10 Best Video Call Software for Windows 10/11 PC in 2024

You can further enhance your virtual face-to-face video calling interaction experience using the best video call programs for pc available at your disposal.
Best Video Call Software for Windows

Earlier, many people used to prefer in-person meetings over a call, be it for business, friends, or family. But then came the pandemic in 2020, and the people became physically far and virtually closer to each other. Almost everyone from a 6-year-old kid studying in 1st standard to a 70-year-old retired person used video call software for pc for different purposes.

And why not use it? Video conferencing is more fascinating and comfortable than audio calls. The only requirement is to have a smartphone or a PC/laptop. The use of video conferencing has become susceptible in almost every field. The education sector, business corporates, and tech giants heavily depend on online video conferencing to manage teams from remote locations.

What is Video Call Software for Windows PC?

Video calling software is the entity that enables online communication for virtual meetings. It consists of voice, video, and information sharing. It further comprises built-in features like video recording, chatting, and screen sharing being the major ones.

It helps the client in long-distance communication and effective sharing of information by reducing the cost of travel and saving expenses. Even doctors used video conferencing during the pandemic to monitor a patient’s health.

Video Conferencing is a time-savvy and efficient method. It gives clarity to the listener of what the conveyer wants to convey. You can pursue your dream course from your dream college in some country by sitting in your room in another country. You can keep an eye on and get regular updates on your dream project from your office.

Video calling software has helped people connect better and has improved communication.

Who should get this?

The ultimate aim of video conferencing is to connect. Connect with people, clients, business associates, and students, and the list is unending. Above 80% of the job, interviews are happening virtually these days. Schools and colleges have taken the online platform seriously and further added it into their curriculum alongside traditional learning.

Many office employees and business associates prefer to schedule an important meeting online rather than traveling to another place. The call recording option can be used to keep track of the session for future purposes. Many organizations’ product launches and demos are happening via some of the best video calling apps for pc.

The apps can be best used by business associates, office employees, MNCs, students, and government personnel. Many treaties were signed virtually, and many inaugurations of government properties did happen online across the globe. All in all, everyone should have these video calling apps at their disposal.

Here are some of the best-to-use apps for video conferencing.

Top 10 Best video Call Software for Windows PC in 2024

There are many video call software for pc to choose from to get a fantastic user experience. Some of the best are listed below:

1. Skype

Skype is an extremely popular video calling app for Windows 10. It supported many features and was among the first platforms to provide free video calling services. It supports high-definition audio and video calling. One can record calls and keep the conversations private since the call is end-to-end encrypted.

You can download it on your Windows 10/11 PC, laptops, and even smartphones. You can talk in groups of 100 people at the same time. It carries out smooth sharing of videos and images.

Screen-sharing feature also helps collaborate various teams for the same business project. It gives the team a feel of being in the same room, even miles apart geographically. You can even make calls from your PC to your loved ones on their mobile phones or landlines by paying a tiny amount for the subscription.


Best for: HD Video Calls

Price: Free


  • People from different geographical locations can connect through skype
  • Easy to install, and privacy is maintained
  • Access to messages and voice calls free of cost by syncing contacts
  • Reliable and can work across many devices


  • Noises in the background are caught very easily
  • Sound quality is highly dependent on bandwidth

2. Viber

Viber is one of the best video call programs for pc in 2024. Supporting multiple features and having a simple user interface, Viber gives one of the top user experiences. You can place video calls to anyone for free all around the world.

Besides providing the users with a video calling feature, Viber also provides chat options, file, photo & video sharing, and voice calls. It lets you communicate fun-lovingly with its unique set of stickers and GIFs.

Family group or business group calls are just a touch away with Viber. You can even become a part of communities and people following the same passion as you. You can even follow the newsfeed and get regular updates about the current happenings in the world.


Best for: Uninterrupted Video and Voice Calls

Price: Free


  • Conversations are secured, and there is no leakage of it
  • Hide and save essential chats with the hide chat feature
  • Compatible with many devices like Windows 10/11, Android, and iOS.


  • Restricted to only Viber users. You cannot place calls to non-Viber users.
  • Any unknown user can call you without you blocking their call since there is no option of blocking calls.

3. Google Hangouts

Another standout video calling app for Windows 10 is Google Hangouts. It came as an inherent part of Google’s hangout platform. Ten people can converse via video call at a given time. This is of best use for small businesses and companies.   

Apart from uninterrupted video calling, Hangouts also provides quick messaging. Google has integrated with all its other platforms so you can set reminders for your meetings on google calendar and start and join video calls from the mail. It has also collaborated with third parties using the Pexip plugin.

You can record your meeting sessions and save them directly in your G-drive, making them easily accessible. Further, it supports over 25 languages for smoothly communicating among people speaking different languages.

Google Hangouts

Best for: Easy and Smooth Communication

Price: Free for 60 mins up to 100 participants


  • Quickly turns your chats into video calls
  • Your videos can be broadcasted live, and you as an admin can control who can watch them.


  • Free only for a limited period
  • Having a Google+ account is a must requirement

4. Tango

Tango is one of the oldest platforms when we speak about online video calling software for pc. It is available on smartphones as well as PCs. Tango allows the users to make video calls easily. However, its unique feature enables users to play several mini-games for free.

The software aims to merge communication and entertainment into one since users can play a game while on call. Also, it allows the users to show their talents.  

You can Livestream your videos, create vlogs, and get paid. It is recommended for one-to-one communication.


Best for: Connecting with loved ones

Price: Free


  • Join communities with people sharing the same hobbies
  • Amazing effects and filters that can be used during video calls


  • Consists of unnecessary bugs

5. Tox

Tox is a free and open-source video call software for pc. You can make video calls to your clients, associates, and loved ones with ease. It can be used for all levels of business, including small, medium, and large enterprises.

Tox is free to place video calls without any interruptions. It makes use of a P2P network to deliver messages. It is highly secured and stands out in security compared to other apps.

This is a typical app made for people afraid of being spied on and censored. With Tox, you can send instant messages to your contacts without hesitating against an information leak. The focus on security is given prime importance.


Best for: Security of Data

Price: Free


  • No interruptions like ads
  • Channeling of data is through a vast network


  • Voice quality is of average standards
  • No sharing of messages can happen if the other user is disconnected from Tox.

6. IMO

IMO is the best video calling app for pc. It is popular in use these days because of its straightforward user interface. Alongside offering video conferencing services, IMO also provides chat services with stickers to make the chats look lively.

One can also place audio, and video calls securely using IMO. Form a group, start a video call, and you can discuss anything and everything you want to. The chats and video calls are highly encrypted.

It has recently launched a new feature, “iBubble,” for people to communicate more quickly and efficiently. IMO has customizable settings as you can set your preferences for notification and other things.


Best for: Online video chat with high-end encryption

Price: Free


  • Compatible across various devices
  • Group chat features with privacy
  • The quality of video and voice calls is great


  • Battery drainage, since it uses much of the device’s battery
  • Proper unflagging internet connection is required

7. Discord

Discord is another one of the best video calling apps for pc. It also provides the user with free voice and text services. It enables friends and families to come together and stay in touch.

Here, you can also find the community of the niche you are interested in and interact with people with similar qualities. The most common users are from the field of IT and small businesses.

You can seamlessly speak with your loved ones with high-quality video calls across any network connection. Users can also access free games by creating an account on Discord. It helps people connect and spend time with one another.


Best for: Live-streaming and connecting while gaming

Price: Free


  • Specifically dedicated channels for calls and texts
  • An ideal choice for gamers to connect over voice or video calls.
  • Screen sharing occurs seamlessly with utmost clarity of 1080p


  • Consumes memory by taking a massive space off the RAM
  • Safety in huge private servers is not guaranteed

8. Line

Line is another platform providing free video calling and texting services. This app is more commonly used on smartphones, but these days it is highly used on PCs.

Alongside imparting HD video calling services, Line also has a wide range of stickers that can be used in chats. The simple interface of Line will help you navigate through the software seamlessly.

Sharing files with other users within Line is easy. It also has a camera that lets you capture and edit your pictures on extempore. With LinePay, you can send and receive money from your loved ones.


Best for: Maintaining Privacy across all communication forms

Price: Free


  • Compatible across Windows PC, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.
  • No spam texts or calls
  • The Blacklist ID feature lets you block unwanted contacts


  • The application size is large, affecting the space and efficiency of other apps.
  • A minimum 3G connection is required for the app to work smoothly.

9. Wire

The wire is regarded as the next alternative to skype. It is another one of the video call programs for pc. Apart from providing video calling services, Wire also provides secure connections.

The primary feature setting Wire apart from other apps is that you can create two profiles. One work profile and one personal profile. You can switch between the two profiles according to your convenience, helping you keep your work and professional life separate.

It is available on almost all platforms for you to use its video calling and other facilities.


Best for: Switching among work and personal profiles

Price: Free for friends, family, and external business use


  • Protects personal data and provides high security
  • Great User interface
  • User-friendly and offers good customer service  


  • Calls to limited people at a time
  • No communities to join

10.  Zalo

Zalo is a new online video calling software in the market with useful functions. It helps place high-quality video calls if the user has good network connectivity.

Alongside imparting free video call services, Zalo also offers quick texting and HD voice call services. Because of its simple and user-friendly interface, Zalo has become popular in many countries.

It has the most entertaining group features that can be used for group chats. One of its outstanding features is that it uses less storage space and data.


Best for: Video calls in low-storage devices and also less internet connectivity

Price: Free


  • Provide secured private connections anytime
  • Has a broad range of features


  • It may not work in some geographical locations.
  • Privacy is not guaranteed

FAQs about Video Call Software For PC

1. Is video conferencing important these days?

Video conferencing has gained utmost importance during the pandemic. It has numerous benefits, from the education sector, allowing the youth to study different cultures from remote locations to business and technical management. It helps in cost reduction and time spent on doing work.

For face-to-face communication, traveling is not required as all decisions can be taken virtually. Teams function better even in different time zones, and work can get completed before deadlines.

2. Why choose video calls over audio calls?

With the endless benefits of video conferencing, you can put and explain your point significantly. Like in face-to-face communication, you can present your viewpoints and give a product demo to the person.

Video calls can be used to hold meetings and chat on essential topics. Many deals in their final stage can be closed via video calls. Bonds have gained greater depth using video calls since audio calls are less engaging as only voice can be heard and expressions can never be seen.

3. What initial requirements are needed to place a video call from my PC?

Some vital things required for a video call are a high-quality camera or a webcam, a working microphone, a good internet connection for seamless video streaming, speakers to listen clearly, and a stable environment.

Some other requirements are compatible devices like windows 10/11 PC, laptops, smartphones, and the best video calling app for pc.  

4. Where do I get the above apps downloaded on my PC?

The above apps can be easily downloaded onto your PC by using Google Chrome and downloading it from there. A good internet connection is the only prime requirement for any video calling app.


Knowingly or unknowingly, video conferencing has bonded loved ones with their families, office employees, and students living in far-flung areas. Video call programs for pc are must-have apps to enhance your bonds, productivity, and work efficiency. It also improves practical communication skills and helps you express your views in an easy manner.

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