experience
  • Conversion of Xbox game files into executable files
  • Supports both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games


  • Only compatible with 64-bit Windows systems
  • Not up to the mark UI

3. CXBX Emulator

CXBX is another Xbox emulator for PC that comes under the list of stable ones. It is also the most secure emulator available on the market. According to several users, it is even the best Xbox emulator for Windows because it can run all types of Xbox games. Now, this emulator allows you to enjoy Xbox games even in full-screen mode.

CXBX doesn’t create any virtual environment and allows the games to run smoothly in your system. You can expect a lag-free experience with the CXBX emulator, which is the best thing about this emulator. You can download this emulator and play all those classic Xbox games like Hitman, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, and many more.

CXBX Emulator

Best for: lag-free gaming experience of classic Xbox games

Price: Free


  • Allows you to play in full-screen mode
  • Provides a lag-free gaming experience
  • Creates executable files for all Xbox games
  • Ability to emulate various Xbox SDK samples


  • Requires a well-built PC as it uses pretty high resources
  • Another downside is that it supports pretty few Xbox games

4. DXBX Emulator

DXBX Emulator is developed on the same source code as the CXBX Emulator had been developed. So, you can expect certain new things in this emulator that were actually missing in the CXBX Emulator. If you possess a low-end PC or laptop, this is the perfect choice as it doesn’t consume a lot of resources from your system.

Every gamer loves customization, and this emulator allows you to customize the emulator as per your keyboard. The emulator is a perfect fit for 32-bit Windows systems. The best thing about the DXBX Emulator is its integrated direct 3D engine. This engine will help your system run high-end games very precisely and without causing lagging issues in your system.

DXBX Emulator

Best for: 32-bit Windows systems with low-end specifications

Price: Free


  • Packed with a completely customizable symbol detection system
  • Integrated direct 3D engine for performing graphics-related tasks
  • Perfect fit for low-end systems


  • Functional only in 32-bit Windows systems

5.  Xeon

Xeon is another advanced Xbox emulator for PC that became highly popular among gamers because of its compatibility with the Halo game. The creators built this special emulator for all the Halo lovers to help them play the NTSC version of the Halo game with utmost smoothness.

When playing Halo on your PC with this emulator, you can expect smooth gameplay just like you would get on a real Xbox console. Another excellent feature of the Xeon emulator is that you can backup and save the games from the last point, and you will respawn from that point itself when you start the emulator again.


Best for: playing NTSC version of Halo

Price: Free


  • Availability of instruction guide to making the emulation process easy
  • Capable of backup and saving the game
  • Compatible with both Windows and DoS systems


  • Developers have stopped working on this emulator
  • Only capable of emulating the NTSC version of the Halo game

6. PCSX2

PCSX2 is a popular name for emulating PlayStation games, but the best thing here is that you can even play your favorite Xbox games with this emulator. This emulator is compatible with Windows, macOS, and also Linux systems. Your device needs at least 4GB RAM and high specifications to run this emulator.

As it is an open-source emulator, you can even download its code and edit it as per your preferences. The best feature of the PCSX2 emulator is that it supports an integrated gameplay recorder. The emulator provides support to various external plugins and network play.


Best for: content creators who wish to record gameplay

Price: Free


  • Option to scale your graphics to up to 4K resolution
  • Built-in FPS limiter
  • Quick save-states
  • Any controller can be used
  • Built-in recorder


  • Requires a powerful system to function smoothly
  • Some games might produce poor results by scaling up the graphics.

7. XQEMU Emulator

XQEMU is another Xbox emulator for PC that allows you to play various games from different versions of Xbox. It is an open-source tool that will enable you to modify the source code and make changes per your requirements. It is the previous version of the Xemu emulator.

XQEMU provides real-time emulation of Xbox games, even on your low-end PC or laptop. So, if you are looking for an optimal way of playing Xbox games on your system with low specifications, this emulator is worth checking out. You will receive an excellent graphics and gaming experience as the emulator supports active visualizations.

XQEMU Emulator

Best for: low-end PCs and laptops for playing Xbox games

Price: Free


  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient choice for limited games
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems


  • Supports very few games

8. Xemu

Xemu is the inspired version of the XQEMU emulator. It provides cross-platform support by functioning smoothly on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. Xemu is also an open-source Xbox emulator for Windows systems. It allows you to use up to 4 different gamepads on your PC while you are playing Xbox games on your PC.

An excellent feature of Xemu is that it allows you to save multiple screenshots even during your gameplay. Another good thing about this tool is that it will keep game rendering constant across all the Windows devices to provide a smooth and fantastic gaming experience.


Best for: multiplayer gaming by connecting up to 4 gamepads simultaneously

Price: Free


  • Allows you to connect up to 4 gamepads
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS systems
  • Save multiple screenshots during gameplay
  • Constant game rendering on different Windows devices


  • Only a limited number of games are available for playing.

9. VR Xbox 360 Emulator

VR Xbox 360 Emulator for PC is considered the most widely used emulator in the world, with more than 300,000 downloads. There are plenty of reasons why people prefer VR emulator over others. The gaming experience you receive with this emulator cannot be compared with any other emulator.

This emulator’s best features are the high frame rate per second, fast loading time, Radeon GPU support, and improved memory consumption. You will feel like you are playing on a real Xbox 36o console. It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows systems. It is an optimal tool with regular monthly updates to enhance your gaming experience.

VR Xbox 360 Emulator

Best for: playing high-end Xbox games on your PC and laptop

Price: Free


  • Perfect fit for low-end systems
  • Lightweight tool that supports SSE3/SSE4 processors
  • Monthly updates
  • Utilizes less memory as compared to other emulators


  • Issue of facing various ads
  • Comparatively new as compared to its competitor emulators

10. RetroArch

RetroArch is not only an emulator, but it is also a media player and a game engine. It is pretty good with all the classic games as well as the new ones. With its enticing graphical interface, you can play all the classic games on your systems. Other than the Xbox games, you can even run games from original CDs with the help of RetroArch.

There are plenty of advanced features in this emulator. Some key features that will make it worthy for you to download RetroArch are shaders, machine translation, blind accessibility features, quick frame loading, rewinding, and many more. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.


Best for: people who are looking for an all-in-one emulator

Price: Free


  • This emulator is also a media player and a game engine.
  • Quick frame loading
  • Enticing interface
  • Allows you to run original game CDs too


  • Faces some issues on Linux systems


Are Xbox emulators illegal?

It is completely legal to have an Xbox emulator for a PC. On top of that, it is completely legal to emulate games with the help of an emulator on your PC or laptop. But it is considered illegal if you don’t possess the original game disk and have only downloaded the pirated version from the internet.

Is there any official Xbox emulator for Windows?

Xbox launches no official emulator, but you can try out the third-party emulators available on the internet. If you go through this list, you will be able to find the best Xbox emulator per your requirements.

Is there any availability of Xbox ROMs on the internet?

You can find the Xbox game ROMs on the game’s official websites, where you can purchase and download them. If you are downloading any game ROM from any third-party website other than the official Xbox store, that is considered an act of piracy.

How to play games on an Xbox emulator?

If you don’t have an Xbox, you can download an Xbox emulator for PC and enjoy playing all the supported Xbox classics on it. You only need the emulator and the ISO file of the game you wish to play. The best thing is to get an original CD of the Xbox game and play it on your PC with an Xbox emulator.

Can you play online with an Xbox emulator?

With the help of an Xbox emulator and the right ISO file of the game, you can play that particular game on any PC available through the online medium. All the emulators and ISOs are available online, making it easy for you to access the games from any place.

Is it possible to emulate the original Xbox console on PC?

There are plenty of free and open-source Xbox emulators that have the capability of emulating the original    Xbox console. This will allow you to play all the classic Xbox games on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems.


If you are a fan of Xbox games and wish to play them on your PCs and laptops, it is a worthy option to download an Xbox emulator for PC and start playing them. You will get an excellent experience playing all the classic Xbox games on your PC with the help of these emulators. It is better if you get some original CDs to emulate them on your device.

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