How to Unlock Forgotten iPhone Passcode without Restore

Our iPhones are a main part of our lives in this day and age, and so we protect it with various locks. The problem with passwords is that the more complex we make them, the easier we forget them. Apart from forgetting passcodes, other scenarios like a cracked screen or malfunctioning Face ID. To remove passcode without restore, you will learn how to unlock iPhone without passcode without restore using these techniques here.

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Method 1. Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore Using Siri

How to unlock iPhone without passcode without restore using Siri? It’s not like Siri has a feature for unlocking iPhones; here is an exploit on the virtual assistant app that we can use to remove passcode without restore.

NOTE: To remove passcode without restore using Siri, your iPhone must be running on iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1. If that is not the case for your device, feel free to skip this method and move on to Method 2.

Learn how to get rid of iPhone passcode without restoring using the steps below:

Step 1. Activate Siri on your iPhone and then ask what the current time is. For iPhones with a Home button, simply press it to activate Siri. For iPhones above iPhone 8 without a Home button, use the Side button.

Unlock iPhone with siri first step to activate siri

Step 2. When the time is displayed, use the World Clock by tapping the clock icon and then add another clock by tapping the plus (“+”) icon.

siri add another clock at iphone current time

Step 3. At this point, you are supposed to search for a city. Enter anything in the search field, highlight what you typed, and then from the options, tap “Share.”

select a city to unlock iphone using siri

Step 4. On tapping “Share,” you see a list. From this list, tap the Message app and attempt to compose an SMS.

unlocking iphone with siri - compose text message

Step 5. You do not need to type anything on the body of the text message. For the recipient, just enter a random word in the “To” field and hit enter. The word you typed will change to green.

enter a random word as the recipient

Step 6. Now, you need to add a new contact. Tap “+” and hit the “Create New Contact” tab to do so.

create a new contact to unlock iphone with siri

Step 7. Next, click “Add photo” to upload an image for the contact you are creating. Browse your gallery from the popup menu.

Step 8. Wait for a few seconds, and press the Home button. You will find yourself on the Home screen. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked!

Method 2. Unlock iPhone Passcode without Restore via “Find My iPhone”

I must warn that this method will wipe your iPhone. You can, however, get your data back if you backed up your device recently. Apple’s Find My iPhone is a security feature for helping you track and control your iDevices remotely, in the event of it going missing.

unlock iphone passcode without restore via "find my iphone"

unlock iphone passcode without restore via “find my iphone”

To remove passcode without restore using this feature, follow the steps here:

Step 1. The first step is to get another iPhone or iPad and then install the “Find My iPhone app” on it. You will find it on the App Store.

Step 2. Sign in to “Find My iPhone app” using your Apple ID and password. After signing in, your iPhone will be displayed on the map and the list below it.

Step 3. Tap on your device. Next, you have to select an option. Click “actions” and tap “Erase iPhone.” As expected, this wipes everything on your iPhone. If you have a backup, you can restore it at this point.  

  1. To restore a backup from iCloud, restart the iPhone. You will start the Setup process. Tap on “Restore from iCloud backup,” and enter your Apple ID to sign into your iCloud account.
  2. There will be a list of all the backups you have created previously. Select the most recent and then download that.

That is how to unlock passcode on iPhone without restore using Find My iPhone.

Method 3. Unlock iPhone Passcode without Restore Using iMyFone LockWiper

Method 1 and method 2 above are great because you do not have to download or purchase an application or service. However, there are better ways to remove passcode without restore. iMyFone LockWiper is not a hack or trick method for unlocking iPhone passcodes; it was actually designed to serve this purpose. This software lifts the burden from you and handles it perfectly from the start to finish. It unlocks your device, regardless of why you are locked out, and also works fast and is easy to use. Read our full iMyFone LockWiper review here.

Free Download Free Download

First, to use LockWiper to remove passcode without restore, you have to choose one of three modes; you can opt to either remove screen passcode or Screen Time passcode, as well as fix iCloud account or Apple ID issues. For this guide, we will be using the “Unlock Screen Passcode” mode.

Here is how it works:

Step 1. Start iMyFone LockWiper

Launch LockWiper on your PC and click “Unlock Screen Passcode.” . After that, click “Start.” Now, connect the iPhone to your computer and hit the “Next” tab. If you had not trusted the PC in the past, tap “Trust” when prompted.

Use imyfone lockwiper to remove iphone passcode without restore

Step 2. Firmware Package download and extracting

LockWiper will detect your iPhone information automatically. If that does not happen, you need to put your device in DFU/Recovery mode manually. When the program finally detects your iPhone, it displays the available firmware for download. Select the most appropriate one and click “Download.”

Alternatively, you can click “Copy” to copy the download link and make use of your web browser. After downloading it, or if you already had one on your machine, you can hit the “Select” button to import it into LockWiper.

downloading and extracting iphone firmware

After the downloading comes the verification of the firmware downloaded. LockWiper shows you the progress for both. When the firmware package passes the verification, click “Start to Extract” to begin to unpack it. This takes a few moments, and then, you will finally get to the screen that notifies you of a successful download as shown below:

iphone firmware package downloaded

Step 3. Bypass Lock Screen Passcode

Hit the “Start to Unlock” button and ensure that your iPhone is always connected to your computer.

Successfully extracted downloaded iphone firmware

Next, you will find another prompt to confirm that you are not carrying out this process in error. Type in “000000” as instructed, to confirm and hit the “Unlock” button. This puts your iPhone into Recovery Mode.

confirm the screen passcode unlock operation

If your iPhone refuses to get into Recovery mode, you can do it manually following the instructions that will be provided on the screen. Once you get your device into Recovery Mode, LockWiper begins to unlock the iPhone.

removing screen lock for iphone

Wait for a couple of minutes, and you should get back your iPhone, totally unlocked and free for you to set it up with a new screen passcode.

iphone screen passcode has been unlocked successfully


  1. iMyFone LockWiper will erase everything saved on your iPhone, as well as your settings.
  2. In the course of removing lock screen passcode, your iPhone will be updated to the latest iOS version.
  3. Do not disconnect your iPhone from the computer throughout the unlocking process.

Method 4. Unlock iPhone Passcode without Restore Using dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

dr.fone – Screen Unlock works similar to iMyFone LockWiper in the sense that they are both specialized tools to help you remove passcode without restore. The software we will look at here is compatible with the latest iOS version as well as the devices they run on. dr.fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) is also easy to use by everybody, including nontechnical users, and it works in mere minutes. Continue to learn how to get rid of iPhone passcode without restoring using dr.fone – Screen Unlock (iOS). Read our full dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) review here.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

Step 1. Connect the iPhone

Start the program after installing it, and you immediately see all the functions of this amazing application. From here, click “Screen Unlock.”

connect your iphone and select screen unlock

Next, connect your iPhone using a reliable USB cable. You will be asked to choose between the Android interface and that of iOS. Click “Unlock iOS Screen” to proceed.

Step 2. Put your iPhone in DFU/Recovery Mode

To put your iPhone in DFU/Recovery mode, you will be given a guide on screen. Follow this guide and continue to confirm detected information about your iPhone.

drfone put iphone into dfu or recovery mode

Step 3. Confirm your iPhone information

In DFU/Recovery mode, dr.fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) will quickly detect your connected iPhone and it then displays the model and system version of the iPhone. if you notice incorrect information, use the dropdown to change it. Finally, click “Download” to save the firmware to your computer.

Confirm detected iphone information

Step 4. Unlock the lock screen passcode

Following the download of your firmware, you are now ready to remove passcode without restore. Click the “Unlock Now” button for dr.fone – Screen Unlock to start removing the password.

Ready to unlock screen passcode for iphone

dr.fone – Screen Unlock is a fast tool, and so the unlocking should not take long. You will know it is complete when you see the below screen on your computer, disconnect your iPhone and restart it to confirm that you are not asked for a password any more.

Iphone successfully unlocked

Tips: How to Recover Your Data after Resetting iPhone Passcode (Using iMyFone D-Back)

Recover data after resetting iphone passcode

On all sections, we kept emphasizing that all of these methods will erase everything you have on your iPhone and leave you with an empty device for setup. People save important files and have apps on iPhones, and so, losing the device can leave one distraught. In this article, we now only show you how to get rid of iPhone passcode without restoring, you also get to know about this superb iPhone data recovery tool for recovering lost data.

iMyFone D-Back has robust algorithms that help you restore data lost in every situation. Whether you forgot your passcode or formatted your device, you can restore what you lost using iMyFone D-Back. To recover your data, you only pass 3 steps. With iMyFone D-Back, you can remove your screen lock passcode with confidence, knowing that you will recover your lost data.


One of the worst feelings in the world is holding your iPhone but not being able to make use of it because you are locked out. This page teaches you remove passcode on iPhone without restore using working methods. All you do is select one that you think is best for your scenario. If you succeed in unlocking your iPhone, your data will be lost. We have also included a tool for restoring data lost to the unlocking iPhone.

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