Forgot Windows 7 Password No Reset Disk? Here’s How to Reset!

Have you forgotten the password of your Windows 7 computer? Find out how to reset your Windows 7 password without the disk in this article.
Forgot Windows 7 Password No Reset Disk? Here’s How to Reset!

Finding yourself locked out of your Windows 7 computer due to a forgotten password is a frustrating experience. It is especially bad if you don’t have a password reset disk on hand. However, you don’t have to worry as it is easy to reset your password even without a password reset disk. This article will walk you through how to reset your Windows 7 password without a disk.

It will use the 5 easiest and safest methods to reset the Win 7 password without disk. Moreover, it will also recommend a great tool to resolve similar situations in the future.

Part 1: Reset Windows 7 Password without Disk Using Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Windows 7 comes with a pre-built administrator account which is created during system installation. If you have used that account before or has it enabled and there is no password set on this admin account, you can use it to reset your Windows 7 account. Here is how to reset the password of your computer if you forgot Windows 7 password no reset disk:

Step 1: Reboot your computer and press the “F8” key until you see the “Advanced Boot Options” on the screen. Select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and press “Enter.”

Safe mode with command prompt on Windows 7

Step 2: Now, the built-in administrator account will appear; select it to access the Command Prompt and run the following command to set the new password for your Windows 7:

net user username new_password
Net user username password

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Part 2: Reset Windows 7 Password without Disk If You Have Another Admin Account

If your computer is part of a network of shared computers or you have another Admin account on the computer, it becomes easier to reset Windows 7 password. The gist of this method is to log in using the second admin account and change the password for the targeted account. Follow these steps to use another admin account to reset the Win 7 password without disk:

Step 1: After logging into your Windows 7 computer, access the “Control Panel” through the “Start” menu. Click “Add or remove user accounts” from “User accounts and family safety.”

select add or remove user accounts option

Step 2: Now select the account whose password you have forgotten. Afterward, select either “Change password” or “Remove password” to reset the account password.

Change or remove your password on Windows 7

Part 3: Reset Win 7 Password with Windows Password Recovery Tool

When looking for the best tool to unlock your Windows 7 computer after forgetting the password, the recommended choice is PassFab 4WinKey. It can create Windows password reset bootable drive and help you regain access to your computer. With this tool, you can remove or reset all types of Windows passwords securely.

The tool is completely safe and provides a 100% success rate in unlocking Windows computers. It also supports all major brands of desktop and laptop computers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, ASUS, etc. Furthermore, it can also unlock all major Windows versions from Windows XP to the latest Windows 11.

PassFab 4WinKey provides a simple and quick process to reset Windows 7 passwords without disk. When using this tool, you can unlock your computer in less than 5 minutes. These are the steps to reset the Win 7 password:

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Step 1: Launch PassFab 4WinKey on a Computer

Launch PassFab 4WinKey on another computer and click “Start” to download the Windows ISO file. It is needed to create a bootable USB disk. Connect the USB flash drive to the computer after the ISO file is downloaded.

press the start button

Step 2: Create the Bootable USB Drive for Windows 7

After connecting your USB to the computer, select it and click “Start burning.” Now, tap “Next” on the warning prompt about formatting the USB to start creating the bootable USB. Afterward, connect the bootable flash drive to the locked computer.

tap on start burning

Step 3: Boot the Locked Windows 7 Computer Using Bootable USB Drive

Restart the computer after connecting the bootable USB drive and press the Boot key to enter the Boot menu. The Boot key can be “Esc,” “F8,” “F12,” “F10,” or “F2,” depending on the computer brand and model. Once in the Boot menu, give the bootable USB the highest priority.

access the boot menu

Step 4: Make the Bootable USB Drive Highest Boot Priority

To prioritize the bootable USB, you need to use arrow keys to find and select the “Boot Device Priority.” Set the Bootable USB drive you attached as the “Boot Option #1” using the “+/-“ keys. Afterward, press F10 to save and exit the boot menu.

change the boot device priority

Step 5: Reset Windows 7 Account Password

Now reboot your computer and choose a Windows system. On the next screen, select the targeted account and choose “Reset Account Password.” Next, choose a new password and tap “Reset.” When done, use “Reboot” to restart the system.

Windows password recovery choose account and feature

Part 4: Reset Win 7 Password Using a System Repair Disk

You can also use System Repair Disk to reset the password to unlock your Windows 7 computer. What is System Repair Disk? It is a bootable disc that can be used to access advanced recovery options to resolve issues on your Windows 7. You will first need to create System Repair Disk on another computer before using it. Once you have created one, use the following steps:

Step 1: After creating the System Repair Disk, put it into the CD/DVD drive of your locked Windows 7 system and reboot it. Ensure that your computer boots with the System Repair Disk through boot settings.

Step 2: Once your computer boots with System Repair Disk, select “Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows” and click “Next.” It will lead you to the System Recovery Options screen, where you need to select “Command Prompt.”

choose the command prompt option on System Recovery options

Step 3: In the Command Prompt, run the following commands in order:

cd windows
cd system32
ren sethc.exe sethc.exe.bak
copy cmd.exe sethc.exe
run sethc.exe commands

Step 4: After executing the commands, close the Command Prompt. Afterward, remove the System Repair Disk and reboot your system. Now wait for the login screen to appear; when it does, press the “Shift” key 5 times.

Step 5: Pressing the “Shift” key 5 times will open the Command Prompt where you need to run the following command:


Note: Replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD with your desired combination.

Net user username password in Windows 7

Step 6: Lastly, close the Command Prompt and log into Windows 7 system using the newly created password. Afterward, access the “System 32” folder from the Local Disk C: and rename the sethc.exe.bak back to sethc.exe.

Part 5: Reset Your Windows 7 to Factory Settings (Data Loss)

Lastly, you can factory reset your Windows 7 computer to unlock it if you forgot the account password. Using this method to reset your account password will result in data loss. You will lose all the data on your computer, so it is only recommended if no other method works. Use the following steps to reset your Windows 7 password without disk:

Step 1: To reset your Windows 7 computer to factory settings, you need to reboot the computer and keep pressing “F8” to access “Advanced Boot Options.” Here choose “Safe Mode with Command Prompt.”

Safe mode with command prompt on Windows 7

Step 2: In the command prompt, sign in as Administrator or local account and run the “rstrui.exe” command. It will open the System Restore wizard, where you need to click “Next,” choose a restore point and confirm the action using “Yes.”

run the rstrui.exe command

Part 6: Frequently Asked Questions About Forgotten Windows 7 Password No Reset Disk

If you have more questions about forgot Windows 7 password no reset disk, you can read the answers to the FAQs regarding this issue below:

Will resetting my Windows 7 password delete my files?

No, resetting your Windows 7 password will not affect your data. The only time your data will be deleted is if you choose to factory reset your computer. Other methods, including third-party tools, don’t affect your data.

How do I create a password reset disk for Windows 7?

You can only create the password reset disk for your Windows 7 before getting locked out of your device. In case you haven’t created the password reset disk, then you can use the Windows Password Recovery to create a password reset disk which you can use for every locked Windows device.

Can I reset my Windows 7 password with a Microsoft account?

You cannot reset your Windows 7 password using a Microsoft account, as Windows 7 does not support Microsoft account integration. This feature was introduced in Windows 8 and later versions. In Windows 7, you can only reset your password using the built-in administrator account or a password reset disk.


In the end, it can be concluded that forgetting passwords is a part of human nature. So, even if you forget the password to your Windows 7 computer, it isn’t the end. There are many safe and secure ways available to remedy the situation. The best method that requires the least time to reset the Windows 7 password without a disk is Windows Password Recovery.

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