6 Best App Uninstaller for Mac in 2024

Planning to save some more space on your Mac? Here are some of the best app uninstallers for Mac that you can use to delete macOS apps.
6 Best App Uninstaller for Mac in 2024

Like on Windows and Linux, Mac also hosts associated files for each app. So, even if you delete the main app files, some stuff remains on your Mac. We call these residual files. And, if you are someone who installs a considerable number of apps, this gets worse. Residual files can take Gigabytes of your storage in no time.

Considering all these, you need an effective way to delete applications from Mac, an app uninstaller. App uninstaller is an expert tool that can remove everything related to a macOS app. In this article, we are trying to find the best app uninstaller for Mac in 2024.

After testing more than 20 app uninstallers for Mac, we have narrowed things down to the top six.

Quick Summary

  • CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one macOS performance booster app that comes with a powerful app uninstaller module. You can use this product to remove macOS applications correctly without trouble. You can also use the tool to reset apps and optimize your Mac.
  • MacBooster is another popular choice for removing applications and other junk files from your Mac. In this case, as well, you have access to additional features. Some of these features are malware removal and Mac performance boosting. Despite these additional features, MacBooster is quite simple to use, too.
  • Umate Mac Cleaner is also not a dedicated app uninstaller. However, the app uninstaller module does a fantastic job of cleaning the nook and corner of your Mac. This could easily be your choice if you need an affordable alternative for app removal.

What Is App Uninstaller for Mac?

An app uninstaller for Mac is a utility program that helps you correctly remove applications from your Mac! To understand this, you should also know that an application contains more than one file. Some files may remain even when you delete an app from the Applications folder.

It is a pain in the ass to remove all these files one by one. In most cases, you have trouble finding these files as well. For instance, some apps may store the temporary files in Documents while others make a new folder. Considering all these points, you have to do something more than merely delete an app icon from the main folder.

These residual files also cause another problem: taking up too much space. If you install and delete macOS apps frequently, these residual files may take up a lot of space. Besides, correctly uninstalling an app from your Mac can improve the booting and loading speeds. We are ultimately looking for a lag-free performance, right?

A macOS app uninstaller solves all these issues using powerful algorithms and machine learning. These utility apps would automate the process of completely removing an app from Mac.

Who Should Get An App Uninstaller for Mac?

Now, this is an interesting question.

Ideally, everyone should have one of these app uninstaller software. As we said earlier, an app uninstaller can help you get the best performance from macOS. This is done by removing residual and temporary files.

However, you should, without a doubt, get an app uninstaller tool if you can relate to the following scenarios.

  • You are a software testing professional who has to install and remove macOS apps frequently. These apps may be leaving behind a lot of residual files, and you need to remove these files.
  • You recently bought a Mac from another user, and they had installed so many applications. You now want an easy way to remove applications from the device without fail.
  • You think remnant files are taking up too much space on your Mac. You just want to double-check if you have removed the apps correctly.
  • You hate the built-in application uninstaller on Mac. More importantly, you need an easy way to get rid of multiple macOS apps at once.
  • You have been trying to delete a particular app but cannot completely uninstall the program.

If you can relate to these aspects, you should consider getting an app uninstaller. Now, not all app uninstaller tool is the same. That is why we wanted to provide you with a versatile list.

How We Tested and Picked the Best App Uninstaller for Mac in 2024

We wanted to recommend some of the best uninstallers for Mac. Considering the vast number of options in the market, we filtered the products based on some criteria.

  • User Interface — The macOS app uninstaller should have a better UI than the built-in uninstall module. We were looking for features like the ability to filter applications and easy navigation options.
  • Thorough Removal — The uninstaller module should be able to remove every single part of a macOS application. We are talking about temporary files, additional dumps, and even some files that may be intentionally left.
  • Security — The uninstall utility should not mess with system files. That is, it should perform all actions while keeping things secure. The program should be intelligent to hand-pick the files to delete as well.
  • Advanced Features — Most tools in the list are performance-boosting programs. However, we need more features, such as analyzing usage patterns and removing apps accordingly. Any other cleaning-based features are a worthy addition.
  • Pricing — We have also ensured that we have included products from various budget brackets. This versatility will help you pick an app uninstaller that meets your requirements and pricing limits.

Our Picks: Best App Uninstaller for Mac in 2024

1. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is currently one of the most popular performance-boosting tools for macOS. This single tool packs many modules that improve the speed, security, and reliability of your Mac device. One of them is a dedicated module for removing applications correctly. By correctly, we mean getting rid of residual files and temporary dumps. But there are also so many other features in the package.

CleanMyMac X Uninstall Module

The User Interface of the Uninstaller module is pretty straightforward. As soon as you click on the option, you can see the list of all applications installed on your Mac. And you can change the view based on the criteria or the order. You can decide whether you want to list the apps based on the size or the name.

There are also other ways to filter the applications. For instance, you can filter applications you haven’t used. This list may contain apps you had installed way back and forgot about. Alternatively, you can choose the 32-bit apps you have installed. This is excellent if you prefer having only 64-bit apps on the device.

One area where we found CleanMyMac X quite useful is the Leftover list. This list contains app content that was left by something you uninstalled in the past. CleanMyMac X Uninstaller is intelligent enough to identify these apps and offer you an option to remove all of them at once. Last, you can sort apps based on the vendor and the app store.

Another feature we loved in CleanMyMac X is the option to select apps from different categories. That is, you can pick applications that belong to the Leftover category and applications from a particular developer. And once you have selected everything, you can go ahead and delete them all — in a single click. Also, on top of all these, the tool also has other cleaning modules.

CleanMyMac X Cleaning Process

In light of our experience, we would recommend CleanMyMac X as one of the best app uninstallers for Mac on any day. The other modules in the package — such as malware removal, space lens, updater, and system junk removal — are great additions for most macOS users.

CleanMyMac X is available for free download, but full versions require a license. The basic license of the tool starts at $34.95, which is quite affordable. It works fine with macOS Catalina as well. Read our CleanMyMac X Review here.

2. MacBooster

MacBooster is another macOS performance tool that people use regularly. This one also comes with a dedicated Uninstaller section, where you can analyze and remove applications per your choice. Just like we had seen in the case of CleanMyMac X, the module in MacBooster also provides you with a good set of controls.

MacBooster Main Uninstaller UI

As you can see, the MacBooster App Uninstaller module welcomes you with a list of all the apps you have on the Mac. You can sort these applications based on the storage space they occupy, their name, or the last time you used these apps. The third option comes in handy when you want to remove apps you do not use anymore.

MacBooster Individual App Information UI

But, probably the best thing about MacBooster is in the details. You can get so much information on each app by clicking on a single entry on the list. For instance, you can know whether the core app is taking up storage space — or if app data is responsible for the data crisis. Moreover, this provides you with a different point of view.

MacBooster Application Reset Option

Even when you have selected the app to remove, MacBooster provides you with two options. First, you can delete the app completely and correctly, leaving nothing on your Mac. Second, you can reset the app, a process to remove the data files, and keep just the core app. Alternatively, you can go to the right-hand pane and check some in-depth storage data.

MacBooster Overall Optimization UI

We should also mention that the other modules in MacBooster are up to the mark. You get a fully-fledged optimization suite that deals with the security, performance, and overall snappiness of your Mac, which is excellent. Purchasing something like MacBooster is way more reasonable than getting a dedicated macOS app uninstaller.

So, unless you are looking for some particular features, we recommend going for MacBooster. This all-in-one macOS optimization suite provides you with sufficient control while removing apps from a Mac, and this is a great place to start.

There is a free, limited version of MacBooster that you can download, but the full version starts at $3.33 per Mac per month. This tool works fine with macOS Catalina too.

3. Umate Mac Cleaner

As we mentioned earlier, Umate Mac Cleaner is inexpensive compared to the other tools we have listed here. Even then, it does a commendable job of deleting almost every aspect of apps you want to remove from the system. You should also consider that Umate Mac Cleaner is quite effective in removing extensions.

Umate Cleaner Main Uninstaller UI

Because Umate Mac Cleaner is a fully-fledged macOS cleaner, you can see a bunch of options when you open up the main interface. You have to choose the Manage Apps and Extensions option to open and remove a list of apps. However, besides finding apps, this cleaner software can also help you find some system-based extensions.

Umate Cleaner App Uninstall Filtering

However, Umate Mac Cleaner does a good job when it comes to removing applications. You can see a huge list of the installed applications, and you can sort the apps based on categories like Size, Name, Use Frequency, and Installation date. The best part is that you can see other data even when you sort based on one function. For instance, you can know how often to use the apps even when you’re sorting based on size.

App Management on Umate Mac Cleaner

The uninstallation process is not that detailed, though. Clicking on the Uninstall button would open a prompt where you may have to quit the running app. Once that’s done, the Umate Mac Cleaner engine will remove all the data related to the app. A problem we found here is that you cannot select multiple apps and delete them.

Umate Mac Cleaner Main UI

Although not as rich as the other boosting tools in the list, Umate Mac Cleaner offers some additional ways to better your Mac device. Some options include junk cleaning, deleting large files, removing duplicate files, erasing private data, and speeding up your Mac. So, no matter how you look at the package, it is worth the money you pay.

Altogether, this tool is a great package for most people. Given that you are looking for a way to uninstall the hard-to-remove apps and get some extra features, you can’t go wrong with Umate. It comes with some additional sorting options as well.

The 1-year plan of Umate Mac Cleaner is available for $29.95, and it’s the top affordable choice on the list. It offers full support for macOS as well.

4. Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller differs from other app uninstallers we have listed. This one is a dedicated app cleaner and uninstaller for macOS. You don’t have to worry about additional features or modules while using this app. Right after you have installed the program on your Mac, you can begin removing apps.

The first thing we notice in Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller is the User Interface, and it’s simply fantastic. You get dedicated viewing options for Applications, Extensions, and Remains. Of course, you can filter entries based on various factors as well. Compared to other apps on the list, Nektony has advanced sorting options as well.

As we had expected, this advanced tool provides a comprehensive app overview. You will be able to know which folders in each app are taking up space. You can even reveal the contents on Finder if you want to. The same works for extensions and remaining elements. That is, you can control what works and what doesn’t.

Because Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a dedicated tool, it often goes an extra step forward. You can, for instance, find a list of the browser extensions on your device and control how they work. There are also options to find login agents and launch agents. Now, this is a great way to find the reason why your Mac is running so slow.

The uninstall process is also pretty straightforward. You have the option to enable one click to uninstall, but this is a Pro feature. Otherwise, you can see a list of contents that get deleted when you press the button. It also packs some additional features that you can use for disabling extensions and plugins.

Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller is available for free download, but some features are Pro-only, and you’ve to pay $19.99 to access them.

5. AppCleaner

AppCleaner is probably the simplest app uninstaller for Mac. Compared to other apps we have covered on the list, you get fewer options with this program. It just provides a smoother interface to remove applications thoroughly. To get started, you have to drag and drop the application you want to delete from your Mac.

In a few seconds, AppCleaner scans your computer and shows details about the app. Once you tap the Remove button, the app will do the job. Of course, you are missing out on a few features, like the ability to know which apps are consuming the space. But, when you scan an individual app, AppCleaner will show you a detailed table.

AppCleaner is free to use and available for macOS Catalina and previous versions.

6. AppZapper

AppZapper is another popular choice if you need one of the simplest methods to remove apps from macOS. Just like we saw in the case of AppCleaner, AppZapper also comes with a drag-and-drop interface. This means you have to drop the application that you want to remove into the interface to proceed. However, in this tool, you have access to sorting options.

You can toggle the advanced view and see a list of apps installed on the device. You can also filter applications based on criteria such as storage consumption, last day of use, and course factors such as names. In the same way, AppZapper allows you to explore widgets, plugins, and even preference panes on the device.

AppZapper is a freemium tool, and the full version is available for $19.95. It also supports Catalina.

The Bottom Line

We believe we have succeeded in bringing you a diverse list of the best app uninstallers for Mac. Depending on your requirements and the features you want, you can pick any tool from the list. For instance, if you are looking for an easy-to-use uninstaller with additional options, you need something like CleanMyMac X or MacBooster. These provide the necessary features, and the overall package also has reasonable pricing. Did we miss any of the mention-worthy apps? Do let us know via comments.

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