How To Use Spotify Songs As Alarm On iPhone/ Android Phone

Times are gone when alarm clocks were used to wake up early or as reminders, but now smartphones have successfully replaced them in the maximum number of houses. Where alarm clocks were limited to a single alarm tone, mobile phones provide multiple tones with options to use songs as an alarm. But the question is how to use Spotify songs as alarm iPhone/ Android.

Listening to regular tones as alarm reminders become monotonous, which instigates people to imply other music files to wake up with choicest melodies. With online music platforms like Spotify installed on your mobile, it is out of habit for many to store songs on the device, and this makes it evident to find out how to set Spotify as alarm iPhone/ Android.

The article below lists out numerous ways on how to use Spotify as an alarm Android/ iPhone. Along with that, there is a brief description of DRmare Spotify Music Converter tool, which is the best solution for a free Spotify user. You can use it to download and convert the Spotify Music format to MP3, and later follow the given method to transfer the music to the iPhone/ Android, and set it as Alarm.

Part 1. How To Use Spotify Songs As Alarm On iPhone

For iPhone users, it is easy to attach a Spotify song over the Alarm clock. You only need to download and install the Alarm Clock for Spotify application from the Apple Store. See the method described here to know how to set Spotify as alarm iPhone.

Step 1. After installing the app, open it and sign-in with the Premium Spotify login ID and password.

Step 2. Click to open the “Settings” menu, and hit the “Alarm” option to set the alarm.

Step 3. Click on the “Add” button, and set the time reminders.

Step 4. After setting the timings, you have to select a song from the Spotify app.

Step 5. From the “Playlist” click on “Add” to choose a song and finally hit the “Done” button to finish the alarm setting process.

The process is easy and straightforward, where this third-party app directly connects the Spotify to the alarm clock of your iPhone, and you can always change them every time you set the new Alarm.

Part 2. How To Use Spotify Songs As Alarm On Android Phone

For Android mobile users, there are two basic methods through which the user can set a Spotify song as an alarm. One is by downloading the SpotOn app, and the second with the help of the Google Clock app, the detailed method of each is as below.

2.1. How To Set Spotify Music As Alarm On Android With SpotOn

If you are an Android device user and wish to wake-up listening to music from Spotify, then SpotOn is an appropriate choice. It is an easy tool and effortlessly incorporates the device alarm setting with Spotify to let you place your favorite song over it.

SpotOn provides many more features to ease the customer’s experience, such as fade effects, vibration, or adding a playlist, which gives the option to set different songs on specific days. Go through the procedure below to learn how to put music as your Alarm on Android.

Step 1. Install the SpotOn app from the Playstore, and hit the icon to open it.

Set Spotify Music As Alarm On Android Using SpotOn

Step 2. Use the Spotify Premium account login ID to sign-in to it.

Step 3. Slide to the “WAKE” section, where you can set the time.

Step 4. After scheduling the Alarm, click on the “TAP TO SELECT MUSIC” button.

Step 5. Here you can select a song, playlist, or album.

Now everything is done, and you can leave the app. The app will shuffle the music automatically on every Alarm if you have chosen multiple songs.

2.2. How To Set Spotify Music As Alarm On Android With Google Clock App

For Android devices, if you want to experience Spotify song’s Alarm on your device, then you can also get appropriate support from Google. For this, you need to initially install the Google Clock app with the Spotify on your Android, which should be version 5.0 or above.

The Google Clock app supports both Premium and free Spotify account to enable Spotify alarm. But the only condition is that with the Premium account, you can choose specific songs or playlist, while with a free account, there won’t be any choices, and the app picks songs randomly from Spotify. To know how to use Spotify as an alarm Android, go through the given method.

Step 1. Download and install both Spotify and Google Clock app.

Set Spotify Music As Alarm On Android With Google Clock

Step 2. Open the Google Clock app, which shows the alarm section, and edit any of the alarm timings, or hit the “+” button.

Step 3. Once you set the Alarm, click on the “Sound” button.

Step 4. This shows the Spotify option, where you can slide over the button to connect both the applications.

Step 5. Hit the “Connect” button to establish the connection.

Now you can easily select the songs or playlist of your choice and later exit from the app.

Part 3. How To Use Spotify Songs As Alarm With A Spotify Music Converter

Applying Spotify music over the device alarm with the help of the above methods is not very satisfying because it paves a lot of limitations to the user. The most basic reason why people avoid the above direct method to use Spotify as Alarm iPhone/ Android is that it only supports Premium Spotify account ownership. The Google Clock for Android is though an option for free users; they do not have the freedom to choose specific songs.

The best and hassle-free option to have music of your choice as an alarm sound is to download and save it over the mobile device. But because songs downloaded from Spotify are not supported on any other application, it is evident to get a suitable Spotify music converter tool that can save the song on your PC. After that, you can transfer the song from the PC to your iPhone/ Android and set Spotify downloaded song as Alarm.

3.1. Convert Spotify Music To MP3

The Spotify app is used World-wide to experience quality music with millions of listed songs in different languages. The only problem with the app is that even after purchasing a paid subscription, the user is not liable to get the downloaded music file in a format that is compatible with an app other than Spotify. Since Spotify is usually the only source of songs on most of the mobile devices, a lot of users keep searching about how to use Spotify songs as alarm iPhone/ Android.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter is standard software that itself is capable of downloading all types of songs, music, audio, podcasts, etc. from Spotify, and convert them to any required file format, such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. There is much more reason which makes DRmare the most preferred solution for queries like how to set Spotify as Alarm iPhone/ Android. Read our complete review of DRmare Spotify Music Converter here.

While using DRmare tool to convert Spotify music to “MP3”, which is suitable for all the mobile devices, you do not need to purchase the Premium subscription. It is perfect in extracting music files from the app and, at the same time, maintains 100% sound quality. The software converts the song format and downloads it to your PC from where you can transfer to the device, and later learn how to put music as your Alarm on Android/ iPhone.

The DRmare ensures to copy the song with all the tags and details, which makes it befitting for multiple purposes other than just to use Spotify as Alarm iPhone/ Android. A trial version can be downloaded for a basic idea of DRmare, while you have to pay the minimum price to get the complete tool.

How To Use DRmare Spotify Music Converter:

Since the DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a computer application, you need a computer with any edition of Windows or Mac Operating System loaded over it. After downloading and installing the app on your PC, follow the given procedure to convert Spotify song to MP3.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1. Open the DRmare app, which automatically opens the Spotify in parallel.

Add Spotify Music To DRmare Panel

Step 2. Find out the song on Spotify, and copy the given link.

Step 3. Now paste the link to the DRmare song search area provided on the panel.

Select The File Output Preferences

Step 4. A “preference window” opens automatically. Here you can choose the song Format to “MP3,” along with the required Channel, and Bit Rate.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter converts Spotify Music To MP3

Step 5. Click on the “Convert” option to start conversion.

Now the converted song is ready to get transferred to your Android/ iPhone.

3.2. Transfer The Converted Spotify Music To iPhone/ Android

Finally, when you have got the song of your choice from Spotify ap to your PC in MP3 format, you can transfer them to your Android mobile or iPhone. If you do not know how to do that, simply apply the given method.

For iPhone:

If you are an iPhone user, then you can use any effective and secure data transfer tool to transfer the downloaded song from your PC to the iPhone. The iMazing tool is one of the favored software among iOS device users, which is very efficient in file sharing. It has a comfortable and user-friendly user interface that helps the user in self-understanding the procedure of data transfer.

A screenshot of iMazing website’s homepage

The iMazing tool has many more useful features enclosed in it and supports all the latest and old iOS devices. To use it, you need to install it over a Windows or Mac PC and follow the onscreen instructions after connection to the iPhone with a USB cable. Read our iMazing review here.

For Android:

If you are an Android mobile user, then for transferring music files from the PC to the device, you do not need to download any specific tool. You can do this by directly connecting the device to the PC via USB cable. Once you establish the connection, it is possible to review the device storage space on the PC, and accordingly, you can save the songs on the appropriate location on the device.

3.3. Set The Converted Spotify Music As Alarm Sound

To know how to put music as your Alarm on Android/ iPhone, follow the given procedure.

For iPhone:

Once the song is transferred to your iPhone, go through the method given here.

Step 1. Click to open the Clock application on your iPhone and hit the “Alarm” button.

Set Spotify Music As Alarm Sound On iPhone

Step 2. Now add or edit an existing alarm reminder by clicking the “Edit” or “+” symbol.

Step 3. Click on the “Sound” section and open the “Pick a song” menu.

Step 4. From the list that appeared, you can find and select the Spotify song uploaded.

Step 5. After selecting the song, hit the “back” button given above.

Step 6. Hit the “save” button to confirm the settings change.

From now, you will hear the chosen Spotify song as the alarm reminder on your iPhone.

For Android:

Once the song is transferred to your Android, go through the method given here.

Step 1. Click to open the Clock application on your Android.

Step 2. Find and hit the “+” symbol to set the Alarm.

Hit + to set the alarm on android phone

Step 3. Change the timings on the timer shown to your preference, and click the OK button.

Step 4. Now click on the “Alarm Sound” or “Bell” icon.

Tap on Alarm Sound on android phone

Step 5. Select the imported Spotify song, and save the settings.

Select imported Spotify song on android phone

From now, you will hear the chosen Spotify song as the alarm reminder on your Android.


The Spotify app has made a profound impact on mobile users, and it is observed how eager people are to listen to songs on different occasions. One of the highly searched out question, “how to use Spotify songs as alarm iPhone/ Android,” is answered by some downloadable apps, but only work for Premium Spotify account holders.

A more convenient solution for those who wish to use Spotify as Alarm iPhone/ Android is to take assistance from DRmare Spotify Music Converter tool. It is capable of downloading songs from both free and paid Spotify accounts and converting them to any compatible formats like MP3. The software not just provides songs for alarm sounds, but is also useful for keeping a permanent copy of the song which can be enjoyed, and shared anywhere/ anytime.

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