iPhone 11/12/13/14 Flashlight Not Working? 11 Solutions to Fix It!

Have you recently discovered that your iPhone flashlight is not operational? If so, read this article to discover solutions to iPhone flashlights not working.
iPhone 11/12/13/14 Flashlight Not Working? 11 Solutions to Fix It!

Technology has advanced in many ways, bringing multiple innovations that countered many fundamental issues. Although smartphones have been designed to target the problems of communication and quick computing, numerous utilities have been added to them. One such utility comes with a flashlight that provides many benefits to a user.

While assisting in capturing images, it can also be a great aid when searching for a light source in darkness. Being an iPhone user, you might also benefit much from it. What if you find out that it is not working? Rather than putting up an expense, there are some quick solutions that can be tried to resolve it. This article brings together some solid solutions for the iPhone flashlight not working.

Part 1: Why Is Flashlight Not Working on My iPhone?

The first question that needs to be answered is why the flashlight is not working on iPhone. There can be multiple reasons that are involved with this issue. We have outlined some essential and prominent reasons to help you in analyzing this problem:

1.1. Software Concerns

Although the flashlight in an iPhone is a hardware accessory, it is controlled through software. Thus, issues with the flashlight can be directly associated with the problems in the software of your iPhone. This can redirect to problems caused by temporary bugs. Subsequently, there can be deadlier issues with the iPhone’s software that need to be resolved.

1.2. Hardware Problems

There is a chance that the LED flash of your iPhone might be damaged or broken. In other cases, there can be issues in the electrical wiring and components of the device, causing problems with the flashlight not working on the iPhone. The only solution to such a case is to take the iPhone to a professional repair shop or the Apple Support Center.

1.3. Flashlight Function Disabled

You might sometimes observe the flashlight feature disabled across the Control Center. It is indicated by a grayed-out feature, which leads to faults in the software or the settings of the iPhone. This can be checked by swiping down the Control Center from the top-right of your iPhone.

1.4. Low Battery of iPhone

Instead of finding an issue within your iPhone, give a check on the battery level of your iPhone. When the battery level is deficient for your device, it won’t function with multiple features, such as the flashlight. Swipe down the Control Center from the top to see the accurate reading and put your iPhone on charging.

1.5. Third-Party Application Concerns

If you have been reporting issues with the flashlight won’t turn on your iPhone while operating a particular application on your iPhone, give an in-depth check on the application. Rather than finding a problem within the iPhone, the issues can be redirected to the inconsistencies in the third-party application. Contact the developer for the problem or try some other remedy on the specific application.

1.6. Issue With Camera Application

Another discrepancy that can be connected to the issues with the flashlight is the problems with the camera. If the Camera app of your iPhone is running in the background, there is a chance that the flashlight might not work. You will have to check out the camera application of your iPhone and see if the problem is caused by it.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working

We hope you have assessed the reasons for the iPhone flashlight not working in detail. After a proper assessment of the reasons, let’s proceed with the discussion of the fixes for this particular iPhone problem:

2.1: Check If Flashlight is Blocked

Before you proceed with any particular remedy, it is considered optimal to check the case you use for your iPhone. Sometimes, the flashlight gets covered if you use an unusual case, such as those covering the camera module and flashlights. Remove the case to check if your iOS flashlight is operational or not.

2.2: Uninstall Third-Party Flashlight Apps

There is a chance that your device’s flashlight might malfunction because of the existence of a third-party flashlight application. Due to this intervention, it is best that you uninstall the application from your iPhone. To know how it is done, follow the steps defined below:

Step 1: Access the particular application from the homepage and hold the app to open a set of options. Continue to select “Remove App” from the drop-down menu.

select the remove app option on iPhone

Step 2: A prompt opens where you have to tap on “Delete App,” which leads you to another prompt where you have to choose “Delete” to successfully uninstall the application from the iDevice.

2.3: Turn Off Low Power Mode

For this solution, it is great to turn off the Low Power Mode running on your iPhone. You might have activated it when your device’s battery was low, and you forgot to turn it off. Since this feature restricts the iPhone’s operations, the flashlight might not work. Follow the simple step described below to turn off Low Power Mode on your iPhone:

Swipe your fingers down from the top-right of your iPhone screen to open the Control Center. As it appears on the front, locate the “Low Power Mode” icon and tap it to turn it off.

turn off the low battery mode on iPhone

2.4: Force Quit Camera

If your Camera app is unresponsive, you might face the issue of the iPhone 11 flashlight not working. In other instances, it can be responsive; however, its operations are not working properly and need a restart. For such a case, it is best to force quit the unresponsive application. Try out the following guideline to force quit applications from iPhone:

Open the list of opened applications on your iPhone by swiping it from the bottom of the screen. As you discover the list of apps, find the “Camera” app from within and swipe up to force quit.

force quit camera app

2.5: Restart Your iPhone

iPhones might show such issues if they are disturbed by a temporary bug in the software. If this is the case, the simple solution to the problem is restarting the iPhone. Follow the steps guided next for restarting your iPhone 11 and later models:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” of your iPhone and look for the “General” settings. As you lead next, scroll down and find the option of “Shut Down.” This will turn off the iPhone for you.

choose the shut down option on iPhone

Step 2: Use the “Power” button of your iPhone to start the iPhone again. Navigate to the Control Center to turn on the flashlight again and see if the issue is resolved.

2.6: Force Restart Your iPhone

Considering the software bugs are problematic and are not resolved by simple restart, you can try force restarting your iPhone. This will restart every major and minor process of the iPhone again, building a chance that the issue of the flashlight not working on the iPhone is resolved. Look into the step discussed below for force restarting your iPhone 11 and above models:

Press the “Volume Down” button and continue to press the “Volume Up” button. Once done, press and hold the “Power” button until the Apple logo appears on the screen of your iPhone.

force restart iPhone

2.7: Update Your iOS

You can also try updating your iOS if the issue with your iPhone persists. At times, outdated software can also cause such problems with your device, which is why it is best to update it by following the steps guided next:

Step 1: Launch the “Settings” of your iPhone and look for the “General” section in the list of settings.

Step 2: As you lead next, look for the “Software Update” options for accessing the available updates for your iPhone.

Step 3: Your iPhone will automatically search for updates and display them on the next screen. Next, tap “Download and Install” to initiate the process of updating the iOS firmware.

iPhone Settings general software update

2.8: Disable Focus Mode

If your flashlight won’t turn on your iPhone, there is a chance that your iPhone might have an enabled “Focus” feature. A simple remedy to this is to turn off the Focus Mode on your iPhone, which can be done by following the steps displayed below:

Step 1: You have to access the Control Center of your iPhone, which is done by swiping it down from the top-right of the screen. Look for the enabled “Focus” mode option and tap on it.

select the focus mode option on iPhone

Step 2: Regardless of the mode that you have enabled, i.e., “Do Not Disturb,” “Personal,” “Work,” or “Sleep,” tap to disable it from your iPhone.

disable the focus mode on iPhone

2.9: Reset All Settings

Considering no solutions are working for your iPhone, you might have to go for a stricter solution. You will have to reset the entire settings of your device, which is done by following the steps described below:

Step 1: Lead into the “Settings” of your iPhone and find the “General” settings to lead to the next screen. As you redirect into the General settings, look for the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option.

Step 2: On the next screen, select “Reset” from the bottom and continue to choose “Reset All Settings” from the pop-up menu that opens.

choose reset all settings option on iPhone

Step 3: As you confirm the prompt for resetting the iPhone settings, follow the on-screen instructions to reset all the settings of your iPhone.

2.10: Repair iOS System Problems With iOS System Recovery Tool

What if there is a better solution for repairing the system issues with your iPhone? There is a comprehensive iOS repairing tool that repairs all prevailing issues with your iDevice. Although it is a simple-to-operate tool, you can perform multiple functions with the platform. You can find support for all the iOS versions, including dedicated support for the latest iPhone 14 models.

From issues with the iOS system to problems with iPhone 12 flashlight not working, Tenorshare ReiBoot will make things easier for you. Another exceptional feature of this tool is its ability to cover all procedures for free, which makes it easier for iPhone users to resolve their system issues.

Before you direct into using this tool for resolving problems with your iPhone, it is best to learn some of its best features:

  • It can efficiently resolve more than 150 issues with your iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS, making it a versatile tool to operate.
  • You can downgrade your iOS without jailbreaking the device, saving you from all significant threats.
  • The platform allows you to reset your iPhone without using iTunes or Finder.
  • The process of repairing major and strong errors in iPhone is exceptionally simple and is covered within a few steps.

Let’s find out how you can resolve the iPhone flashlight not working issue with Tenorshare ReiBoot with the following steps:

Step 1: Open Tenorshare ReiBoot and Start System Recovery

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You will start the process by downloading and installing the latest version of ReiBoot on your computer. Launch the tool and connect your iPhone to the computer to recognize it. Once the device is recognized, tap “Start” to lead into the iOS system recovery tool.

Launch iOS system recovery

Step 2: Select the Repairing Mode

As you proceed next, select “Standard Repair” mode and continue to tap on the “Standard Repair” button to initiate the process.

iOS sytem recovery standard repair

Step 3: Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

For a device that cannot be detected, ReiBoot will guide you to put the iPhone in Recovery Mode. If the device fails to be detected in Recovery Mode, select the “Try DFU Mode” button on the bottom to open instructions that will help you put the iPhone in DFU Mode.

Step 4: Download Firmware For Repairing

Once the iPhone is detected, the platform will display the firmware that can be downloaded on your iPhone. Click “Download” on the screen to download the firmware.

iOS system recovery download firmware

Step 5: Successfully Repair iPhone

As the firmware downloads, choose “Start Standard Repair” to initiate system recovery and repair your iPhone successfully.

iOS system recovery start standard repair

2.11: Contact Apple Support

Following all solutions, if you are unable to come up with any optimal results for your issue with the flashlight, it is best to contact Apple Support. The respective personnel will guide you to the proper remedy to this problem or resolve it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Flashlight Not Working

With all the mentioned details, there are a few questions that a user might ask. For that, we have outlined a list of questions that will provide an answer to issues like the iPhone flashlight not working.

Can an iPhone flashlight burn out?

No, the flashlight of an iPhone doesn’t burn out. If it is turned on for a long span, the battery of the iPhone will deplete. This will result in the device getting turned off, which means the flashlight will also turn off.

What is the lifespan of an iPhone flashlight?

A standard LED light, equivalent to a flashlight, lasts 17 years if turned on for 8 hours daily. Seeing such metrics, the lifespan of an iPhone flashlight is quite long to determine.

Why is my iPhone flashlight suddenly not working?

There can be multiple reasons why the flashlight of your iPhone is not working. While there can be software and hardware faults within the device, the battery of your iDevice might be too low. Furthermore, if the flashlight of your iPhone is not working with a specific application, the problem might lie in the application itself.


This article has discussed a comprehensive list of solutions that can be considered to resolve the problems of iPhone 14 flashlights not working. With all the mentioned solutions, it is evident that you can try using Tenorshare ReiBoot as your go-to remedy for resolving all system issues. This effective tool can prove very helpful in resolving iOS system issues, which also include problems with the flashlight.

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