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Mistakenly deleted the Notes from your iPhone? Not to worry! Our article covers three easy ways which can help you recover deleted notes from iCloud.

We’re going to show you the best methods on how to remove screen lock on iPhone – no matter if you have a passcode set-up or not. Here’s all you need to know!

iPhone keeps turning off and back on? Don't worry; it just might be a software issue. Our article covers eight solutions which just might help you fix this ...

How do I empty trash on my iPhone? If that has been bothering you, check out this guide and learn how to clear trash on iPhone 11/X/8/7 and other models!

Is your iPhone alarm not working? Do you have difficulty in listening to alarm sound? Check out what causes the issue and how to fix it.

Want to know how you can rest your iPhone without Passcode or iTunes or Computer? In this post, we breakdown three easy methods which can help you achieve this.

Lost your restrictions passcode and can’t access certain apps on your iPhone? Our article has three methods which are sure to help you bypass restrictions on ...

The iPhone has different reset options available. In our article, we cover what happens if you reset your iPhone using any of the options provided.

Does your iPhone 11 keep disconnecting from WiFi? If yes, then our article covers nine methods that could potentially help resolve the issue.

Do you have an iPhone that is stuck on the iCloud activation lock? Here are the best iCloud activation bypass tools you can try to unlock your device.

Is your iPhone system storage too high? Here are a few methods that you can follow to reduce system storage on your iOS device and free up more space.

If your iPhone gets stuck on updating iCloud settings while updating the iOS, no need to panic. Just make use of any of our seven suggested fixes in this ...

Does your iPhone keep displaying the error message 'cannot get mail the connection to the server failed?' Try using out tested fixes to resolve it.

Is your iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen? Here are three methods you can use to safely fix the stuck on iTunes logo issue on any iPhone.

Don’t waste your time trying out broken solutions. We’ll show you how to disable restricted mode on iPhone, including iOS 11, iOS 12, and newer versions.

Need to back up your iPhone 11/X/Xr/8/7/6 to a Windows or Mac computer? Read this guide to learn how to backup iPhone to computer without iTunes.

Worried about how to update iOS without WiFi? Our article breaks down the five simple methods you can make use of to update your iPhone without WiFi.

Is your iPhone showing the call failed error repeatedly? Here are the 12 most effective ways to fix the issue without a hassle.

Want to find and check search history on your iPhone? This article provides three easy to follow methods to find search history on Safari and Chrome.

iPhone stuck in reboot loop is a situation observed by many iPhone users. Here are few iPhone boot loop fix, which can instantly help you recover from iPhone ...

To print text messages from iPhone, there is no direct way. But from the methods discussed here, you can easily find solutions for how to print messages from ...

It is quite cumbersome to reset iPhone 7 without passcode. But in this article, you can easily factory reset iPhone 7 (Plus) without passcode or iTunes.

The spinning wheel issue on an iPhone could be frustrating. If you are troubled by it and looking for ways to get rid of the spinning wheel error on iPhone, we ...

Android mobile unlocking software can remove screen locks like PIN, passwords, and fingerprints. Check out the best Android pattern unlock tools for PC!

You can unlock tablets using a password. But losing your password means you are locked out. Learn how to unlock tablet without password.

Learning how to remove Google FRP on any phones comes in handy when you forget your Google login. Follow the guides here for hitch-free Google lock removal.

Losing Apple credentials make you helpless to move ahead with resetting the iPhone. Let us thus talk about how to reset iPhone without Apple ID in this chapter.

Here are some tips and a description of a perfect tool with which you can rectify typical queries like, 'why won't my phone send pictures' or 'can't send ...

The Tenorshare 4uKey review gives an insight into the tool and answers the commonly asked questions like does it work, is it free and safe to use?

It is not an easy task to bypass Google Account Verification if you have no access to the Google credentials. But to find out ways for how to bypass Google ...

LG Google account bypass tool developed by Tungkick is not the only solution, but there are better alternatives that work as an LG Google account removal tool ...

Check out these iPhone cleaner app reviews to discover the best iOS cleaner and delete sensitive files or free up your phone from junk!

iPad not connecting to Wi-Fi is a minor glitch that is annoying nevertheless. We've put together eight different ways to solve iPad Wi-Fi not working issues in ...

Check out our iMobie PhoneClean review to discover the advantages and drawbacks of this phone cleaning tool and find out how to download it today!

Lately, iOS users have complained about their iPhone call volume too low, and this obviously affects the quality of communication. Here are troubleshooting ...

Learn how to AirDrop from iPhone to MacBook, or AirDrop from Mac to iPhone, along with all the necessary information regarding what is AirDrop & how it works.

Stuck with the problem of iPhone black screen of death? Here we will go through the most appropriate and secure ways for how to fix black screen on iPhone.

You may want to learn how to change the font on iPhone if you get tired of using the same fonts. You will learn this and how to make font bigger/smaller on the ...

Are you looking for a tool that can repair Android operating systems on PC? Here is our selection of the best Android system repair software out there!

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