How to Insert a Check Box in Word

Adding a check box to a Word document helps create interactive forms and to-do lists. Here's the step-by-step guide for inserting a check box in Word.
How to Insert a Check Box in Word

You might want to add a check box to your Word document in several situations. You may create a checklist for yourself or your teammates, or you may need to include a survey or quiz in your document.

Whatever the case, Word makes it easy to insert a check box into your document with just a few clicks.

This guide will walk you through how to insert a check box into your Word document step-by-step.

What Is Check Box in Word?

A check box (or tick box) is a graphical user interface that allows users to select one or more options from a list.

In Word, there are two types of checkboxes you can use: an interactive check box that can be clicked to check or uncheck, and a static check box that displays but cannot be interacted with.

Insert a Checkbox in Word for Printed Documents

If you’re printing a document in Word, there is no need to add clickable boxes. Instead, you can change your bullet points to a checkbox symbol. Here’s how:

Step 1. Select the bullet point or phrase you want to change into a check box.

Step 2. On the Home tab, click the arrow next to the Bullets button in the Paragraph group and select Define New Bullet.

select define new bullet in word

Step 3. In the Define New Bullet dialog box, select Symbol and scroll to find a checkbox symbol.

click symbol in word

Step 4. Select the checkbox symbol, then click OK.

Find a checkbox symbol in word

The bullet point will now be changed into a checkbox symbol.

Insert a Clickable Tick Box in Word

When creating an electronic document in Word, such as a form or survey, it’s possible to insert clickable check boxes that you can click to select or deselect. Here’s how:

Step 1. In the Home tab, click File.

Click file in word

Step 2. Select Options.

Press options in word

Step 3. Select Customize Ribbon.

select customize ribbon in word

Step 4. Under the Customize Ribbon option, select Main Tabs. Under the Main Tabs option, check the Developer box, then click OK.

check the developer option in word

Step 5. At the top of your document, you will now see a Developer tab. Click it.

Click developer in word

Step 6. In the Controls group, select the Check Box Content Control button.

Select the check box content control button in word

The check box will be inserted where your cursor is currently located. You can click the checkbox to select or deselect the option.

Create a Shortcut to Add an Interactive Checkbox in Word

You can create a shortcut if you want an easy way to insert checkboxes into your Word documents.

Shortcuts can quickly insert a symbol or command into your document using a few keystrokes. Here’s how to create a shortcut for checkboxes:

Step 1. Highlight the checkbox symbol you have just inserted into your document by the developer tab.

highlight the checkbox in word

Step 2. Click the File tab, then select Options.

Press options in word

Step 3. Go to the Proofing tab and select AutoCorrect Options.

select autocorrect options in word

Step 4. In the AutoCorrect window, ensure that the Replace text as you type box is ticked.

check the replace text as you type box in word

Step 5. In the Replace box, type a shortcut for checkboxes, for example, “cbx.” Click Add when you are done.

name the shortcut for checkbox in word

Step 6. Click OK. When you type the shortcut “cbx” and then press Space or Enter, it will automatically be replaced by a checkbox symbol in your document.

How to Change the Appearance of the Clickable Checkbox in Word

You can also customize the appearance of your clickable checkboxes in Word, making them look more professional and attractive.

Step 1. Click the Developer tab, highlight the checkbox, and select Properties in the Controls group.

click properties and highlight the checkbox in word

Step 2. Under the Check Box Properties section, click Change next to the Checked symbol box or the Unchecked symbol box.

Press change in content control properties in word

Step 3. In the Font window, select Webdings.

Select webdings in word

Step 4. Choose the icon or symbol you want to appear when the checkbox is checked. For example, I will choose the checkmark symbol.

Choose new symbol in word

Step 5. Click OK, and you’ll see your checkbox has changed to the new icon when it’s checked.

Frequently Asked Questions About Check Box in Word

How can I Insert a Checkbox in Word?

If you just want to insert a checkbox symbol into your Word document, you can change the bullet point or phrase to a checkbox symbol.

However, If you want to insert a clickable checkbox in Word, you will need to enable the Developer tab.

Can I Change the Checkbox Appearance?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of your checkboxes in Word. This allows you to make them look whatever you want, adding professional touches to your document.

What is the Difference Between a Clickable Checkbox and a Symbol Checkbox?

A clickable checkbox is an interactive symbol that you can select or deselect by clicking on it.

A symbol checkbox is simply a symbol you can insert into your document, but it is not interactive and cannot be clicked to select or deselect.

Why Are Word Shortcuts Helpful for Inserting Checkboxes?

Word shortcuts are helpful because they can save you time by allowing you to quickly insert symbols or commands into your document using just a few keystrokes.

This means you can skip all the steps of inserting the checkbox manually each time you need to add one.


Checkboxes are a great way to add interactive elements to your Word documents and make them look more professional.

What makes them more useful is that you can easily customize their appearance and even create shortcuts to insert them quickly.

I hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to insert a clickable checkbox in Word and change its appearance.

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