How to Bypass Lock Screen on iPhone

android lock screen wiping operation with 4ukey

Forgot screen lock on iPhone? That’s not a big deal, and we may forget the iPhone passcode now and then. There are multiple ways to bypass lock screen on iPhone, and that’s what we will be discussing in this article. Besides unlocking the locked iPhone screen passcodes using conventional methods (using iTunes or iCloud), we will see how to bypass the iPhone lock screen with third-party software.

So without wasting time, let’s see how different iPhone screen unlocking techniques work and how to unlock the disabled screen lock on iPhone within minutes.

Method 1. Bypass iPhone Lock Screen with Siri(iOS 8.0 – iOS 10.1)

Using an iPhone below iOS 10.1 version? Siri is an option through which you can bypass the iPhone lock screen. iPhone came with a bug through which people could unlock the iPhone lock screen without entering it. The fix is no more available to the latest iOS versions, but it is still working on iPhones below iOS version 10.1.

Let’s see how to unlock iPhone screen lock with Siri:

Step 1. First, firmly hold down your iPhone’s home button for a few seconds to activate Siri.

Step 2. Now, you are supposed to speak with Siri by saying, “Hey Siri, what is the current time?” or a similar sentence to this.

Step 3. A World clock will appear in front of you, indicating the current time. Simply tap on it.

use siri to bypass iphone lock screen

Step 4. Instead of touching any available clocks, hit the + button that you can find at the top right corner of the device’s screen.

siri - unlock iphone add word clock

Step 5. On the next screen, type a random text and press it for some time. As a result, some options will appear below the text field. Choose the “Select All” option among them.

Step 6. Hit the Share…” button once the whole text is selected.

siri to bypas iphone select all share

Step 7. A list of different sharing applications will come on the screen; select the “Message” app to enter a new message.

siri bypass iphone lock choose message

Step 8. You will be taken to the Message app, where you need to choose a contact you want to send the message. Again, type random letters or hold the screen for a while and choose the “Paste” command.

Here, you should paste the whole text you copied at the start. Hope this will take you to the home screen without entering any password. Else you can press the “+” option.

siri unlock iphone type a name in to and click return

Step 9. Choose the Create New Contact option instead of choosing existing contacts.

siri unlock iphone create new contact

Step 10. You will see an “Add Photo” option while adding a new contact. Tap on it and select the “Choose Photo” option among all.

siri unlock iphone add photo

Step 11. Select a random photo from here or navigate to the photo gallery.

siri unlock iphone accessed photos without password

Step 12. Stop and wait for a few seconds. Don’t press the home button during this while. There are 95% chance that you will be led to the home screen.

Method 2. Bypass iPhone Lock Screen using iTunes

Bypassing the iPhone lock screen through iTunes is effective and very useful. Usually, the passcode is required to restore the iPhone through iTunes, but you can put your device into Recovery Mode, and it will not require any passcode and allow you to restore or bypass the locked iPhone.

Putting your device into Recovery mode will erase the whole data from your iPhone. If you are comfortable with this, iTunes would be a great source to bypass the iPhone lock screen.

Let’s see how to bypass the iPhone lock screen using iTunes:

First of all, open the iTunes application on your computer.

You must enter your iPhone into the Recovery Mode before connecting it to a computer and laptop. To do that, press the “Volume Up” and then the “Volume Down” key. After that, hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. It indicates that your Apple iPhone has been entered into Recovery Mode.

The next step is to connect your locked iOS device to your computer or laptop.

As soon as your iPhone is connected to the computer, a pop-up will arise on the window screen showing an issue with your iPhone that needs to be repaired.

Here you need to choose the “Restore” option. Keep in mind that your whole data will be wiped out by choosing this option.

bypass iPhone lock screen with iTunes

The recovery mode installs the latest iOS version on the device, so hit the “Restore and Update” option from the next screen. Wait for the restore process to complete, then you will be allowed to access your iPhone without any passcode.

Use recovery mode to bypass iPhone lock screen

Method 3. Bypass iPhone Lock Screen with iMyFone LockWiper

Sometimes it becomes harder to bypass the iPhone lock screen using iTunes. Also, the first technique does not apply to all iPhone versions. In that case, third-party software will be a good approach to unlock the iPhone screen lock.

iMyFone LockWiper is an efficient and safe tool to unlock iPhone screen locks. The software can easily bypass disabled/ locked iPhone screens and unlock Apple ID or iCloud Accounts without a password. The software is equally useful for both Mac and Windows. You can learn more from our iMyFone LockWiper review.


  • iMyFone LockWiper is capable of removing iCloud account forgotten password.
  • Works with all the latest iOS versions.
  • Allows you to enter again into your locked, faulty, disabled, and broken screen on the iPhone mobile.
  • Quite easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Download the iMyFone LockWiper, either for Windows or Mac. Install and launch the software and choose the “Unlock Screen Passcode” option from the main screen.

imyfone unlock screen passcopde

Here are some precautions you must know before you click on the Start button.

  • Your data will be wiped during the unlocking process.
  • Your iPhone will be updated to the latest iOS version.
  • Don’t detach the device until the unlocking process does not finish.

Now, click the “Start” button after ensuring that you have completely understood the above statements.

imyfone unlock iphone screen lock

Attach your locked iPhone using a USB cable and click on the Start button.

imyfone connect iphone to the computer

iMyFone LockWiper will automatically detect your iPhone model. Click on the Download button to get the latest firmware on your device.

If you face any error while downloading the firmware, click on the “Copy” option to download it through a web browser.

If you are sure that you already have the latest firmware, click on the “Select” button to select it from a specific location.

imyfone download firmware package online

Wait until the firmware is downloaded.

download and verify firmware

Click the Start to Extract button.

firmware has been downloaded

Now, it’s time to perform the unlocking process. Click on the “Start Unlock” button to unlock the iPhone device.

extraction completed

Please type the “000000” in the text field to confirm that you are willing to unlock the screen lock and that you are informed that the whole data will be erased. Type and press “Unlock.”

confirm to unlock iphone passcode

Wait for a while, and your iPhone screen lock will be removed.

removing screen lock from iPhone

Hit the “Done” button and remove the device. Your device is 100% unlocked.

iPhone screen unlock is complete

Method 4. Get Past iPhone Lock Screen with iCloud(“Find My iPhone” must be Enabled)

iCloud may not be the first choice of many of us, but it works the same as iTunes. The method could be useful in case your iTunes is not working properly. The only condition that must be fulfilled to bypass the iPhone lock screen with iCloud is “Find my iPhone” feature must be enabled before; otherwise, the method is useless for you

The process of unlocking the iPhone’s screen lock through iCloud is straightforward. Let’s see how to get past the iPhone lock screen with iCloud:

As it is clear that your iPhone device is currently locked or disabled, you need to use another Apple iPhone or computer/laptop to proceed with the process.

Whatever device you are using, visit to bypass the screen lock on the iPhone.

You will be asked to enter your iCloud account credentials.

Enter the iCloud account login information, and you will be taken to iCloud’s dashboard.

From there, look for the Find My Device option.

After that, select the All Devices option and tap on your locked iPhone device.

choose iphone from find my iphone

Once the target iPhone is chosen, click on the “Erase iPhone” option to remove all the data and system settings, including the screen lock. Once the data is erased, you can get into your iPhone device without any passcode.

bypass the iPhone screen lock with iCloud


The article is a comprehensive guide on how to bypass the iPhone lock screen, and we saw multiple methods that can help us remove the iPhone lock screen. iMyFone LockWiper is the best method among all of them and the most recommended. How was the article? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts.

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