6 Best Ad Blocker for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10/11 2024

Get one of these free ad blockers for Windows 10 and rid yourself of annoying ads and pop-ups on any websites on Edge or all browsers (on Windows 10).
Best Ad Blocker for Microsoft Edge

Just like you skip the commercials while watching Television, you can prevent the intrusive and obnoxious ads, pop-ups, and trackers while browsing on Edge, too! Yes, an ad blocker for Windows 10 can help you do that with a click of a button.

Providing a safer browsing experience, decluttering the web pages, and increasing the page loading speed — ad blocker makes the web transparent, fast, and private for everyone.

Read on to find the six best ad blockers for Microsoft on Windows 11/10. Of course, all of them are free to employ.  

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Top 6 Best Ad Blocker for Microsoft Edge in 2024

Get one of these free ad blockers for Windows 10 and get rid of annoying ads and pop-ups on any and all websites on Edge or all the browsers installed on your Windows 10/11 computer. Some of these ad blockers are available for other devices covering all the browsers and applications (like Spotify). So in case you are looking for cross-platform support, you have come to the right site.

1. AdGuard Ad Blocker

  • Starting from: $2.49/per month
  • Pricing Model: Subscription
  • Free trial: 14 days  
  • Free version: Yes
  • Download: Edge, Windows
AdGuard AdBlocker

Available as a standalone application and browser extension, AdGuard AdBlocker works like any other AdBlock for Edge on Windows 10 but with added functionality.

Starting with the usual Ad blocking characteristics, AdGuard AdBlocker can efficiently block all ad types, including video ads, interstitial ads, floating ads, pop-ups, banners, advertisements, and text ads. You will also find some privacy protection traits like blocking third-party tracking systems, adware, and spyware by default. Furthermore, the extension warns users about dangerous and phishing websites while visiting them.

At the same time, AdGuard can handle circumvention scripts (directs users to disable ad blockers before accessing the contents) utilized by advanced websites to benefit from the ads.

Coming to the added functionality, AdGuard adds an intriguing option that can block elements of any page on the web. To enumerate, you can remove Facebook’s Like button if needed.

The standalone application includes Parental controls and Disguising features, making it ideal for all users.

Reason to use AdGuard AdBlocker:

  • It can block all types of ads on all websites
  • AdGuard can bypass circumvention scripts efficiently
  • It is available for all devices and browsers with cross-platform support
  • Best protective features are enabled by default, and it is also highly customizable

Things to consider:

  • Slows down the browser
  • Blocks some websites
  • Some functionality is limited to paid users

2. AdBlock

  • Starting from: Free
  • Pricing Model: —
  • Free trial: —
  • Free version: Truly free
  • Download: Edge
AdBlock for Microsoft Edge

AdGuard may be the number one adblocker on our list of best free AdBlock for Edge, but AdBlock is the world’s #1 in terms of popularity.

AdBlock is also the best, at least by some standards. No, do not think of AdBlock as a lesser extension. It does all required by an ad blocker but comes with morals. Understanding that ad blocking is an existential threat to the internet economy — AdBlock — whitelists acceptable ads. Here permissible ads mean the ads that don’t meddle with the page contents. Nevertheless, it also admitted that it charges internet advertising companies and publishers to get themselves on its whitelist.

Even so, AdBlock is still the beloved ad blocker it used to be. And for a reason: it blocks all the annoying ads efficiently. Plus, you will find a third-party tracker blocker trait on AdBlock. Additionally, it removes distractions like pop-ups, banners, and video ads from YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, other social platforms, and websites like any other ad blocker for the Edge.

Reasons to use AdBlock:

  • A free and open-source extension
  • Blocks all annoying ads on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other platforms
  • Regarded by Wired, CNet, BusinessInsider, and other popular media houses

Things to consider:

  • Gets paid by websites to whitelist them
  • It cannot bypass circumvention scripts
  • AdBlock is becoming more commercial
  • Not available as a standalone application

3. AdBlock Plus

  • Starting from: Free
  • Pricing Model: —
  • Free trial: —
  • Free version: Truly free
  • Download: Edge
AdBlock Plus

The granddaddy of all ad blockers on the internet, AdBlock Plus, comes from Eyeo. Many users think AdBlock Plus is a paid version of AdBlock, but it is far from the truth. In reality, AdBlock takes inspiration from AdBlock Plus. Active on 100 million devices and available in over 24 languages, AdBlock Plus is a more configurable alternative to AdBlock.

In terms of functionality, both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are similar. They use the same source (EasyList) for ad blocking, meaning they both will block the same ads. And one is not more efficient than the other in blocking ads. Again, AdBlock Plus also whitelists some sites for the sake of ethics and cannot bypass circumvention scripts. Not to mention, AdBlock Plus also allows users to create a filter list to allow or block specific ads on web pages.

Still, the personalization and customization options it presents to the users is the reason to mention AdBlock Plus — although it is redundant in this list of best Adblock for Edge on Windows 10. As an example, AdBlock Plus lets you block elements from a page.

Most ad blockers on the internet are made based on the source code of AdBlock Plus (a free and open-source platform). Yet they charge money for the sake of adding a diminutive feature.

Reasons to use AdBlock Plus:

  • Adblock Plus does not slow down the browsing experience
  • Limits malware, pop-ups, pop-unders, and intrusive ads from all web pages effectively
  • Most ad blockers use the source code of AdBlock Plus

Things to consider:

  • Regards the Acceptable Ads campaign and whitelist sites
  • The advanced features are hidden and difficult to find
  • Sometimes, the right-click menu does not work correctly
  • It shows ads that are not intrusive by default

4. Ghostery

  • Starting from: Free
  • Pricing Model: —
  • Free trial: —
  • Free version: Truly free
  • Download: Edge

A privacy-concerned ad blocker, Ghostery does not advertise itself as an ad blocker but still is more efficient than most ad blockers on the internet. A completely free and open-source extension, Ghostery’s ultimate aim is to block trackers and increase the page loading speed.

Henceforth, it is more of an anti-tracking tool. Not to go into much detail, the extension utilizes a combination of its technology and WhoTracks.me to refine its algorithms to track the trackers tracking you. Coupled with its ad-blocking capabilities, there is no denying that Ghostery is one of the best Adblock for Edge on the internet.

By and large, Ghostery is equipped with enough peculiarities to regard it as the best ad blocker for Windows 10 (available for Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox).

Reasons to use Ghostery:

  • Beautifully simple user interface
  • The anti-tracking removes all your data points.
  • Ad-blocking blocks Ads (you can filter) on all or selected websites.
  • The smart-browsing auto-block trackers affect page performance.
  • Ghostery also has its browser in its repository with ad-blocking features.

Things to consider:

  • Not made to block ads but to deny website ads and other website elements that betray user privacy
  • Not available as a standalone application

5. AdBlocker Ultimate

  • Starting from: Free
  • Pricing Model: —
  • Free trial: —
  • Free version: Truly free
  • Download: Edge, Windows
AdBlocker Ultimate

Another free and open-source application, AdBlocker Ultimate, is an improved version of AdBlock and AdBlock Plus that allows you to take control of all ads, malicious websites, and online trackers.

By default, AdBlocker Ultimate does not whitelist any site; it allows users to create their own whitelist. Now, this is great because — unlike AdBlock and AdBlock Plus — AdBlocker Ultimate does not take money from websites to put them on the whitelist. It can also help you avoid all phishing and malicious websites while browsing.

Having more than ten million downloads and two million active users, AdBlocker Ultimate is one of the best Adblock for Edge on Windows 10. Besides being available for all major browsers, AdBlocker Ultimate has a standalone application for Windows, iOS, and Android too.

Reasons to use AdBlocker Ultimate:

  • Text ads, Banner ads, Pop-up ads, Pop-under ads, Overlay ads, Interstitial page ads, Video ads, Webmail ads, Facebook ads — be it anything, AdBlocker Ultimate can block all ad types
  • A free and open-source application
  • Leaves it to the users to create their own whitelist

Things to consider:

  • It cannot bypass circumvention scripts

6. uBlock Origin

  • Starting from: Free
  • Pricing Model: —
  • Free trial: —
  • Free version: Truly free
  • Download: Edge
uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a complete package. No ads, no sneaky tracking, no overhead, fast, memory-efficient, and lightweight — be it any angle, uBlock Origin will not disappoint you.

uBlock Origin, like some other best ad blockers mentioned here, is an open-source and free extension for the Edge. Doing all that other ad blockers do, uBlock Origin improves browser speed and page load speed and decreases memory usage of pages you visit and bandwidth. What’s great about this ad blocker is its in-depth menu options that allow you to use filters from host files, giving you more control over what ads you want to see and what you want to avoid.

Altogether, uBlock Origin does all, i.e., improves browsing speed and blocks annoying pop-ups. And protecting users’ privacy while preventing phishing and malware attacks.

Reasons to use uBlock Origin:

  • Block Ads, Pop-Ups, and Trackers and lets you browse faster.
  • Lightweight on CPU and memory
  • It allows you to create thousands of filters from host files and get in-depth to ad blocking on sites

Things to consider:

  • It does not have a standalone application for Windows 10


1. How can I Block Ads and pop-ups on Microsoft Edge?

You can utilize any of the best free Adblock for Edge to block ads and pop-ups on Microsoft Edge. All are free!

2. How can I Block Ads on the new Edge via the HOSTS File?

Using a Host file to disable the ads is one of the simple yet effective methods to limit ads on Edge. All you have to do is download the host’s file and edit the files to stop the browser from getting information about the location of ads.

Here’s how to use the hosts file to block ads on Edge:

  • Unzip the hosts.zip.
  • Choose to open HOSTS with a notepad.
  • Navigate to # [Misc A – Z] line and copy the texts after this line.
  • Press CTRL+O to access the Open File dialog in the Notepad.
  • Type C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc in the breadcrumb trail to access the path.
  • Opt for All Files and navigate to the Hosts file.
  • Click Open.
  • Paste the copied localhost text after #::1.
  • Save the Changes.
  • Close Notepad.

All you have to do is Restart the Windows 10 computer. Now, all the ads will be blocked on Edge automatically.

3. What is a Standalone AdBlocker, and which are the best standalone Ad Blockers for the new Edge?

Unlike browser extensions, a standalone application runs topically on the computer and does not need other applications’ help.

So, standalone AdBlocker is an application that will block ads and third-party trackers on all programs on Windows 10. Whereas an extension runs specifically on Edge or any other browser it was added to.

The best standalone Ad Blockers for Windows 10 are AdGuard AdBlocker and AdBlocker Ultimate.

4. Should I opt for a paid membership of AdBlockers?

It is up to you. As you can see, all the ad blockers for Windows 10 in this list are entirely free to utilize. Yes, AdGuard charges if you opt for cross-platform support. But you can opt out of that convenience. Still, if you find an extension or application with a membership plan for something you want, you can decide whether to take it.

But our suggestion is to utilize the free ad blockers for Windows Edge mentioned here if all you want is to stop the intrusive ads on websites.


As you have seen, almost all the ad blockers for Windows 10 and Edge offer more or less the same functionality. The reason: for something so simple as an ad blocker, there couldn’t be more diversity than the names of the extensions. Moreover, all of them are free. Even our top pick, AdGuard Ad Blocker, is free when used without demanding cross-platform support.

So, pick one that best suits your heart and bid farewell to the annoying ads and pop-ups on sites. To end, at a careful look, there is no denying that all these ad blockers could be regarded as the best free ad blockers for Windows 10 and Edge.

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