5 Best Online RAR Extractors to UnRAR Online

Are you seeking an online RAR opener to uncompress important archived files? Discover the best online RAR extractors for getting hold of your files
5 Best Online RAR Extractors to UnRAR Online

Have you received a particular type of compressed file that you cannot open to view its details? It is quite possible that the file might be compressed into a RAR file. If so, you will need to have software that can extract data from RAR files. Those with no software for this specific purpose can try using an online RAR extractor.

Go through the article to learn more about the top RAR extractor online. You will get hold of some prevalent details about these platforms and will consider one of them when it comes to uncompressing your files.

Part 1: What is an Online RAR Extractor?

Online RAR extractors are web-based tools that help users extract files from RAR archives. While sharing large files with another user, people usually enclose them in a RAR file. There are many reasons for performing such an action, as it protects the file and keeps it compact while making it easy to transfer through the internet.

The use of a RAR opener online can help you save yourselves from the formalities of downloading software that supports RAR extraction. This is why people prefer using such services as it makes operations easy to cover without letting you download anything on your computer and compromise it.

Part 2: Open RAR Online with the 5 Best RAR Extractors

For this part, we will introduce 5 open RAR online extractors that can be considered for this purpose. Select any of them that you find appropriate for your need:

1. B1 Online Archiver

The first tool that comes with interaction for finding the perfect option to extract RAR files online is B1 Online Archiver. While supporting an extensive set of file formats, this online RAR extractor serves the top-rated tools for this purpose. You can find support for extracting files instead of RAR format, which includes B1, CB7, and many more.

b1 online archiver

2. Archive Extractor

If you seek a better option for extracting RAR files online, Archive Extractor provides significant functionality to its users for this process. You can extract RAR files directly through this service by importing files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox or adding a URL. Along with support for more than 70 types of compressed files, this can be an excellent online RAR extractor.

archive extractor

3. Unzip-online

This is another quick option that can be considered for extracting files out of the RAR archive. Unzip-online provides a secure, quick, and easy system for this process, where all data uploaded on the platform is deleted automatically after 24 hours. Following this, it allows uncompressing files up to 200 MB in size. The operation can be concluded for this UnRAR online platform with a single click.


4. Funzip

Although this platform does not provide a diverse set of options in file formats, it is known for its fast and safe operations. Funzip can help you extract data from a ZIP or RAR archive quickly. Furthermore, it supports the extraction of files up to 400MB. Due to its widened support compared to other online RAR extracting tools, Funzip is an excellent option.

funzip online rar extractor

5. WobZIP

This extraction tool provides a comprehensive set of features to UnRAR a compressed file easily. With the restriction of extracting files up to 100MB in size, WobZIP provides better file format support than its competitors. Along with being an easy-to-process tool, the functionality of this free online tool provides you with the appropriate results in no time.

wobzip online rar extractor

Bonus: How to Open RAR File Without Password?

Although we have discussed some good options for online RAR extraction, these platforms cannot open locked RAR files for you without a password. When you have a locked RAR file, you need a password to extract it normally. What if you do not know the password to the particular RAR file? If so, PassFab for RAR is your go-to solution to open the file without putting a password.

This platform can help you extract all forms of password-protected RAR files by providing their password. Whatever compression algorithms have been implemented on the file, this platform processes the extraction easily. There are three different formats of attacks processed against this password-removing tool. With its outstanding operations, you can easily open the RAR file without the password using PassFab for RAR.

Steps to Open RAR File Without Password Using PassFab for RAR

Below are the comprehensive steps that can be used to open the RAR file without a password using this productive password-removing tool:

Step 1: Launch the PassFab for RAR

>> Get PassFab for RAR <<

You have to install and launch the latest version of PassFab for RAR on your computer.

RAR Password Recovery

Step 2: Import the Protected RAR File

Proceed to import the RAR file on the platform. After importing it, the platform will display the complexity of the password and provide the details on the screen.

Step 3: Choose the Password Attack Type

For this case, we will operate with the first option. After adding the dictionary, click the “OK” button below. Following this, press the “Start” button to initiate unlocking the protected RAR file. The password will be successfully located and displayed on the screen. Note down and copy the password and click “OK” to conclude the process.

RAR Password Recovery Recovered Password

Frequently Asked Questions About Online RAR Extractor

We have listed a set of FAQs to counter more relevant questions about the online RAR extractors.

Is there any free online RAR extractor to use?

Yes, there are many RAR extractors that you can consider for a free utility. Archive Extractor is one of the best options that you can come across in this case.

Can I extract data from a 7zip file using an online RAR extractor?

Apart from extracting RAR files online, multiple tools like B1 Online Archiver can extract files from other formats, such as 7zip.

What to do if I have a RAR file with a forgotten password?

If you have forgotten the password to the RAR file or the file is encrypted for no reason, use PassFab for RAR to find the password.


With all provided details, you would have discovered the right tools that can be used to extract files from RAR archives. If you seek to use an online RAR extractor, the tools provided in the article would do well for you. However, if you have an archived RAR with a password, you can have it extracted with the help of a perfect tool, PassFab for RAR, if you have forgotten its password.

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