Safari Could Not Connect to Server on iPhone? Here’s the Real Fix!

Are you facing the Safari can't connect to server iPhone error? Stick to this page and learn the top effective ways to resolve the issue of Safari could not connect to the server.
Safari Could Not Connect to Server on iPhone? Here’s the Real Fix!

Safari is the default browser for all iPhone models, which allows users to surf the internet. But, we sometimes encounter errors of Safari not being able to load webpages due to some specific reasons, which will be explained in this article.

Stick to this page and learn the top effective ways to resolve the issue of Safari could not connect to the server. We’ve prepared this guide to give iPhone users several efficient ways to solve the problem of Safari cannot find the server within a few minutes; you don’t have to talk about this twice.

Top Solutions for Safari Cannot Connect to Server

Solution 1. Check URL

Sometimes, many people make the error of inputting an invalid website address. Thus, if you’re facing the problem of Safari cannot connect to the server, it’s advisable to check if you haven’t typed an incorrect URL. Because even a slight mistake in the webpage URL would cause the site not to load.

Solution 2. Check the Internet Connection

Have you ever asked yourself why Safari cannot connect to the server even after inputting a correct web address? There is a likelihood that your internet connection is not ON, or you’ve enabled Airplane mode.

Hence, if you’re among those who are facing this issue, it’ll be better to check your internet connection once again and make sure your iPhone is not in Airplane mode.

Solution 3. Clear History and Website Data on Safari

If you’ve checked the URL and enabled your iPhone cellular network, but you’re still receiving a ‘Safari cannot be found error.’ Probably, the Safari browser is clashing data of your prior browsing sessions. You’ll need to clear history and website data on Safari to rectify the problem.

Step 1: Launch Settings on your iOS device and tap on Safari.

Clear history and website data on Safari

Step 2: In the Safari pane, select Clear History and Website Data. After that, open the Safari browser and reload the website to confirm if the error has been fixed.

Solution 4. Modify DNS Settings

DNS (Domain Name System) is utilized in loading websites on the internet, and it automatically converts a webpage URL into the IP address. If you’re using an unreliable DNS server to load websites on the Safari browser, you’ll definitely experience this error.

Thus you have to enhance the DNS settings to resolve the “Safari cannot connect to browser.”

Use the steps below to modify DNS on your iOS device.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and tap on the Wi-Fi option. Then tap on the ‘i’ icon to open your network info.

Modify DNS settings on iOS

Step 2: Under the DNS option, tap on Configure DNS.

Step 3: Change DNS configuration from Automatic to Manual.

Step 4: On the new pane, you’ll see a red minus and a green plus in front of each DNS server you’ve got on the list. Then tap on Add Server.

Modify DNS settings on iOS - add server

Step 5: Add the Google DNS server. That is or After that, tap on Save to complete the operation.

Solution 5. Reset Network Settings

Up next is ‘reset network settings’ on iPhone. Perhaps you’ve tried other steps, and you’re still facing the same Safari cannot connect to the server error. It’s advisable to reset network settings, which will erase DNS settings and Wi-Fi passcodes. Follow the steps to reset network settings on an iPhone.

Step 1: Launch Settings on your iOS device and tap on the General under the settings option.

Reset network settings on iOS

Step 2: In the pane, tap on Reset at the bottom.

Step 3: Tap Reset Network Settings. Then you may be prompted to enter your Password. After inputting your passcode, tap on Reset Network Settings.

Solution 6. Try Another Browser App

Yes, trying other apps will enable you to detect if the problem is from your iPhone or the Safari browser. You can use Chrome to check.

Solution 7. Repair iOS System

After taking you through the solutions to resolve Safari couldn’t connect to the server issue, it would be nice to introduce you to a mind-blowing iOS system recovery software. Tenorshare Reiboot is an avant-garde iOS recovery tool used to repair all system issues pertaining to your iPhone. Whether it’s an upgrade failure, iOS stuck, or abnormal functioning of the iOS device, you’ll be able to solve the issue without any data loss.

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Step 1: Choose Repair Operating System Feature

Install the Ternorshare Reiboot to your Windows/Mac. Then connect your iPhone to the computer using its USB cable and click on Repair Operating System when your device is recognized.

Repair iOS system using Ternorshare Reiboot

Step 2: Click on Fix Now to Proceed

On the new windows page, click on ‘Fix Now’ to proceed if your iOS device isn’t working properly.

Tenorshare ReiBoot - Click on Fix Now button to proceed

Step 3: Download Firmware Package

You’ll be prompted to the Firmware download page. Then click on ‘Browse’ to set the save path for the firmware. After that, click Download to start downloading the iOS firmware package.

Tenorshare ReiBoot - Download Firmware Package

Step 4: Begin iOS System Recovery

If you’ve finally completed the downloading firmware recovery package to your computer, click on ‘Repair Now’ to begin system recovery. And click done after the process has been completed.

Tenorshare ReiBoot - Repairing iOS System

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If you’ve read through the content of this page, I’m sure you’re now familiar with various feasible solutions to fix the issue of Safari cannot connect to the server. In addition, the Ternorshare Reiboot is an amazing tool that you should try out when you’re encountering a firmware update problem with your iOS device.

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