How to Reset Windows 8 Password If You Forgot It

What if you forget your Windows 8 password accidentally? In that case, you can use a Windows 8 password reset disk if you have. Similarly, if you are using Windows 8.1 you can use these methods for Windows 8.1 password reset, too. And if you forgot Windows 8 administrator password and can’t sign into Windows, then there are also several ways to reset Windows 8 password, that can work. Let’s see how it works.

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Part 1. What You Should Know Before Resetting Windows 8 Password

Reasons Why People Forgot Windows 8 Password

First of all, there is no need to be embarrassed if you forgot your Windows 8 password because you are just a human, not a superhuman that can carry everything in his mind. It’s not necessary that you forgot your password because it was so complex and hard to remember but even you can forget a simple password that wasn’t that difficult to remember.

What is Windows 8 Password Reset Disk?

There is no big science in the understanding of what is Windows 8 password reset disk? What does it do? How to create Windows 8 password reset disk? How to use reset disk to reset Windows 8 password?

A Windows password reset disk is a USB device that you can create and use it to reset the password for a Windows 8 user account. The thing to remember the reset disk only works for local user accounts and it can only be created before you forgot your password. The USB drive may have a small capacity model (1 GB or less…will work fine). It should be kept in a safe location so that later on you can use it to reset Windows 8 forgotten password.

We will also discuss how to use this reset disk step by step to reset your lost password of Windows 8.

What is Third-party Windows 8 Password Reset Tool

If you forgot Windows 8 password and are locked out of your Windows, there is no way to create a password reset disk by itself. But you can use a Windows password recovery tool to reset Windows 8 password.

The best Windows password recovery tool is iSunshare Windows password Genius. We will discuss the complete process of password recovery through these tools.

Part 2. Reset Windows 8 Password with/without Disk

Method 1. Reset Windows 8 Password with Password Hint

While setting a user password on Windows 8, you can create a password hint to help you to remember the lost or forgotten Windows password. Definitely, the password hint will not appear until you enter a wrong password. so this can help you to remember forgotten password.

reset windows 8 password with hint

Method 2. Reset Windows 8 Password with Password Reset Disk

A good and simple way to recover your forgotten password easily is to reset your Windows 8 password with a reset disk that you created before. The main thing is that password reset disk will only work If you are using a local account on your computer.

Now we will discuss the whole process of reset Windows 8 password with reset disk and this article applies to all versions of Windows 8 or 8.1, so if you are using Windows 8.1 you can also follow this to come out of forgot password problem.

Bear in mind, you must have created a password reset disk before resetting your Windows 8/8.1 password, we are not going here to elaborate on how to create password reset disk for Windows 8, we will just discuss how to use this already made USB reset disk.

So if you forgot your Windows 8 password then put an incorrect password on your PC’s login screen.

Reset Windows 8 Password with Password Reset Disk

Click Enter and it will appear with Wrong password screen.

the password is incorrect in windows 8

Pressing Enter again will take you the password field again and you will see a Reset Password option there. Click on it.

reset password option in windows 8

A password wizard will be started as you click on reset password, insert your Reset disk in your PC and click on Next.

password reset wizard in windows 8

Choose a USB Reset Disk and click on Next.

insert the password reset disk in windows 8

Enter a new password and Password hint (optional) and click on Next.

enter new password and hint in windows 8

Note: In case if you attached wrong USB drive containing reset file for another PC or something else it will produce an error notification like that.

error occurred with wrong disk

Otherwise, it will update your new password into your PC and you can use this newly reset password to login to your computer. Click on Finish to finish the process.

completing the password reset wizard in windows 8

That’s all, you have successfully reset your Windows password.

Method 3. Reset Windows 8 Password via Microsoft Account

Another easy and completely free way to reset Windows 8 password is using your Microsoft Account. But it is only possible when your PC is linked with your Microsoft account. The only thing it requires is the Internet.

To recover your lost/forgotten password of Windows 8, go to Microsoft Password Reset Page, you will see different options inquiring the reason of your password reset, you can simply choose I forgot my password option.

Reset Windows 8 Password via Microsoft Account

By clicking a Next an Email dialogue will appear, enter your email that you are using for your Microsoft account, type the characters below after entering your Email and click on Next.

get back into your microsoft account windows 8

After entering that details a window will appear with different password recovery options, for example, either you can select the email option to get a confirmation email with new password recovery code or if you have access to your phone you can get a text message containing the password recovery code and in case if you don’t have access to any of them you can select the third option stating I don’t have access to any of these.

I will choose the email option, you can choose according to your ease.

verify your identify of windows 8 microsoft account

You will receive an email if the email you entered matches with the email address on your account. Check your email account and enter the received password reset code here and click on Next.

enter security code of windows 8 microsoft account

Here you will see password reset field, enter the new password that you would like to use for your Microsoft account.

enter new password of windows 8 microsoft account

By clicking on Next will show you a success message with password change notification, click on Next and log in to your Windows 8 computer through Microsoft account.

your microsoft account has been recovered in windows 8

Sign in to your Windows 8 with your newly reset password.

sign in windows 8 with microsoft account

This will enable you to enter in your PC

Method 4. Reset Windows 8 Password with Another Available Admin Account

If you forget your Windows 8 password but still have another administrator account, then it is easy to recover or reset your new password for your admin account and it might be the easiest way to reset your Windows 8 password even just in minutes.

So password of your main account can be reset through your other account but if it has administrator privileges.

You can create it through simple steps but let’s suppose you have already created another account with admin privileges, now we will see how to reset your Windows 8 password through this admin account.

Log in to your Windows PC while using another admin account.

You can find This PC option into your File Explorer or either you can search it in Windows search box. Right-click on This PC option where you will see a list of different available actions, select Manage and click on it.

Reset Windows 8 Password with Another Available Admin Account

A new window will open listing Computer Management options. On the very left side of it, you will see System Tools option, expand it, where you will other options, select Local User and Groups option. Expanding it will explore other folder options naming as Users and Groups. Double click on Users option.

locate and open users folder in windows 8

Select your main account and then right click on it, you will see a tab with different properties, one of them will be a Set Password property because we have to change our admin account password so you will select this option.

reset windows 8 password via computer management

A screen with reset password options will appear where you can enter your new password to reset your Windows 8 password, if a notification/confirmation message appears stating are you sure you want to reset your password simply click on Yes to proceed the reset password process. Enter the new password twice and click on OK.

set password in computer management for windows 8

A successful password reset message will appear. That’s how you can reset your Windows 8 password using another available admin Account.

Method 5. Reset Windows 8 Password with iSunshare Windows Password Genius

If you can’t access your computer through all above methods, iSunshare Windows Password Genius comes in the ground to help you where you can create a password reset disk for your computer through an external PC, iSunshare can easily burn a password reset disk for a locked Windows 8 computer.

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After downloading the program, install it on any accessible computer and launch it to proceed.

Insert a writable USB (you can also use a CD/DVD for this process) into an external computer and select the proper media type(USB device or CD/DVD).

Reset Windows 8 Password with iSunshare Windows Password Genius

click Begin burning option to burn reset disk into your removable device.

isunshare begin burning

A pop-up will appear with success message when your password reset disk will be ready.

isunshare burning successfully

Now boot the locked computer from USB drive: insert that burned USB into the locked Windows 8 computer and boot your computer from USB.

isunshare boot menu

When the program starts on the locked computer, select the Windows operating system and user account you want to reset password, then click on Reset Password to set your password as blank on your computer, then click on Reboot to restart your Windows 8 computer.

isunshare reset password

This will boot your computer, wait for a while to restart and your computer will reboot without password. That’s how you can change or reset your Windows 8 password with a third party tool.

I recommend iSunshare password recovery method because it is a very easy and an effective tool to get rid of Windows 8 forgotten password.

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Method 6. Reset Windows 8 Password via Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a completely free software that recovers passwords. You can download its program and in the form of CD/DVD as well to reset your Windows 8 lost password.

You must have access to another computer to make a boot of USB drive because at this stage you can’t get into your PC and that computer has access to the internet.

Visit the Ophcrack official website to download its latest supported version. When the Ophcrack website loads, as shown below, choose the Download ophcrack LiveCD option.

Reset Windows 8 Password via Ophcrack

By clicking on Download Ophcrack LiveCD, the following download options will appear, choose the latest one according to the platform that you are using to recover the password.

Ophcrack download choices page

Download the file and burn it into the USB drive or CD/DVD. (You can try ISO2Disc which is simple)

ophcrack install onto usb drive

Restart your computer and insert the USB or CD/DVD that you just created. Click Enter when you see a default graphic screen of Ophcrack. It will automatically do all the process so just wait for the Ophcrack LiveCD to load.

ophcrack livecd

Wait for the process to end and Ophcrack will show a screen where your password is being cracked. Save it somewhere, reboot your computer and use it while signing in to your computer.

ophcrack reset password

Look for the password of the user you want to unlock under the NT Pwd column. Write it down, remove the disc or USB and restart your computer. You can now log into your user account.


That’s it, hope this article has helped you in how to reset Windows 8 password. we have discussed almost every important method for Windows 8 password reset.

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