10 Best iOS Emulator For PC: Run iOS Apps On Windows Or Mac

You can get your favorite iOS applications on your computer devices. Only need to install the below-mentioned iOS emulators for PC, and you are good to go.
Best iOS Emulator For PC

We all know that iOS devices are the most expensive smartphones in the market nowadays because they provide top-notch features and security that cannot be found on any other device. Today, we bring you an iOS emulator for PC, which will give you an almost similar experience on your bigger screen laptop or computer. Moreover, after getting this software, you will be able to access all of the unique features and applications that are generally unavailable on devices other than iPhones.

Furthermore, iOS is an extremely popular operating system amongst the younger generation because of its attractive built-in system and looks. As we know, not everyone can afford such expensive devices for daily usage, so installing an iPad simulator for Windows will satisfy you by providing a similar quality of smoothness and features on your Windows-based computer.

What is an iOS emulator for PC?

An iOS emulator for PC is nothing but software that can let you replicate the iPhone’s hardware, allowing you to run all iOS applications on your Windows or any other operating system. Often, this emulator is used daily to test iPhone systems and applications by software engineers on Windows and Android devices.

You can download and use it as an iOS device, along with the powerful in-built Windows OS. You will also get the privilege of all the benefits of using iPhone applications. So, if you want to get your work done faster and smoothly by combining the two most powerful operating systems, go ahead and download it.

Who should get this?

Absolutely anyone can get this software on their computer by following the steps to installing and setting up the iOS emulator for PC free of cost. Additionally, this emulator can come in very handy to a person already using an iPhone device in day-to-day life, so getting a similar operating system on the computer would ease things up.

Furthermore, suppose you are an iOS admirer and don’t want to spend such a high amount to purchase such a smartphone. In that case, you must definitely consider getting such emulators on your computer, which will provide you with a similar experience. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read the features these emulators offer you.

Top 10 Best iOS Emulators for PC in 2024

1. Smartface

Smartface is a fantastic iPhone emulator for PC, which you can have on your computer for daily usage because it has many features that might fascinate you. One of the most impressive features of this emulator is that any iOS application you download on your computer will adjust its resolution according to screen size.

This iOS emulator also allows you to develop your applications by connecting your mobile device with your computer, which has any Windows or Linux system.


Best for: Allows featuring all applications with a PC screen resolution

Price: Free


  • It can help in developing your personalized application using source code.
  • This emulator works with every OS, including Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, etc.
  • It supports a wide range of applications for iPhone and can run along with other OS.


  • Due to iOS limitations, users cannot use all iPhone features.
  • It might not be supported in some older versions of computers.


PPSSPP is another best iOS emulator for PC because it can enhance your computer using experience like no other simulator. Moreover, it allows you to play games made for smaller screen iPhones by upscaling the texture, which would be blurry because of its initial development.

This software is free of cost and can be used in all different versions of Windows and Android devices.


Best for: Upscaling the resolution of the small size gaming screen.

Price: Free


  • It is specially made for gaming purposes and allows customization of in-game controls.
  • This simulator saves the data and can be restored from anywhere for effortless gameplay.
  • It comes with inbuilt anisotropic filtering and texturing technology to enhance your system.


  • It does not allow to create an iCloud account like real iOS devices.
  • It cannot imitate the actual speed and smoothness of the iPhone or iPad.

3. Corellium

Corellium provides one of the best iOS virtualization technology that changes the performance and looks of your computer working system in a good way. It is very flexible and can work with multiple operating systems.

This emulator does not only provides an iOS simulator but can also cover other operating systems like Android and Linux, including their beta versions. Moreover, it comes with a powerful rooting system that allows instant root and jailbreak devices on any platform.


Best for: High performance and behavior accuracy

Price: Free trial and pro plans start from $99/month


  • This emulator provides advanced security tools designed after testing multiple times.
  • It provides you with hyper accelerator compression, GPU support, and re-encodes for smooth rendering.


  • It cannot allow you to run the android application.
  • It can cost quite more compared to usual simulators.


iPADIAN, as the name suggests, is an iPad simulator for Windows where you can run your Windows based computer like an iPad. So, suppose you are looking for an iOS emulator or any other software like that to have working experience on an Apple device. In that case, you must get this simulator instead of purchasing a brand new expensive iPhone or iPad.

This simulator can give you a natural feel like using an iOS device on the computer by featuring almost every function on your PC.


Best for: Giving an accurate impression of iOS/iPad

Price: $25


  • It comes with 1000 plus iOS apps that can be run.
  • This software perfectly imitates the design and features but cannot create an iOS version.
  • This iPad simulator is widely used and has over 1 Cr downloads and 3.5 lakh daily users.


  • This simulator does not provide access to the iOS app store.

5. Appetize.io

Appetize.io comes with the most advanced system. It allows you to run the emulator on your computer or mobile browser. If you are using an Android smartphone or Windows PC, you will easily be able to start this simulator on your device as it is effortless to set up.

Furthermore, this emulator lets you upload your application on the web browser, available for users to use later with up-to-date code.

Appetize io

Best for: Allow to run an iOS app in a browser

Price: Free trial and paid plans start from $40/month


  • It can run on any OS with any app version and has easy maintenance and solution.
  • It allows you to use a demo version of the software before installing it.
  • It can be run on a private data center for privacy and single sign-ON security.


  • It cannot give you a realistic iOS impression.
  • It does not allow access to all iPhone apps.


QEMU is a well-recognized iPad simulator for PC. Before getting any other emulator, glance at the features and luxury this iOS emulator offers you. Most interestingly, this open-source product means anyone can download and use it.

This intelligent machine can allow you to run the operating system of one source in another source effortlessly.   


Best for: Using different OS in different sources.

Price: Free


  • It comes with a dynamic translation technology that will enhance the performance of a computer.
  • It can allow you to run KVM or Xen machines on your computer with structured performance.
  • This iOS emulator can be downloaded and, when signed in, can be used on any other device with the same ID.


  • Works differently on different operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac.

7. TestFlight

TestFlight is an official Apple product that can be easily found on the Mac app store, and it is a fantastic iOS emulator for PC free of cost. This brilliant emulator gives you an excellent opportunity to test your app with about 10,000 real users and get their feedback to make necessary changes before launching it on the App Store.

You will need to provide your beta-built app or app clip to connect to the Apple store, and the emulator will upload your app to TestFlight for testing.


Best for: Testing application with real application users

Price: Free


  • This application can detect an update made to your application and will demand an immediate update.
  • You can also assign people to look after the functioning of the application by forming different groups.
  • The simulator can send the link to your app to the tester via email.   


  • You will need an official iCloud account to perform all the tasks.

8. RetroArch

RetroArch is a specially built iOS emulator for PC gaming and media playing. This product is perfect if you like gaming and using a computer for entertainment purposes. This emulator enables you to run all games, including classic to newest high graphics games, by connecting the console.

It comes with an inbuilt slick graphical interface to adjust the graphics of different games on a computer. Additionally, this emulator also enables you to play an original disc-based game.


Best for: Gaming and media playing.

Price: Free


  • Its brilliant features include good response time, machine translation, run head, rewinding, and blind accessibility.
  • The shader feature is a graphical filter that can add modern colors to old classic games.
  • Its netplay feature can allow you to connect to the internet server of the game and compete with other players.


  • Users cannot use this simulator for any work-related purposes daily.  

9. Xamarin

Xamarin is an iOS emulator for Windows systems, whose primary function is to test various applications on an iPhone simulator alongside Windows screening. This software can be set up in only two easy steps by pairing it with Visual Studio. When you start debugging an iOS project in the visual studio, a simulator will appear on your Windows screen.

The display screen of this emulator comes with numerous valuable buttons like the home button, screenshot button, lock screen, and settings button.


Best for: Running and testing apps in ios emulator.

Price: Free


  • The settings option contains various features like enabling touch-ID, using location services and customizing the keyboard.
  • It has ellipse buttons that reveal the function shortcut keys like screen rotation, shake gesture, etc.
  • In a touch-screen laptop or computer, you can run and test your apps with touch like in an iPhone.


  • There might be some bugs that might tamper with the accuracy of the simulator.

10. Xcode

Xcode is a well-known and widely used iPhone emulator for PC. So, installing this globally trusted software to your computer will be an advantage on its own. This simulator not only provides you with good working experience on an Apple device but can also be used to create, run, and test your own applications by coding.

This emulator works on a SwiftUI, which is more powerful and uses 30 percent smaller binaries. Additionally, it is around 25 percent faster than usual simulators.


Best for: Imitating iPhone and creating or testing applications.

Price: Free


  • It can save precious data, making it easier to maintain code by allowing customization on all platforms.
  • You can also set the precise size of an app icon for all the other platforms.
  • It has intelligent code compilation and dynamic snippets tech in-built, which will quickly fetch the code you want.


  • It is compulsory to sign in with Apple developer ID before installing.
  • It is pretty complicated to use in daily work for new users.


1. Can I run an iOS emulator on an Android device?

You can run an iOS simulator on any Android device because this is what emulators are designed to do. They can let you experience different operating system experiences on your devices. So, find the emulator that runs on your android device and install it, then you can start enjoying iPhone features instantly. You can easily switch back to using your original operating system by turning the software off.

2. How to run iOS applications on Windows PC?

Basically, it is impossible to download iPhone apps on a Windows computer. Still, there is one way to make it possible. What you need to do is elementary! Just download and set up an iOS emulator for Windows 10 that satisfies your demands. Once you set up this emulator, you can start similarly using your computer as iPhone and get access to downloading all iOS applications.

3. Is it safe to run the iPad simulator on a PC?

Yes, running an iPad emulator on any computer is safe because almost all emulators are trusted, licensed, and designed to give you an Apple product experience on other operating systems. Furthermore, the iPad is a widely used and most favored tablet-sized device that runs on its unique OS, and getting such an attractive and powerful OS on your computer will enhance your PC’s working system and speed.   

4. Can I play iOS-based games on the computer?

Yes, you can play all iOS games on your computer, but only after having an iOS emulator for PC that allows your favorite games to run all iOS applications on your PC. So, if you are an iPhone fan and like the gaming system of iOS devices, you must consider downloading any of these emulators, which will allow you to download all your favorite iOS-based games.


Before downloading and using any iOS emulator for PC, you must read all the terms and conditions. Moreover, getting an iPhone-based operating system on PC will make your PC more attractive, and you can present things in a better way with it. So, ending today’s topic, we suggest you choose the software wisely that fits you right after going through all the pros and cons.

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