How to View Android Text Messages on Computer

Instant messages are a quick offering approach to web-based messaging applications. All things considered, a text message is still colossally helpful for getting updates from your bank and service organizations just as staying in contact with the non-cell phone age.

By and large, you might wish to see or read Android messages on PC legitimately, isn’t that so? In any case, you additionally discover that you reserve no option to do it with a direct USB link, at that point what will you do? It’s typically not a smart thought to postpone checking text messages for a really long time, as it could wind up hampering your work process. Android enhanced a lot of parts in privacy protection and security angles. So, when you’re just associating your HTC, Samsung or LG smartphones to your PC, maybe you can’t see anything by any means. The downside to this helpful function is that it’s generally just been accessible on gadgets with a SIM chip like smartphones. You don’t know how to see Android messages on PC.

Luckily, there are approaches to get to and send text messages from your personal computer as well. So, by using these approaches you can utilize your PC to talk with your companions through some useable apps, which shows what’s on your text messages mobile application. These apps send text messages utilizing a connection from your PC to your smartphone, so carrier expenses will apply, much the same as on the mobile application.

This article will guide you on how to view Android messages on computer using Android Messages, Coolmuster Android Assistant and dr.fone.

Method 1. View Android Messages on PC with Android Messages

The general motivation behind Android Messages for Web is to enable Android clients to message consistently between their cell phones and personal computers likewise to Apple clients, who had the option to do this for quite a while.

To begin, you should have the “Android Messages” application installed on your cell phone. It is the default text message app for the latest versions of Android. In the event that you don’t have it, firstly go to the “Settings,” tap on “About Phone” and tap on “Software Information” to guarantee that your gadget is updated. In the event that the update neglects to download Android Messages, then go to Google Play Store to look for and installed it manually.

Its interface is fundamentally the same as the Android mobile application. Select separate messages to see their insides and type into the content box underneath to answer. The feature will just work while your smartphone is turned on and associated with the web.

Note: In the event that you close your web browser and return to the “Messages for web”, you may likewise essential to scan another QR code. Except if you decided to empower “Remember this computer”. It is by default turned off. Follow the beneath steps to connect your Android smartphone with a desktop system.

Step 1: Update your Android operating system to the latest version on your smartphone.

Step 2: Open the web browser on your desktop and go to, it will show you a QR code with some instructions.

Scan the QR code with your Android phone

Step 3: Now go to your Android smartphone and open the Messages app.

Step 4: On the top right corner, tap on three-dot. A dropdown menu will be open, tap on Messages for web.

Select option messages for web on your Android

Step 5: Now click on the SCAN QR CODE and set mobile camera directly to the desktop screen.

Scan QR code with Android phone

Step 6: Your computer will scan the code and the smartphone will vibrate. It means that your phone successfully connected with the computer.

Now, you can view Android messages your computer screen and you can now reply to any of them through this with emojis.

View of all your Android messages on computer

Method 2. View Android Messages on PC with Coolmuster Android Assistant

Need an ideal message, contacts and call logs assistant? Then the Coolmuster Android Assistant is best for you. Simply end your hassle of group messaging or feeding contacts manually one by one on your Android smartphone with Coolmuster Android Assistant. Experience another messaging route here and better deal with your messages, contacts and call history on your PC.

As yet utilizing your Android smartphone to send the same text message to a group one after the other? Then use Coolmuster Android Assistant because it helps you to send text messages in bulk or to a group through your PC and save a lot of your time. It can likewise backup messages, import messages from PC and erase unnecessary messages from your Android smartphone.

Likewise, you are permitted to import your contacts from PC, import your contacts from Outlook, send out your contacts to Outlook, backup your contacts, create new contacts, erase pointless contacts, alter current contacts and remove duplicate contacts on PC advantageously.

It additionally empowers you to backup your Android call history on PC, sync call history from PC to smartphone and erases undesirable call signs on PC easily. It is compatible with all companies’ mobile models.

Follow the beneath steps to see Android messages on PC with Coolmuster Android Assistant;

Step 1: Install Coolmuster Android Assistant on your computer and connect your Android smartphone with that computer using a USB cable.

After connecting, it will show you the details of your Android smartphone.

Detecting your Android device with Coolmuster Android Assistant

Step 2: The left sidebar shows the list of mobile content. Tap on SMS from it, all your messages show in the next panel.

Step 3: You can view a message by clicking on it. Also, you can write a new message by clicking on the New button. A popup window will open with the recipient and text fields. Click on the Contacts to select the contact and in-text field type your message then click on the Send button to complete the process.

View and send a new Android message on PC

Method 3. Read Android Deleted and Existed Text Messages with dr.fone – Recover (Android)

The dr.fone – Recover (Android) is the best tool to read the deleted and existing text Android messages on computer. Notwithstanding its name, dr.fone for Android is certainly not a versatile application that you run on your smartphone; however, it is a desktop application. It is good with both Windows and macOS, so the sequence and settings of its steps are the equivalents for all forms of this device. Want to learn more about dr.fone? You can read our dr.fone Toolkit review here.

Recommended Product: dr.fone - Recover(Android)
Overall Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Windows/macOS, $39.95

To read Android messages on PC with dr.fone Toolkit then follow the beneath steps:

Step 1: First of all, connect your Android smartphone with the computer using a USB link.

Connect your Android device with computer

Step 2: On your Android smartphone, allow USB debugging because through this your computer communicates with your device.

Enabling USB debugging in Android phone

Step 3: Now your device is detected and all data types shows on screen with by default checked. You only tick the messaging. Then tap on the Next button.

Tick messaging from data types in dr.fone Android

Step 4: After choosing messaging, dr.fone will give you two options Scan for deleted files and Scan for all. The first option just searches normally. The other option will carefully deep scan your smartphone but it will grab more time to equate to the first option.

Choose scan for all files in dr.fone

Step 5: After selecting the needed course of action and click on the Next key. Now the analyzing process will start. It takes some time so please wait.

Device Analyzing process in dr.fone for Android

Step 6: Once the scanning process completed, the scanned files shows in the central panel with its attributes and left sidebar displayed the data types. Choose the messaging from the sidebar, it will show all the recovered messages.

Select the desired messages and set the location for saving the files. Now tap on the Recover key.

drfone android preview and recover data


With the advanced updates of the Android operating system, you can now read and send Andriod messages on your PC by connecting the smartphone with it. Android Message app is the default app by Android to manage messages from your computer. But remember that one system will connect with the phone. Also, the Android message app will remain open on the smartphone. Other options are also available for manage messaging on the computer that is Coolmuster Android Assistant and dr.fone – Recover (Android).

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