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Learn how to fix the 'Turn Passcode Off' greyed-out issue on your iPhone/Apple Watch. Multiple solutions, including deleting work email, removing configuration ...

Stuck at zoomed in screen on your iPhone? Can’t turn off the zoom mode because of large icons and texts? Here is how to fix iPhone screen zoomed in and stuck.

Many users reported notes disappeared after updating iPhone to iOS 16. Find out why they have disappeared and how to get back all of notes on iPhone.

Are you looking for a way to get iMessages back? Learn how to recover deleted iMessages without backup in the following guide.

Need a robust and efficient iPhone backup extractor to restore specific files from your iTunes or iCloud backup? Here you will find some handpicked tools with ...

With the PowerShell password reset method explained here, you can easily change or reset your Windows password as long as you use a local account to sign in.

Are you looking to get administrator rights on Windows 10 without a password? This article will provide useful ways to get this done.

Here you will learn how to boot to the command prompt on Windows 10 when your computer starts behaving weirdly, and you need to fix the issue.

Tired of entering your login password every time you start your computer? Here is how to enable or disable auto login in Windows 10.

Learn how to download the Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft using the Media Creation Tool, Google Chrome, or Rufus in this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Do you want to create Windows 10 bootable USB from ISO? Learn the easiest methods to create bootable Windows 10 from ISO in this article.

Learn how to remove or switch a Microsoft account on Windows 10. Discover various methods with detailed step-by-step tutorials, backup precautions, and other ...

Looking for a legitimate way to unlock Excel files and remove password to edit Excel spreadsheets? Here is how to unlock Excel sheet for editing.

Looking for a way to bypass MDM on your iPad or iPhone? We have listed all the solutions to bypass remote management on iPhone and iPad.

Struggling to reset your HP Laptop without password? Discover the top 4 ways to factory reset your HP Laptop, whether Windows 10/8/7, here by reading this ...

Are you tired of repeatedly providing the password when using the App Store? Discover why does App Store keep asking for password in this guide.

Wondering how to bypass Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad? Check out this article! It explains how you can do that in detail.

Discover the causes and solutions for ghost touch on iPhone X/11. Learn how to fix ghost touch on iPhone X/11 with our comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide.

Do you have an iOS device that needs removing of an MDM lock? Find out how to bypass the MDM lock from the latest iOS devices with 3uTools.

Need to change your iPhone location? Discover the best 4 ways to change location on an iPhone running on iOS 16 and above by reading through this guide.

Factory reset fixes multiple minor system-related issues. Learn how to factory resetting Windows 7 without an admin password effectively.

Step-by-step instructions to change your location on Facebook, including profile, Marketplace, Check-in, and Facebook Dating.

Rare Candy is one of the most coveted items in Pokémon GO that is a shortcut to success. Here is how to get Rare Candy in Pokémon GO with or without walking.

3uTools failed to modify location? This article tells you exactly why it happened and how you can sort it out. Check it out!

Want to know how to recover deleted notes on iPhone without backup? This article got you covered! Check out these working methods to recover your notes right ...

Have you lost all of your contacts on your iPhone and want them back? Learn how to extract contacts from iPhone backup now, iTunes or iCloud.

Looking for a solution to the frustrating problem of 'Why does my iPhone vibrate randomly'? This article provides steps to determine if the issue is software ...

Wondering how to put iPhone in DFU mode? This article got you covered! It explains what DFU mode is, then tells you how to enter DFU mode on every iPhone ...

Check out our detailed guide on how to factory reset your Acer laptop running Windows 10, 8, or 7 without a password.

Has your iPad become unresponsive, and you need to put it in DFU Mode but don't know how? Learn all about activating DFU Mode on iPad in this article.

iPhone screen recording no sound? Don’t worry — this article tells you exactly what you need to do to get rid of this problem quickly.

Step-by-step instructions on how to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone without backup. The success of recovery depends on several factors, but ...

So you have accidentally deleted contacts from your iPhone and you want them back? Learn how to recover deleted phone numbers on iPhone in this post.

Texts disappearing from iPhone? Read this article to find out why that’s happening, and how to get the deleted messages back.

Are you seeking an online RAR opener to uncompress important archived files? Discover the best online RAR extractors for getting hold of your files

Are you searching for ways to factory reset a Dell laptop without a password? Find out how to restore dell laptop to factory settings.

Are you looking to restore iPhone from iCloud without resetting your device? This guide will walk you through the simplest ways to do that within a few clicks.

Get to know everything related to how to recover deleted files from iPhone without backup. We will try to answer every possible query through this post.

Step-by-step instructions to to bypass the “iPhone is disabled; try again in 1 hour” message. You can restore the data via iTunes or iCloud backup.

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