dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) Review

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dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Windows/macOS, $49.95

What is dr.fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)?

1. Introduction

The dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) is a payware passcode unlocker for your iPhone device. It grants you back lost privileged access to your iPhone device. The circumstances that can force you to need the services of dr.fone iPhone Unlock include the following.

  • You may have forgotten your iPhone password after setting it up a long time ago.
  • You may have opted to purchase a secondhand iPhone device, but then you realize that the screen is locked.
  • You may have received some assistance from your kids or other persons in setting up your iPhone’s passcode, but now you can’t remember.
  • You are locked out of your iPhone mobile device after maximum failed attempts to unlock it.
  • The fractured screen of your iPhone device prevents you from unlocking it.

Furthermore, the dr.fone iPhone unlock has minimal performance risks, and you don’t have to worry about compromising the iOS architecture of your iPhone. However, the iOS version running the iPhone device needs to be from 11.4 and earlier for it to be effective.

2. Types of iOS Screen Locks Removed by dr.fone iPhone Unlock

Whether you are using an iPhone or an iPad, the technicality behind the use of dr.fone iPhone Unlock is minimal. It requires that you only have some general IT knowledge, and you do not need to be an expert. There are three iPhone screen lock features that the dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) application can bypass.

  • The pattern ID
  • The fingerprints ID
  • The password ID, both the 4-digit and 6-digit passcodes
  • The face ID

3. The dr.fone iPhone unlock Licenses and Prices

When it comes to the dr.fone – Screen Unlock (iOS), several pricing plans exist to suite your ideal preference. The pricing updates of the various dr.fone iPhone unlock offers are accessible after visiting the above-provided link to its official website.

  • Personal License: It is the cheapest license and caters for 1-5 iOS iPhone devices connected to a single PC. The offer comes in two packages, a lifetime license at a fixed fee or a yearly license at a subscription fee.
  • Family License: The license is slightly more expensive than the personal license. It caters for 6-10 iOS iPhone devices connected to a single PC. The lifetime package license is at a fixed fee and offers full access to all the available upgrades. The yearly permit is at a subscription fee.
  • Business License: The license is more expensive than the family license and connects unlimited iOS iPhone devices to a single PC. The license only comes with a yearly offer at a fixed price.
  • Customized License: The license is slightly more expensive than the personal license. It applies to the use of dr.fone iPhone unlock on multiple PCs and iOS iPhone devices.

Is dr.fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) Secure?

The security surety of using the dr.fone iPhone unlock application is a risk-free venture and can be broken down into the following bullet points:

  • The terms and conditions of using the iOS app offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of using the app.
  • You have a 24/6 support in case you face any technical difficulties.
  • It is a 100% secure venture, and you do not have to worry about any compromises that might affect the performance or integrity of your iPhone device.
  • There is minimal risk in losing the performance status of your iOS iPhone device.
  • The dr.fone iPhone unlock guarantees a high success rate.
  • You get instant results from the use of the iOS application from under just five minutes.

Is dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) Free to Use?

The dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) is not a freeware. A registered user can access and benefit from its full features and functionalities. However, you are required to make a payment after registering the program. Thus access the registration code that will unlock its full functionalities. The ingenuity of its applicability makes it a payware and thus rules out the possibility of it being on offer as a freeware version. Therefore, if you come across a dr.fone iPhone unlock offered as freeware, then you are most likely introducing malware into your iPhone device. Such malware can compromise the integrity of your iPhone phone data.

dr.fone – Unlock (iOS): What’s In It For You? (Features & How to Use)

Get dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

  • After downloading the dr.fone unlock iPhone from the official website from your PC browser, click the highlighted “DOWNLOAD NOW” button.
  • The dr.fone unlock iPhone installer should become downloadable with an extension like “.dmg/.exe”.
  • Check your Downloads folder for the complete application setup after the download completes.
  • Double-click on the .dmg/.exe file to run the program installer.
  • If the installation of the dr.fone unlock iPhone completes successfully, an icon of the installed program should appear in the Applications folder of your PC.

Steps to Use dr.fone (iOS) Unlocker:

Step 1: Navigate to the Applications folder of your computer and launch the dr.fone Unlock(iOS).

Step 2: Firstly, make sure the registered app is under the dr.fone > Register interface of the launched application. The email address you used for the purchase of the app and the receipt’s registration code should come in handy.

Step 3: The graphical user interface (GUI) of the dr.fone iPhone unlock application is as presented below. Next, you will click on the displayed Unlock icon on the same interface.

drfone unlock choose from toolkit

Step 4: After clicking the launch icon for the dr.fone Unlock iPhone, the displayed results will be similar to the window shown below.

drfone unlock remove your phone's lock screen

Step 5: The next portion of the dr.fone Unlock free tutorial is to connect your iOS iPhone device to the Mac/PC with the installed dr.fone – Unlock (iOS). Connect to the PC with the phone’s USB cable and then click on the displayed Start button. A reminder should appear informing you of the possibility of specific USB issues that may lead to unsuccessful device unlocks. The images below demonstrate a scenario. Click on the Ok button to proceed.

drfone unlock situations may cause unlock failed

Step 6: The next step is to set the iOS iPhone device to operate under the Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode. The connection should automatically detect the iOS iPhone model and other relevant information. Then in a 1-2-3 fashion mimic, the screenshots instructions below. Instantaneously hold the power button and the home button after you click the start button. Maintain a finger on the Home button as you release the Power button. What follows on your device user interface should be a completely blank screen. It’s an indication that the DFU mode is active.

drfone unlock download the matching firmware

Step 7: Under this dr.fone Unlock free tutorial, the iPhone device model is detected and displayed as the above screenshot demonstrates. The provided drop-down menu should assist in selecting the appropriate iOS iPhone device model if it’s not automatically recognized. The step that follows is to click the Download button that will initiate a proper firmware download compatible with the iOS iPhone device. The download goes straight to your PC storage.

drfone unlock download in process

Step 8: A mimic of the screenshot below depicts a successful download and matching of the firmware with your iOS iPhone device. The next step is to unlock your iOS device. Navigate to the highlighted Unlock Now button and click it.

drfone unlock the firmware match successfully

Make sure that you do not tamper with the connected iOS iPhone device during the progressive process of unlocking it. It is a critical instruction, and failure to abide by its rules could permanently damage your iOS iPhone device and render it useless.

drfone unlock removing your phone lock screen

Step 9: A display similar to the screenshot below will follow suit. You should then give your iOS iPhone device time to reboot, and when the reboot is successful, navigate to the highlighted Done button and click it. If the restart does not happen automatically, do it manually and monitor if it is successful. Lastly, you can always retry all the unlock steps in the given sequence when you encounter unforeseen challenges.

drfone unlock remove phone lock screen completely

The final step will enable your iOS device to reboot to a healthy state as the dr.fone iPhone unlock successfully reinstalled the iOS iPhone device firmware. During the setup, you will receive a prompt to create a new passcode for your device. Make sure it is a memorable one.

Since its a full firmware re-installation process, any apps or data on your iOS iPhone device are most likely lost permanently. However, the iTunes or iCloud backups on your device needs to be up-to-date. Thus getting back your data will be as easy as initiating a data restore process from either of the sources.

Where to Download dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)?

To download and use the dr.fone -Unlock (iOS) iPhone App, you can visit and download it from its official site at through your MAC or PC web browser.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

The following MAC versions support the dr.fone iPhone unlock.

  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • MacOS 10.12 Sierra
  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • MacOS 10.14 Mojave

For the Windows PC users with iPhone devices, the dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) application is available for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

Reasons Behind My Reviews and Ratings

1. Effectiveness: 4/5

The dr.fone unlock iPhone program does guarantee the restoration of your iOS iPhone to its factory setting if you carefully follow through the provided steps of unlocking your previously locked iPhone device. It takes roughly five minutes to have your iPhone back at your control after a successful compatible firmware replacement through the dr.fone – Unlock (iOS). The firmware controls the interaction between the hardware and software components of your iOS device. Such communications facilitate the creation of a lock process that locks your screen.

2. Pricing: 3/5

Both the Windows users and the Mac users are at an advantage since they get to test the performance of the program through a trial version. The program is, however, not easily affordable for an average user. A Windows user can get the 1-year license, lifetime license, and 1-year business license at $59.95, $69.95, and $399.00, respectively. For the same licenses, a Mac user can access the desktop program at $69.95, $79.95, and $399.00. Thus the first two plans are quite costly to the Mac users.

3. Ease of Use: 4/5

The program is quick, easy to use with a lot of click-through processes to take you through successfully unlocking your remote iPhone device. Theoretically, the user of the desktop app does not require any technical knowledge to unlock an iPhone device.

4. Support: 3/5

I will give the response time of the support staff for the dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) app a 3/5 considering the case of urgency when a user might be stuck while initiating the unlock process. It takes a day or so to get a response on a query via email. A reply via a phone query always traces back to the email query where the user is asked to provide the necessary details of the question via a support email address. Thus finding assistance to an already initiated unlock process is not instantaneous, and the user will have to wait for a while before resuming or restarting the unlock process.

Alternatives to dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

1. iMyFone LockWiper

The iMyFone LockWiper offers the same functionalities as the dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) program but can only be used on an iOS device. It moreover offers a trial version of the program with limited functionality for the curious users seeking to explore its efficiency. It provides three licenses under the Basic Plan, Family Plan, and Multi-User Plan. Read iMyFone LockWiper review here.

Free Download Free Download

2. Tenorshare 4uKey

The Tenorshare 4uKey also offers the same functionalities as the dr.fone iPhone unlock. It is moreover available for both Windows and Mac users. Furthermore, you do not need to access iTunes or iCloud to fix your disabled iPhone successfully. Read Tenorshare 4uKey review here.

Free Download Free Download

3. Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker

The Joyoshare iPasscoe Unlocker supports both Windows and Mac users. It offers similar unlock functionalities except for its applicability to a 4-password type alone.

Get Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker


The only hurdles in using the dr.fone iPhone Unlock are the failure of an initial set back up and the weight on the price tag to some users. The dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) is an intelligent software that takes the guesswork to unlock locked iOS iPhone devices. It grants you full access and control to your mobile device. However, you tend to lose all the previous data storage on the iOS iPhone device. Thus the only alternative in play would be to seek and implement other versions of the dr.fone desktop program that deal with data recovery. The phone unlocking process is commendably fast, and its ease of use is also exciting. Thus we thoroughly recommend the dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) due to its intellectual effectiveness in iPhone unlocking performance.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

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