9 Best Free File Rename Software for Mac in 2024

There is no native batch renamer on Mac. Read on to find the nine best free file renamer for Mac. This guide lists advanced-yet-simple-to-use macOS renamers.
Best Free File Rename Software for Mac

Managing and organizing your videos, documents, images, contacts, and more is extremely troublesome and time-consuming, especially if you have a large amount of files and folders stored on your Mac. Of course, this guide is about file renaming software for Mac. In this guide, you will find out the nine best free file renamer Mac OS. Understanding the needs of every user differs, we have listed diverse types of Mac file rename apps. So you can discover the best one for you. But first, let’s comprehend what file rename software is for Mac.

What is File Rename Software for Mac?

A file rename software is a tool designed to help you batch-rename files and folders according to specific rules you can set.

You can utilize these tools to remove the pattern, renumber, replace, add, list, trim, new name, case, attributes, and timestamp to a given batch of files and folders. Of course, some of them also allow you to rename files using ID3 tags (audio files) and Metadata (pictures).

Long story short, a macOS renamer can help you rename thousands of files (using rules and filters) within seconds and optimize them conveniently.

Top 9 Best Free File Rename Software for Mac in 2024

1. Renamer 6

Official Website: https://renamer.com/ 

Renamer 6

While launching the Renamer 6, the vendor promised the users a new way to rename files quickly and conveniently. And this is precisely what Renamer 6 does, and it feeds a faster and easier way to rename files in a number of ways. The program, however, is not limited to renaming files alone. This rename software Mac includes several other functions like removing or changing file extensions and organizing songs by album, title, and artist, among several other things. Numerous features and intuitive build help users get started quickly and make batch file renaming easier.

Without a doubt, Renamer 6 is one of the best file renaming software for Mac. Given the beautiful user interface, tons of existing features, and valuable new enhancements — the license cost of US$ 19.99 sounds reasonable — that is, if you have the use of the paid functions offered.

Why should I consider Renamer 6 as my Mac file renamer app?

  • Renamerlets help you organize the file renaming tasks conveniently
  • Numerous built-in Renamerelets let you get started quickly
  • The assembly chains allow you to handle complex file renaming tasks
  • The live preview rules out any room for errors — promising fine-tuning
  • You will also find undo and file backup means you do not have to worry about losing data

Things to consider:

  • License cost is high
  • Requires macOS 10.14 Mojave or higher

2. NameChanger

Official Website: https://mrrsoftware.com/namechanger/ 


A simple application for changing file names should not cost money, and NameChanger doesn’t. An entirely free application — NameChanger, carries both sophisticated and elemental features that users expect from a rename software for Mac. Though not as intuitive as Renamer 6, NameChanger has a decent user interface that permits even the tech-neophyte users to utilize the application like a pro. Be that you want to replace the first occurrence. Replace the last occurrence. Replace all occurrences, wildcard, append, prepend, arrange according to date, sequence the files, remove an individual character, alter the regular expression, or change the case — the program can help you do several things.

Besides these simple features, NameChanger also includes advanced options like hiding the file extensions, ignoring cases, forcing the uniqueness of resulting names, or changing the checked and selected files. NameChanger is a suitable application for users looking for a free file renamer for Mac OS X or higher.

Why should I consider NameChanger file renaming software for Mac?

  • A truly free application for macOS X 10.7 or higher variants
  • Advanced functions like Image Browser allows you to rename pictures by visual naming and reorder
  • Full-screen support and several customizing options

Things to consider:

  • Not as advanced as paid macOS file renamer applications — still, if you do not need organizing options — then, NameChanger is the perfect application for you

3. A Better Finder Rename

Official Website: https://www.publicspace.net/ABetterFinderRename/index.html 

A Better Finder Rename

A Better Finder Rename is an ultimate mac file rename app with batch processing capabilities and the possibility of applying ready-made templates. The streamlined and intuitive user interface is organized in two main areas: the left pane defines the renaming pattern. And on the right pane — you can view the output results. A Better Finder Rename comes with many built-in renaming tools to define the names by text, characters, character position & ranges, conversions, truncations, date and time, path components, and other parameters. But it does not stop there — you will find customization options for each category. So, you can make an adjustment and rename every file as preferred. Another best thing about A Better Finder Rename is the multi-step drawer that allows you to apply two or more rules to a single batch to match your requirements.

Of course, A Better Finder Rename is a rare software in the macOS renamer realm.

Why should I use A Better Finder Rename?

  • Tons of customizing options make batch processing look like the individual operating process
  • Advanced features like a Multi-step drawer permits you to apply multiple rules at once
  • Instant Preview shows you the changes that will come into effect and highlights marks individual changes (a new feature)

Things to consider:

  • macOS 10.10 or later (Universal Binary)
  • US$ 24.95 — yes, hefty license costs for a renaming app

4. ExifRenamer

Official Website: https://www.qdev.de/?location=mac/exifrenamer 


A universal macOS Binary that runs smoothly on Apple Silicon Macs and Intel Macs natively, ExifRenamer was designed to turn cryptic file names assigned by digital cameras into meaningful chronological sorting. So in case you have a large amount of image file formats that need renaming — ExifRenamer is the tool for you. Since many users have the habit of taking pictures from multiple devices and do not have time to organize them one by one, ExifRenamer can help them greatly. All in all, ExifRenamer was created to help photographers intuitively organize their image files. And it does precisely that. So, do not install the application in hopes of renaming all file formats (it supports) — in the way you prefer. Nevertheless, if the file formats are related to pictures, do not hesitate to utilize ExifRenamer.

Why should I use ExifRenamer free file renamer Mac OS X or higher tools?

  • Intuitively organize JPG and other image file containers based on their EXIF info
  • A smart multilingual application that completes the job while not being heavy on resources
  • Set custom parameters like prefix or suffix while renaming the files

Things to consider:

  • The app revolved around organizing image and video files
  • Includes in-app purchases

5.  Smart File Renamer

Official Website: https://qiplex.com/software/smart-file-renamer/ 

Smart File Renamer

Smart File Renamer is a smart file renaming software for mac users to rename audio, video, and image files in batches. What’s remarkable about Smart File Renamer is it — like ExifRenamer — includes features to rename photos based on EXIF. Similarly, it permits you to rename audio files based on ID3 tags, among several other means. But it does not end there. Smart File Renamer has useful integrations to create flexible rename patterns with RegEx and other functions.

Additionally, unlike other macOS renamer applications, Smart File Renamers can help you filter the files in different folders. You can both rename files and the folders simultaneously (using the same rules), saving yourself a ton of time. Of course, you should also expect usual features like Live Preview, renaming files on external drives, undo/redo toggles.

Why should I use Smart File Renamer software for Mac?

  • Apply custom rules during batch processing, plus rename image or audio files based on EXIF or ID3 tags
  • Swift operation — rename more than 1000 files in less than a second
  • Customize the renaming process by assigning rules and filters

Things to consider:

  • Not a free tool

6. VRenamer

Official Website: https://vrenamer.com/ 


A full-featured mass renamer application that works on all operating systems, including macOS, VRenamer is free. VRenamer has smart rules and custom filter choices for users to insert, remove, replace, trim, normalize, capitalize, transform, and organize parameters. You can also rename files using ID3 tags and write them into MP3, FLAC, and OGG file containers. Plus, you can rename picture files using metadata. Nevertheless, VRenamer has an outdated user interface, the glory of the free license. Still, it does not mean it is challenging to utilize. Yes, the multi-panel design will test your patience initially. But once you understand the software, you will start appreciating it. There are intuitive features like building a custom renaming profile,  automatic previewing, finding files in the subfolders, and more. Overall, VRenamer is free yet feature-rich software that is simple to utilize. Not to mention, its setup is also a quick and straightforward process.

Why should I consider the VRenamer mac file rename app?

  • The smart rules and custom filters allow you to customize the renaming approach.
  • Unlimited undo and redo eliminate the need to restart the process again.
  • Fix bad enumerations, add padding zeros to numbers in existing filenames
  • Automatic and manual preview options

Things to consider:

  • The multi-panel view and the outdated user interface can make it demanding for novices to employ the software smoothly
  • Limited online guides to understanding the software

7. Name Mangler

Official Website: https://manytricks.com/namemangler/ 

Name Mangler

Name Mangler has a one-simple mission, i.e., “help you tame your filenames.” And it is indeed an incredible rename software for Mac that features user-friendly tools to assist you in renaming files in batches with tons of presets. Name Mangler can handle both files and folders (and subfolders) and deal with a considerable collection of files using multiple patterns quite efficiently. The tool comes with a two-panel view, where the right pane lets you define the parameters, and the left window will show you the progress. It is also intuitive. For instance, all you have to do is drag and drop the files to start setting the renaming patterns. Besides customizing the patterns, you can also utilize the famous Pop-up solutions (code snippets) to define the rules and filters. Initially, the application has a small collection, but you can extend it manually.

Why should I use the Name Mangler file renamer?

  • Most renaming tasks is as easy as choosing your desired action from a pop-up menu
  • A really fast file renaming tool; it can rename up to 5000 files in less than 3 seconds
  • A streamline operations with multi-step action; steps can be rearranged, added, or deleted at any time

Things to consider:

  • Comes with a price tag

8. Transnomino

Official Website: https://transnomino.bastiaanverreijt.com/ 


Transnomino is another free file renamer for Mac OS X and higher variants designed to help you batch-rename files and folders according to specific rules you can set. Starting with the usual traits, Transnomino includes the option to find and replace text with a wildcard (*) support. And can help you find and replace using regular expressions, insert text, prefix/suffix, set, numbering, trim, case change, capitalize, remove diacritics, and define other such rules. Transnomino, like other file renaming software for Mac, uses Path renaming to organize your files in directories based on the creation date. You can also add File Attributes like date-created, ID3, and EXIF data. You can also utilize the conversion feature to manually change an individual character. Moreover, you can also save your sequences and use the recipes later. In essence, Transnomino may lack some advanced options paid tools like Name Mangler and Renamer 6 have, but it includes all essential (or necessary) options required for batch renaming.

Why should I use Transnomino free file renamer for Mac OS X and higher?

  • You can trim the characters from the start and end of the filenames.
  • Use of Regular Expressions, meaning there are options for complex text manipulations.
  • Use Conversion to change the case of filenames, like uppercase, lowercase, capitalize each word, or capitalize the first word.

Things to consider:  

  • In comparison to paid software, Transnomino is short of filters and customizing options
  • Critical features like Undo/Redo are missing

9. Batch File Rename

Official Website: https://gotoes.org/sales/Batch_File_Rename/ 

A tool that runs on Intel-chips-powered Apple computers, Batch File Renamer is an elemental rename software for Mac. The simple drag-and-drop user interface lets users conveniently add files and folders and rename files effortlessly. You can use the software to rename all files, including audio files bought via iTunes. Of course, there are custom filters to define rules for renaming like numbering, changing the case, set, prefix/suffix, and likewise. But Batch File Rename does not allow you to rename the file based on metadata. Nevertheless, the biggest flaw of Batch File Rename is it runs only on Intel-powered Apple computers. If you have the new Apple-Silicon device, use the other file renaming software mentioned here.

Why should I use Batch File Rename?

  • The software is cheap compared to other file renaming applications for Mac
  • It includes all necessary options to customize and rename files in bulk

Things to consider:

  • Runs only on Intel-powered processors only
  • The free version is suitable for one renaming use only.


1. Can I rename multiple files on Mac at once?

Unfortunately, no! Mac has no such options. You will have to rename the files one by one. Of course, it is time-consuming and lengthy. That is why you should use one free file renamer software if you want to rename multiple files at once.

2. What is the best file renaming tool for Mac?

The best file renaming software for you is one that suits your needs. Yes, on the surface, every renaming tool looks just the same. However, some special attributes or specialized options separate one from another. This guide lists ten such distinguishable (and similar) file rename software to help you determine the best one for you.

3. What is metadata?

Metadata is a file container. For instance, ID3 is metadata of MP3 files. It describes the contents, including song title, artist, album, year, comment, CD track, and genre.

4. Should I use free file renaming software?

Of course, why not? If the software is enough to satiate your requirements, then a free file renaming software is all you need.


Yes, there are tools to rename the files in bulk. You do not have to do it the hard way. Use any of these best rename software for Mac and smoothly rename all the files, folders, and subfolders using custom filters and smart rules. This list includes free file rename software for Mac OS X and paid ones. The paid ones are rich in functionality and come laden with advanced features that make it super simple and optimize the process by a great length. At the same time, the free ones are also comprehensive enough to rename batch files as needed but come a little short in comparison to paid file renamer tools.

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