How to Change Location on Tinder for Free without Paying on iPhone

Can’t figure out how to change location on Tinder? Read this article to learn how Tinder location works and how you can change it easily.
how to change location on tinder

Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has revolutionized online dating. It’s never been so easy to find a date. This geosocial networking application uses your device’s GPS to search for eligible candidates within your area. Afterward, you have to swipe right on the person you like and wait to see if they’re interested in you.

The only downside of this fantastic app is that you cannot find matches outside your region. Changing locations is a feature that is exclusively available to Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum subscribers only. Luckily, there are other ways to change location on Tinder for free without subscribing to the paid plans.

In this article, we put together the best ways you can spoof your device’s location, as well as teach you how to change location on Tinder. The methods are easy to follow and will enhance your user experience.

Method 1: Change Location on Tinder with Tinder Passport

For anyone using the free version of Tinder, the app will automatically lock your location to the region you are currently in. To resolve this issue, Tinder introduced the Tinder Passport feature. This feature allows you to conveniently pin any location on the map so you can start receiving profile suggestions from that region.

Change Location with Tinder Passport


  • Increases match rate by 25%
  • Notifies when someone likes your profile, and you can see the user’s profile for 24 hours
  • Great for travel enthusiasts looking to explore different cities and meet people from new destinations
  • Easy to setup


  • Tinder Passport is available to Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum subscribers only
  • Other users can tell if you are using Tinder Passport


  • Tinder Plus:
    • Monthly subscription: $7.99
    • Cost per month for the six-month package: $4
    • Cost per month for the one-year package: $2.67
  • Tinder Gold:
    • Monthly subscription: $24.99
    • Cost per month for the six-month package: $12.50
    • Cost per month for the one-year package: $8.33
  • Tinder Platinum:
    • Monthly subscription: $29.99
    • Cost per month for the six-month package: $15.00
    • Cost per month for the one-year package: $10.00  

Setting Up Tinder Passport:

Enabling Tinder Passport is quite simple. Follow the steps below to start using Tinder Passport on your profile:

Step 1. First, subscribe to any one of the three Tinder packages. To do that, launch the app and tap the profile icon. Then, go to Settings.

Step 2. Now select Get Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum. After that, pick the plan and payment method of your choice to complete the subscription.

Step 3. After completing the subscription, go back to the Settings menu. Then, tap location.

setting up Tinder passport to change location

Step 4. The following page will display your current location. To change your location, tap Add a New Location.

Step 5. Type in a new location in the search bar. You can also navigate through the map and pin any location you like.

You can change location unlimited times. To view your recent passport locations, go back to Locations and check the list. You can instantly teleport to any of these saved locations by tapping on them.

Note: You cannot virtually stay in multiple locations at once.

Method 2: Change your Location on Tinder with an iOS Location Changer

use tenorshare iAnyGo to change location on Tinder

Changing locations on iOS devices is a hassle since it requires you to jailbreak the device. Due to this, you might face many complicated and technical issues. If you do not want to get into the technicalities of jailbreaking your iPhone, you can use a third-party application like Tenorshare iAnyGo.

System Requirements:

  • macOS: Available on macOS 10.13 or later
  • Windows: Available on Windows 7 to Windows 11


  • Simple user interface
  • Can change your iPhone location to anywhere in one click
  • Comes with a GPS joystick to maneuver through the map comfortably
  • Compatible with the latest iOS devices


  • Some features are only available on premium

Price: $9.95 for one month’s license. $19.95 for a one-quarter license. $39.95 for a one-year license.

The best part about using Tenorshare iAnyGo is that you do not have to purchase any Tinder packages to change your location. You can use this app’s movement features to navigate the map. This app also ensures Tinder does not detect the use of a location spoofing app by making your movement seem more realistic.

>> Get Tenorshare iAnyGo <<

How to change GPS location using Tenorshare iAnyGo:

Step 1. Download and install Tenorshare iAnyGo on your computer or Mac.

Step 2. Launch the app on your computer, connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, then unlock your device.

Step 3. A permission window will pop up on your iPhone screen. Tap Trust to completely connect your device to the computer.

Step 4. On the next interface, click Enter.


Step 5. All devices connected to the iAnyGo app on your computer will appear in the next interface. Select your device and click Next.

Step 6. Tap on the search bar. Type in the name or the coordinates of the location you want to teleport to. Once you select your destination, click Start to Modify.

change location with iAnyGo on Tinder

Note: All location-based apps on your iPhone will be changed to the new fake location you set on this app.

Method 3: Change Location on Tinder with a VPN


System requirements: iOS 11.0 or later


  • No setup is required. Just download, sign up, and start using it.
  • Provides multi-factor authentication for password recovery and complete security.
  • You can change servers quickly.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Can change location on Tinder on multiple devices with one account.


  • VPN isn’t legal in some countries

Price: $11.99 per month for the Standard package. $12.68 per month for the Plus package. $13.97 per month for the Complete package.

Can you change your location on Tinder and ensure maximum privacy? The answer is yes. With Nord VPN, you can safely change location on Tinder while maintaining complete data privacy. The bulletproof encryption, coupled with the optimized algorithm, protects your iPhone from virus attacks and sets up your device in a proxy location at a super-fast speed.

If you are wondering how to change your location on Tinder without getting detected, Nord VPN is the most reliable choice. Since this app uses AES-256 encryption, it protects your online traffic from being monitored by harmful websites by hiding your IP address.

With NordVPN, you can change your location on Tinder in one click by selecting any server. It has a simple interface, so you can browse Tinder, like profiles, and match with people all over the world.

Setting up and connecting to NordVPN is quite simple. Follow the steps below to install NordVPN properly:

Step 1. Download the app on your iPhone from the App Store.

download NordVPN on iPhone

Step 2. After the download is complete, open the app. The initial interface will ask you to register your account. If you already have an account, tap Login. If you’re new, select Sign Up.

Step 3. If you sign up, you will be taken to the “Create Nord Account” page. Create an account with your email ID, Google account, or Apple ID. Then, press Continue.

Create Nord Account

Step 4. Next, select the package you want to purchase. After choosing your subscription package, you will be taken to a privacy notification page. Tap Agree & Continue to proceed. Tap Quick Connect to activate the VPN. The app will use its optimized algorithm to select the best server based on your current location.

quick connect nord vpn

Step 5. If you are using NordVPN for the first time, you will be prompted with a standard warning message about VPN configurations. Click Allow. You will also be asked to register your touch ID. Confirm your fingerprint to proceed with using the app.

Step 6. Once all the security checkups are done, you can launch the app again. To change the server, swipe up the Browse Countries section. From here, you can select any country of your choice.

After you change your location via NordVPN, Tinder will show your profile results for the selected country.

Method 4: Change Location on Tinder by Jailbreak

If you are thinking about how to change your location on Tinder without paying on iPhone, then this next solution is for you. You can jailbreak your iPhone to spoof your location on Tinder for free.


  • Increases accessibility
  • You can download and run new features on old iPhones
  • Utilize handy shortcuts
  • Allows you to record calls


  • You can brick your device
  • Apple will not provide a service warranty for your jailbroken iPhone

Jailbreaking is the process of removing software restrictions that were intentionally enforced on the device by the manufacturers. Due to these restrictions, you cannot enjoy some third-party applications and features on iOS.

With a jailbroken iPhone, you can download non-Apple ringtones, modify icons, delete unnecessary pre-installed apps, and much more. In addition, after jailbreaking your iPhone, you will be able to use Android apps that were previously unavailable on iOS.

Jailbreaking can be a bothersome and risky task. Therefore, it’s essential to do it correctly. Several reliable sources you can refer to will help guide you through this step.

Once the jailbreak is complete, you need to download a GPS spoofing “tweak” from an app called Cydia. Cydia also contains other apps for jailbroken iOS devices. You can download the popular GPS spoofing tweak LocationFaker.

After downloading the app, reboot your iPhone to completely register all the changes the GPS spoofing tweak made to your device. Then, you can launch the app and select the region you want to explore on Tinder.

How Tinder Tracks Your Location

If you are wondering how Tinder locations work, the answer is quite simple. When you download Tinder on your smartphone, it asks for permission to share your location. Then, when you give Tinder access to your location, it uses your device’s GPS to track your IP address. Afterward, the app displays all eligible candidates according to your preferences within your current location.

Although Tinder shows other users the name of the city you are in, it does not reveal the exact coordinates or address of your current location because that would be a breach of privacy. But if you ask, “can you change location on Tinder to stop being tracked by the app?” the answer is no. The app needs to access your location to provide interesting profile suggestions.

Why Would Users Like to Change Tinder Location?

While receiving suggestions within your region makes the most sense, it is not always suitable for everyone’s preference.

One reason to change your location on Tinder is you could be traveling a lot and want to explore and meet new people in different places. Changing location on Tinder will allow you to connect with users outside your previously saved location. It will also enable you to look at new prospects in that region and prepare accordingly. Or, you could make a new friend before moving to a new city or country.

Another reason is some users want to avoid being seen by relatives or friends on Tinder. And others have exhausted the list of profile suggestions within their region. This takes away the app’s charm and makes the user experience incredibly dull since you cannot connect with new people. Changing location on Tinder will refresh your suggestions so you can talk to new people around the world.

How to Fake Tinder Location on Android

Fake Tinder location on android

Can you change your location on Tinder on Android? Yes, you can. The process is much simpler on Android devices. You can spoof your location by downloading a fake GPS app like Fake GPS Location. The app is easy to set up and use.


  • Teleports your device to any place in just two clicks
  • Changes the GPS location for all apps on your Android device
  • Has tasker support so it can be started or stopped from the command line
  • You can set it to start on the boot-up of your device


  • Does not provide regular updates

If you are thinking about how to change location on Tinder for free, this app is a lifesaver. It’s quick and enables you to travel virtually to any city.

Using the app is quite simple. Just install it on your device and type in the name of the location you want to travel to in the search bar. You can also manually pin the location on the map. Then, press the start icon to spoof your location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Location on Tinder

1. How to change location on Tinder for free?

To change location on Tinder for free, download the free version of third-party apps like Tenorshare iAnyGo. You can jailbreak your iPhone and use tweaks such as LocationFaker to spoof your location for free.

2. Is Jailbreaking your iPhone safe?

Although it provides tons of benefits, jailbreaking your iPhone does make it vulnerable to malicious virus attacks and hackers. So, you have to be cautious with what you download on a jailbroken iPhone.

3. How to hide my location on Tinder?

To hide your location on Tinder, subscribe to any Tinder paid plans. Tinder Plus and Gold users can hide their current location so that other users cannot see them. However, this feature does not hide your profile.

4. How does Tinder location work?

Tinder uses the GPS in your device to pinpoint your current location. With that location, it then presents you with all the users in your region that you might be interested in.

5. How to turn off Tinder location?

Head over to Settings, select Apps, and then tap on Tinder. Now tap on Permissions and turn off the location permissions for Tinder. Tinder will no longer be able to access your GPS location. However, since it is a geosocial networking app, the app might malfunction without location permissions.


Tinder has made the process of making online connections more convenient. People can like and match with other users from the comfort of their homes. The user experience can be enhanced if you know how to change location on Tinder. Switching your Tinder region to a new city allows you to explore more options, but the process of changing location can get technical if you aren’t a Tinder Gold or Plus subscriber.

We hope we were able to help you figure out how to change location on Tinder most easily and quickly as possible.

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